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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Latest Airtel 0.00 Cheat With very hot New cracked reality vpn4, Faster And More Stable

Airtel cheat is still working and it is also available on latest cracked Reality vpn4 .Well if you have been experiencing some slow connection or instability while using the Airtel tweak, this post is for you. I will unveil a simple trick that makes it more stable and faster using Reality vpn4 Download it :-Here

*Crack vpn created and designed from tweakware*
Crack vpn is an android app designed from an already made tweakware vpn app.It was designed and edited by Abdulrahman Zakariyya with the help of his team{Reality and cracker Teamz}.The major purpose of editing this app is to try and satisfy our browsing needs.To allow easy connection for free users.
I have been recieving complains from our team about how tweakware never connects and disconnects after connected.
That is why we decided to introduce this app to you all.
*Advantages of Crack vpn over tweakware*
-Smaller app size.
-Connect faster than tweakware.
*How did we actually archieved the above from tweakware*
Smaller app size: By removing prenium servers,which contributes to the total app space. And also by removing the about button.
Connect faster than tweakware.: {Due to the updating of tweakware,free server is now one and alway say MAXIMUM NUMBER OF USERS REACHED}. That is why we went back to old free tweakware servers with the help of our editing tools to extract,compose and merge the servers.
*NOTE:* This Crack vpn is designed from tweakware and has a better stable connection than that of tweakware.We did not create the app,instead we designed the app for a better stable connections.

1. After downloading your Reality vpn4, open the app and use the below settings

2. On the Reality vpn tap on Reality vpn settings at the top right corner

3. Click on Bundle settings

4. Then click mark Enable Bundle settings

5. Now tap on Select bundle settings

6. After that, select (NG Airtel) 0.00# from the listed optopns

Screenshot below👇

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