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Saturday, 26 November 2016

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Glo And Etisalat Unlimited free browsing with very hot new cracked reality vpn3

Glo And Etisalat free browsing cheat

*Crack vpn created and designed from tweakware*
Crack vpn is an android app designed from an already made tweakware vpn app.It was designed and edited by Abdulrahman Zakariyya with the help of his team{Reality and cracker Teamz}.The major purpose of editing this app is to try and satisfy our browsing needs.To allow easy connection for free users.
I have been recieving complains from our team about how tweakware never connects and disconnects after connected.
That is why we decided to introduce this app to you all.
*Advantages of Crack vpn over tweakware*
-Smaller app size.
-Connect faster than tweakware.
*How did we actually archieved the above from tweakware*
Smaller app size: By removing prenium servers,which contributes to the total app space. And also by removing the about button.
Connect faster than tweakware.: {Due to the updating of tweakware,free server is now one and alway say MAXIMUM NUMBER OF USERS REACHED}. That is why we went back to old free tweakware servers with the help of our editing tools to extract,compose and merge the servers.
*NOTE:* This Crack vpn is designed from tweakware and has a better stable connection than that of tweakware.We did not create the app,instead we designed the app for a better stable connections.

Glo users and Etisalat users


Download andLaunch your Reality vpn3.

Goto Settings => Bundled Settings => Tick Use Bundle Settings. You will see "select bundle setting".. Now select Glo. 0.00# or Etisalat 0.00# (just tick it)

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