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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

How to Get 1.5GB For Just N300 On MTN Network

MTN Nigeria quietly added a more affordable package to its data plans, 1.5 GB for the N500. Just like MTN 2.5GB for N500 and 9GB for N2000, the new plan is also exclusive for MyMTN app users only via the Mega Deal Zone page.

You can actually get 1.5 GB data for N300 directly from MTN Nigeria. This is their way of making data plans more logical for Nigerians and one of the advantages of installing MyMtn app on your device.

How to activate MTN 1.5GB only for N300

As I said earlier, the plan is only accessible through the MyMTN app.

  1. Charge your MTN SIM with the N300's broadcast time.
  2. After installing the MyMTN app from the Google Play or iOS App Store, launch it.
  3. Look at the top of the app, and tap Mega Deal Zone
  4. Crack The Egg page will display for you, click on Bundle and you will get a message like "Get 1.5 GB of data with less than N300 only ..."
  5. Accept, your data will be activated with 1.5GB of data.

The shelf life of this plan is only 7 days. If you have data before activating this plan, the bonus in this plan will be exhausted before your initial regular data.

Tell us whether you qualify for the offer or if you have access to different, affordable data deals.
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Monday, 10 February 2020

Make More than N200,000 Online With Nairatwt Online Money Making Program

Did you know that you can make money from your Twitter account as a Nigerian? Did you know that those followers who collected you on Twitter can provide more than 200,000 naira for your bank account in Nigeria? Nairatwt is the program that promises to pay for three daily tweets.

The Nairatwt Money program was launched on January 6, but it was fully implemented on January 31, 2020, and its main purpose is to allow users to profit by promoting businesses and brands through the Twitter timeline.

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Now, you might ask how can I make money from Nairatwt? Is Nairut legitimacy or fraud? What are Nairatwt Earning Methods? We have succeeded in dropping answers to your questions with this article you are currently reading.

Something About

Nairatwt is a Nigerian money making program that pays users to promote brands and businesses on their Twitter timeline. Brands like Konga, Betway, 1Xbet And Jumia Nigeria are among the brands you will promote as a registered user.
How can I earn on Nairatwt?
You have only one way to earn Nairatwt; you have to invest in the program before you are allowed to share any tweet on your Twitter schedule.
Nairatwt has five active plans that users can invest in and make money from, and there is also a free trial plan that allows beginners to test the program.
Nairatwt does not support referral software. Therefore, you will not be able to refer your friends and family to the program, but you can inform them through oral chat or social media so that they also benefit from the system.

How Can I Join Nairatwt Program?

To join the program, you have to activate one of the aforementioned plan and start sharing adverts to your Twitter timeline.
Make sure you have minimum of 200 followers and a working bank account before you join the program, otherwise, you may not get paid successfully.
  • To join Nairatwt money making program, kindly visit the website via
  • Then, fill the basic information (Names, Username, Twitter Handle, Gender, Email, Phone Number, Bank details for withdrawal and password) and tap on “REGISTER“.
  • After that, you will be taken to a page where you will have to buy a plan, or to activate FREE TRIAL.
  • You can now contact any Nairatwt available COUPON VENDOR to successfully activate your account based on the plan you want to activate.
Voilà! You have successfully registered an account with Nairatwt. You can start sharing three adverts everyday for 30 days to withdraw your money.

List Of Investment Plans On Nairatwt Program

1. FREE TRIAL: This plan is free for new members to try out the program. You will get N100 per day for 15 days for sharing adverts to your Twitter timeline. Definitely, you will get a total sum of 1,500 Naira to withdraw.
  • Total money to withdraw: N1,500
  • Duration: 15 Days
2. YOUNG INFLUENCER: This plan cost N5,000 and you will earn N400 daily for every three adverts you share to your Twitter timeline for 30 days. In a month, you will withdraw a total sum of N12,000.
  • FEE: N5,000
  • Total money to withdraw: N12,000
  • Duration: 30 Days
3. STAR INFLUENCER: This plan cost N10,000 only. You will earn N800 per daily adverts you share to your Twitter timeline for 30 days and you will be able to withdraw a total sum of N24,000.
  • FEE: N10,000
  • Total money to withdraw: N24,000
  • Duration: 30 Days
4. PRO INFLUENCER: You need to invest N30,000 to activate this plan. You will earn N2,400 daily after every three adverts you share to your Twitter timeline for 30 days. Unambiguously, you will withdraw a total sum of N72,000.
  • FEE: N30,000
  • Total money to withdraw: N72,000
  • Duration: 30 Days
5. MASTER INFLUENCER: If you really want to go higher, you can activate this plan at the price of N60,000 and you will earn N4,800 daily for every adverts you share to your Twitter timeline for 30 days. You will withdraw a total sum of N144,000.
  • FEE: N60,000
  • Total money to withdraw: N144,000
  • Duration: 30 Days
6. ACE INFLUENCER: This is the highest plan and it cost N120,000 for activation. You earn a revenue share of N9,600 daily for three adverts you share to your Twitter timeline for 30 days. At the end of the month, you will withdraw a total sum of N288,000.
  • FEE: N120,000
  • Total money to withdraw: N288,000
  • Duration: 30 Days
These are the available plans on Nairatwt. You can buy any plan one among them and invest for return of investment (ROI), or, you can go for the FREE TRIAL to know how valid the program is before upgrading to higher plans. Wonderfully, you can upgrade at anytime.

How Can I Share Adverts To My Twitter Timeline To Earn?

You are only allowed to post 3 tweets per day to avoid spamming your account which can result to the termination of your Twitter account.
After tweeting, you are required to submit the LINKS of the tweets for approval.
For example, these are the 3 posts available for the day to TWEET:
Nairatwt Posts To Share
Nairatwt Posts To Share
Copy them and post them separately on your Twitter timeline. Then, copy the LINK OF THE TWEETS and paste them appropriately on the three boxes for confirmation, as shown below:
Paste The COPIED LINKS on these boxes and submit for confirmation
Paste The COPIED LINKS on these boxes and submit for confirmation
Copy Nairatwt Tweet Link
Copy Nairatwt Tweet Link
And then, click on “SUBMIT” and within some hours of that day, your tweets will be verified and your earning for that day will reflect on your earning dashboard.
Nairatwt earning dashboard
Nairatwt earning dashboard
Note: If you fail to submit the links, you
won’t earn anything for that day.

 How can I withdraw my money on Nairatwt?

Log in to your Nairatwt panel and tap "WITHDRAW" from the menu menu and enter the amount you want to withdraw to draw mode. Your payment will be processed within 24 hours.

Nairatwt drives every Monday of the week. Moreover, you can also decide to leave your money until the end of the month to accumulate it before withdrawal, it is up to you to decide.

Is Nairatwt fraud or legitimate?
Nairatwt is a program that claimed to work with companies like Konga, 1Xbet etc. to give them a higher view of their services.

Meanwhile, the job was great, but I don't think Nairot has gained enough popularity to promote these giants. I think over time, Nairut will be able to promote her because Nairut tries to mention her from this time, as do other small brands too.

If that doesn't help? Users are expected to earn from investing in the program.

Sure, Nairatwt is a LEGIT program but they can crash at any time because more users are running in the program to invest, and the more money they will pay to cover up.

Therefore, you can try the free trial before starting to try the real plans.

Sure, you can invest what you can afford to lose because it is related to risk. Also note that early birds eat the fastest bones, which means that you must join early before they become popular.

Facts about Nairatwt you should know

  1. Nairatwt is a program that earns money and pays users to share 3 daily tweets on their Twitter schedule. It was launched on the sixth (based on the age of the field) and fully operational on January 31, 2020.
  2. You only need to share 3 tweets daily and provide all the confirmation links. Your earnings will be reflected within hours of the same day.
  3. There is a free trial that will enable you to test the program and at the end of the day, you will withdraw the N1500.
  4. You need an active Twitter account with 200 followers and a working bank account before you can join the program. At the same time, you can join the program with followers under the age of 200, but you should quickly boost it before the drawing day to avoid unsuccessful payment.

You can easily send a message to the Nairatwt administrator by calling +2348169593325 or email them at for support and further assistance.

If you have any questions, please drop them below for immediate answers.
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Sunday, 9 February 2020

Value Added Tax on Any Call Made, SMS and Data Purchased

The wonders never stop. Nigerian telecom service providers are now competing for each subscriber to pay a 7.5% tax. Either for sending SMS, buying data, or making calls.

Last month, President Muhammadu Buhari signed a bill to finance the country into law, and had a major impact on Nigeria's financial laws. The government believed that the new tax system would not negatively affect Nigerians, but this appears to be unrealistic.

Subscribers already complain bitterly on social media that the VAT should not apply to calls and data, but it seems that telecom companies are pledging stupidity in them.

So we're trying to test the amount of VAT charged to calls, and that's what we got after making a 6-second call with a friend. For 6 seconds, N2 was charged. 67k and 10sec call, charged N5.

Below is the pop-up message the subscriber received, after making calls.

For SMS that was supposed to be N4, it is now N4.10 for every SMS you send.

The Nigerian Licensed Telecommunications Operators Association (ALTON) has informed Nigerians of the new VAT rate applicable to all telecom products and services purchased as of February 1, 2020.

Dear Customer,
In accordance with the Finance bill 2019 signed on 13th January 2020, the Value Added Tax (VAT) rate has been revised from 5% to 7.5% with effect from 00:00 Hrs 1st February 2020.
“As a result, the prices of our data plans, devices & accessories have been revised to reflect the revised 7.5% VAT rate from 00:00 Hrs 1st February 2020. Thanks for your usual co-operation”, a message from Spectranet, one of Nigeria’s internet provider, reads.

7.5% VAT is not intended for rich or poor Nigerians, it is for everyone ... telecommunications, electricity, television, food and beverages, oil companies will now collect VAT every time they invoice you.

Hope you have 7.5% VAT charged or not?
Share your encounters in the comments section below.
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Thursday, 30 January 2020

How to activate the Glo 7GB for 1500 naira, valid for 7 days

Glo is still proving why it's called the "Grand Master of Data" by providing us with delicious data plans at an affordable price. If you have good Glo network coverage on your site, this plan is best for you especially if you have huge files to download.

Glo has just added a new data plan in its data bundles, which provides 7 GB for the N1500 Naira. This data plan is publicly available and can be used on any internet-enabled device, be it Android, iOS, Tablet, PC, etc.

Before now, Glo's data package has some exciting data plans to choose from, which are 1GB N300 and 2GB N500 valid for one day and two days, respectively.

How to activate the Glo 7GB for 1500 naira

This plan is available within Glo's data plans. Simply call * 777 # and reply with 1> 1> 5> 1.

The data is valid for 7 days. To check data balance, just call * 127 * 0 #.

It is also worth noting that Airtel and MTN provide you with 6GB for N1500, and you can get the code here.

Let me know if you will choose for this plan.
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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Get Free 150Mb on Your Mtn Line From Gidimo

  1. => Install Gidimo App.
  2. => Register an account and verify your MTN mobile number.
  3. => After your successful registration, insert your mobile number to receive free 150MB.
  4. Note: Only for MTN users.

Download Gidimo App Here
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Sunday, 22 December 2019

HOW GET FREE N200 From FLOM Mobile App

  1. - Download FLOM App on Playstore.
  2. - Register on the app.
  3. - Go to MENU and tap on Feedback and fill it and submit.
  4. - You'll be given FREE 200 naira.
  5. -If you didn't get any message, Check your Balance👍
  6. Note: You can keep registering with other Sims to get more.
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