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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Some 10 Reason Why Your Android Device Charging Slow And Their Solutions

No one likes to see low battery on his device, especially if your device charges very slowly .. You can buy a new charger and find out that your previous charger works faster than new. I will explain why this happens.

The reasons below are why your smartphone is charging slowly

1. Low capacity or poor adapter

It is unfortunate that many people are unaware of the fact that the mobile phone adapter has different capabilities. If you want your device to charge very well. I recommend you use the adapter which has the capacity of 2 amperes. The amount of electrical current flowing in an ampere electric conductor is

How to determine the capacity of an adapter

Most mobile phone chargers have output 5V (5 volts). So on your charger you will see something like this - "Output: 5V =". = After the symbol, you will see the number of amperes for your adapter. The best and recommended adapter is the one with this label - (output: 5V = 2.0A). Make sure it is 2A or above before buying.

Also keep in mind that if your phone slowly charges your powerbank then it can be due to the same problem. See the number of amperes typed on the power bank's label

2. Weak or damaged USB cord

Basically a USB cable is used for charging and data is also used for transferring so that when you open it (PS- do not disconnect a working USB cable), you have a wire You will also see some fibers. Fiber data act as transmission material for charging wires. Many people weaken their USB cables, normally winding, pulling and turning. Avoid doing this on your USB cable. You can also check the cut on your USB cable

3. Turning on your data while charging

If you forget to turn off your data while charging, it will definitely reduce the charging time. It is similar to pouring water into an S.
Leak Bucket Once your device is receiving power / charging, the data connection uses a lot of battery power, so it acts as a leak where your device loses power. Essentially, the device will take more time to reach 100% when the data connection is on.

4. Charge your smartphone with your PC

If you are using your PC to charge your Phone, then hopefully your phone is Going to charge very slowly. Even with USB 3.0, standard energy
Output is only 0.9A (0.5 MA for USB 2.0). And this is normal Circumstances; Your USB cable or ports can knock any damage
That small flow of energy to a lesser extent also. Similarly, if you are using Wireless Charging, for example, you get a pretty glacial charge on the Samsung Galaxy S7.
I'm not saying that wireless charging is not cool - it's definitely - But we are doing our head Jammu against the laws of physics and safety.
Point . To reduce a long story, it's just so fast to plug your phone

5. Your battery is damaged or Not Good

Many examples are remembered for mobile phone manufacturers
The whole batch of batteries Find online to see if you have a phone or not
The model came with bad batteries, and see if you can achieve one Replacement from your provider. Also, just like your phone,
The battery can be just old and bad.
If you have devices such as Infinix Note, Tesco P5 or device Galaxy Note 4, good news! If your battery is damaged, you can
Buy a new one from Konga or Jumiya and make it right in your phone Removed away when it is distributed. If you have a non-removable device
Battery such as Galaxy S7, Tesco W4, or Galaxy S6. However, you have to send the device to the device to get it Took place.

6 You are the cause of your problem

Do you habit play with your phone
The fact that a surprising number of smartphone users are not aware of this is
The biggest drain screen on your phone's battery. Keeping it Great performance with high resolution Facebook drama will be used
Increase the battery when your phone dries down. If you add it One of the above mentioned problems, you can find yourself in one
Position where you are using battery power faster than your phone Can take it If you need your phone to charge quickly, then relax while turning it on.

7. Background apps are killing your battery

Although your screen number is a battery sucker, maybe you
There are some quick apps running in the background Removing continuous power, so that your phones are slow charged In
Besides charging lazy, does your phone also feel that it runs Is it used faster through its battery life? If so, it could be yours
Issue Apps in Android often boot up or run themselves. Background only after being opened for a moment. Though it
It's currently a big problem that is happening Android Better and better to manage resources efficiently - is a rogue
The app or two can give a bad hit to your phone's performance.
Here's an easy task manager and a good job manager.
It often happens to see when it is going when it should not be. when you
Find out a misbehavior app, try uninstalling it and see what your battery is like
The speed of life and charge has improved in the next few days.

8 Your USB port is blocked

If your phone spends the whole day in your pocket or purse
With all types of dust and particles. It is common to one USB port to get a little bit of dirt entered inside it. if you Plugged into your charger without paying, it can pack. Even in-depth hindrance, which can stop your charger
By making a good connection
Look around inside, using a bright light and maybe magnification
Your phone's USB port should not be anything. if you Look at something that is not clearly related, grab a thin, point Try to remove it by object and carefully. A lot Be careful to harm the components of any port, or you can
At present you end up with a big problem.
If you can find I recommend using a plastic (not wood) toothpick
One. Alternatively, dry your harbor, clean well with the brand
The new toothbrush is a very effective and safe way to ensure that it is free
Any obstacle

9 Your USB port is6 You are the cause of your problem

It is possible that you have
A pin broken or rotated inside the USB port of your phone. At this point, you
In fact to consider repairing your phone to a professional. Take your phone
A store and repair job is available.

10 Your USB port is bad

Yes, you can get some war from sweating or from there
Moisture. Corrosion is a small problem because it Creates a movie on connective hardware that prevents appropriate Charge, but worse, if you can not get rid of it, then it can eat
Causes away, big and big issues on your device.
Once again, you should consider professional help at this point. Are going
Next, you take the risk of expressing your phone's warranty and risk taking serious damage.
Device However, if you decide to take the life of your phone in your own hands, and
You are comfortable and familiar with the process of being different
And gathering mobile devices again, you need to know a lot of people
Can only face the problems of corrosion using white vinegar surgical spirit.
Separate your device to expose the area of ​​corrosion.
The complexities of this process arise out of the scope of this article and will
Devices vary from device to device, so once again, until you do it
Before this, take your phone to a professional. For those Moving forward, most rust can be removed using cotton
Swab sank in distilled white vinegar. Rub all corrosion down You see with a light touch, and be careful not to mix vinegar
uncorroded areas. I probably do not have to say this, but it's happening. The vinegar is bad in your phone.
Once you take corrosion with vinegar, wait 5-8 minutes,
Then use the tip of a paper towel to remove the vinegar. Repeat this
There is no sign of rust until the process. This is done, dub. Alcohol scrub area on the tip of a cotton sediment and walk
Equipment dry for half an hour. Gather your phone again, and you
Should be good to go!

I believe that after this you should get a fast fee
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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Get Airtel 4.6Gb For N200 And 23Gb For N1,000 2018

Hello friends, I am here again with another Airtel cheap data which gives you 4.6GB data for N200 and 23GB for N1,000. Interesting is right? of course it is.

We all know how expensive data is there in our beloved country - Nigeria- but sometimes, we need to enjoy cheap data or even free browsing cheating.

Without wasting most of the time, let's come directly to the topic.

How to get Airtel 4.6GB for N200
> It is very easy. Just go to your message and send Get to 141

> Make sure you get this type of text message in the screenshot below

> If you get a complimentary message in the above screenshot, then Buy Airtel N200 Naira Airtime

> Load the card using this code; * 143 * Recharge Card PIN #

> Boom, you get a fantastic 4.6GB data on Airtel

> Data valid for 30 days.

> Dial * 223 # to check your data balance.

How to get Airtel 23GB data only for N 1000

> Continue to recharge the N200 using the above recharge format. By recharging 5 times you will get 23GB data.

> Dial * 223 # to check your data balance.

If this works for you, please leave your comment below, and do not forget to share this post with your friends.
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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Chances To Become Diamond Bank Dreamville Ambassador And Earn An Internship : Sponsored

Hi guys, there's a new platform in town and it's DREAMVILLE. It's a gamification platform where you can learn, have fun, play games, watch videos as well as participate in competitions.

Guess what? They will be selecting 20 Ambassadors by the end of October and you really need to be one of the Ambassadors, so much paparazzis and gifts to be worn...

All you need do is to be on the top 20 of the LeaderBoard and to be on the LeaderBoard you need to acquire points, more points will take you higher on the LeaderBoard....

When you refer a friend you and you friend gets 10 points each and this takes you higher on the LeaderBoard and since you are my friends, I will like you to sign up on the platform using this  link>> Here

So that we can both earn 10 points. And there will be competitions coming up where you earn points and get chances to earn an internship with Diamond bank and also go shopping with your... accumulated point This platform is brought to you by Diamond Bank so trust me, this is legit 👌.

Join >>Here
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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

How To Get N1000 Bonus For Just N50 on Mtn Sim

Hello friends, as we all know, Nigerian Independent day was Yesterday 1st -October-2018. That's the reason why Mtn provide this huge Bonus Airtime to there costumers. Without wasting much of our time, lets get into it

How To Get The N1000 Bonus For Just N50 On Mtn

Send JB to 33811, a service of N50 will be deducted.

You will receive a message saying "Happy Independent. Your account has been credited with NGN 1000.00. A service fee NGN 50 has been deducted from your account. Starts 7 days now. Thank"
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Monday, 1 October 2018

How To Add Subtitle Automatically For Movies On Android

So you are always watching movies but you will not be able to hear what they are saying because they are very fast or you can not understand the language at all. It comes to movies when you need movies on Android subtitles, you can not really understand the language and I am surprised that some Android users do not know that they can not successfully add the subtitles successfully in the movie and Enjoy the drama.

Sometimes subtitles looks like an Indian or Chinese movie watch time movie, in this article I will show you how to easily add subtitles to movies on their Android phones with the help of an application called Get subtitles.

Get the subtitles automatically scan your phone for videos, movies, sitcoms and shows, and then check the opensubtitle to match the subtitles and then download them, manually folders on your phone or tablet. Also navigates.

Features Of Get Subtitles

  1. Easy to use
  2. Completely free.
  3. Automatic detection of video and movie files
  4. Automatically checks movies for mailing search
  5. Faster and Proposal Subtitle Downloader Engine (OpenSubitals)
  6. Off Search manual
  7. Search for movies using only the name. There is no need to put a file on your phone.
  8. Supports more than 170 languages ​​in English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and many other languages.
  9. The subtitle for the main yify title is included.
  10. Launch a video player from within the app, prevents you from finding videos or movies on your device
  11. Uses an extensive list of opensheubtitles of subtitles
  12. Easy to use
  13. Attractive and simple interface
  14. Supports Chromebooks

You will also need a subtitle capable video player to play the subtitles once you download them, we recommend VLC player.

How to Automatically Get Subtitle for Movies on Android

  • First of all, download the Get Subtitles app and launch it. You will see the Available videos showing under the “Auto search”. If your desired video is not listed under “Auto search” results you can select it by manually searching it.

how to add subtitle to movies on andorid

  • Now select the video whose subtitles you want to be downloaded and Click on “Subtitles download” which is located behind “Manual Search” Now you will see the list of .srt files that are available.

add subtitle file on android
  • Now you will be given the option to choose a language to select your preferred language to download it.

adding subtitle to android movies
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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Mtn 1Gb Data For N200 Valid For 7 Days

After presenting the MTN MPULSE Offer. Here is another offer called Welcome Back Offer.

MTN has taken its social media pages to declare a new welcome back offer, which gives you only 1GB for NG. This offer is not for everyone.

According to MTN, he said;
Raise the MTN SIM which you have not used for 30 days or more and enjoy this great offer. Get 1 GB for N200, dial to enjoy * 131 * 65 # !! What are you waiting for? #MTNWelcomeBack

This offer is similar to 9mobile 1GB for N200, but this is a special plan, there is no proposal to welcome.

How To Activate MTN 1 GB For N 200

  1. This is a welcome plan, not a general plan.
  2. Just get an MTN SIM that you have not used for 30 days - 180 days. (MTN SIM which you have not used to receive or create calls, SMS and recharge)
  3. Sim N Load 200 Naira
  4. Then to buy 1 GB for N200, dial * 131 * 65 #
  5. Data valid for 7 days.
  6. To check SIM eligiblity, dial * 55 9 * 65 #.

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Monday, 24 September 2018

Spark Vpn Configration File For Mtn 0.00k Free Browsing Cheat

I will drop a new Spark Vpn config file for  MTN 0.0k free browsing cheat. (Updated config)

  • An android phone
  • MTN NG 3G or 4G SIM without active data
  • Use Default MTN API Settings
  • Spark VPN - Download:- here
  • Config file for Spark Vpn Download it Here [You must join our Telegram Group for it, it's pinned there]. Or Here

How to Import Configured on Spark VPN

> First, download the SparkVPN and MTN 0.0k from the above link

> After installing the Spark vpn, launch the VPN app

> Tap on the paper icon located in the lower-right corner

Tap on import configuration and locate the MTN 0.0k configured file and tap to import.

> Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it is connected, launch your browser and start browsing at full speed.

Note that this configuration file will end (20-October-2018). But do not worry, I'll provide another configuration file and update this post.
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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Hot Mtn 0.00k Browsing cheat with kpn tunnel Rev - Updated config file

I will drop a new kpn tunnel revelation config file for  MTN 0.0k free browsing cheat. (Updated config)

  • An android phone
  • MTN NG 3G or 4G SIM without active data
  • Use Default MTN API Settings
  • Kpn tunnel Rev VPN - Download:- here
  • Config file for Kpn tunnel Rev vpn Download it Here [You must join our Telegram Group for it, it's pinned there]. Or Here

How to Import Configured on Kpn Tunnel Rev VPN

> First, download the Kpn tunnel VPN and MTN 0.0k from the above link

> After installing the Kpn Tunnel vpn, launch the VPN app

> Tap on the paper icon located in the lower-right corner

Tap on import configuration and locate the MTN 0.0k configured file and tap to import.

> Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it is connected, launch your browser and start browsing at full speed.

Note that this configuration file will end (20-October-2018). But do not worry, I'll provide another configuration file and update this post.
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