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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Working Airtel 0.0kb 2mb/Sec Click Here For Setting

Honestly this apk is great it does not need any settings just download the apk :-Here

Easy to configure with out wasting of time let me go straight to the point

Step 1 download the apk and install

Step 2 open the apk

Step 3

Select auto location as us

Step 4

Choose tweaks as Airtel

And connect

Airtel VPN connect in 15sec

Happy browsing
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How to bypassed Reality vpn4 or any tweakware Daily limits server

Always check your data usage once you use up to 350.1 MB you'll be disconnected once that happens and you're sure you've used 350.1MB on Reality vpn just
Download it from Play store or Here

Open the ID Changer you downloaded under the ID Changer click on 
Random 👇👇

After that you'll see this message 👇👇

After that click OK  then under 
click on that sign that looks like "x" to generate new ID 

After that click on that sign that looks like triangle in front of that 'x' sign to apply the generated ID 

And then you will get the successful message 👇👇

Click ok and exit the ID changer and then go and reconnect the Reality vpn4 or any  and you'll be able to use another 350.1MB once you finish the MB open the ID changer and click on that "X" to generate another ID and click on that triangle sign beside the 'X' sign to apply the new ID after that reconnect Reality vpn and blaze on that's how you'll be doing it anytime you use up to 350.1MB on Reality vpn4 or any tweakware  that's how to use Reality vpn unlimitedly without paying for the premium server.

With these 👆👆guides you can use up to 1000GB daily. Enjoy 👍

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Latest Airtel 0.00 Cheat With very hot New cracked reality vpn4, Faster And More Stable

Airtel cheat is still working and it is also available on latest cracked Reality vpn4 .Well if you have been experiencing some slow connection or instability while using the Airtel tweak, this post is for you. I will unveil a simple trick that makes it more stable and faster using Reality vpn4 Download it :-Here

*Crack vpn created and designed from tweakware*
Crack vpn is an android app designed from an already made tweakware vpn app.It was designed and edited by Abdulrahman Zakariyya with the help of his team{Reality and cracker Teamz}.The major purpose of editing this app is to try and satisfy our browsing needs.To allow easy connection for free users.
I have been recieving complains from our team about how tweakware never connects and disconnects after connected.
That is why we decided to introduce this app to you all.
*Advantages of Crack vpn over tweakware*
-Smaller app size.
-Connect faster than tweakware.
*How did we actually archieved the above from tweakware*
Smaller app size: By removing prenium servers,which contributes to the total app space. And also by removing the about button.
Connect faster than tweakware.: {Due to the updating of tweakware,free server is now one and alway say MAXIMUM NUMBER OF USERS REACHED}. That is why we went back to old free tweakware servers with the help of our editing tools to extract,compose and merge the servers.
*NOTE:* This Crack vpn is designed from tweakware and has a better stable connection than that of tweakware.We did not create the app,instead we designed the app for a better stable connections.

1. After downloading your Reality vpn4, open the app and use the below settings

2. On the Reality vpn tap on Reality vpn settings at the top right corner

3. Click on Bundle settings

4. Then click mark Enable Bundle settings

5. Now tap on Select bundle settings

6. After that, select (NG Airtel) 0.00# from the listed optopns

Screenshot below👇

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Friday, 30 December 2016


The Nigerian Government would on January 1, 2016 reduce the pump price of the petrol to N85 per litre.
The product officially sells for N87 per litre, although it sells for higher prices in some states of the federation.
The Minister of State for Petroleum, Emmanuel Kachikwu, disclosed this to journalists at the Port Harcourt Refinery Company (PHRC), where he spent Christmas inspecting the plant.
Asked when the Federal Government would release the new price template of the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulation Agency (PPPRA), Mr. Kachikwu said he approved the new price for the agency on Thursday.

“Like I said, we have done a modulation calculation and it is showing us below N87,” Mr. Kachikwu said. “I imagine that if PPPRA publishes it today, it will become effective immediately. But the 1st of January that is when we are looking at.”
According to him, the new price is below the current N87 per litre and it would now convince Nigerians that the pricing modulation that the Federal Government promised to embark on a few days ago was not a trick.
He noted that following analyses and research, government realized the country could fluctuate fuel price in accordance with the crude oil market fundamentals.
Justifying government’s reasons for scrapping the Petroleum Support Fund otherwise known as oil subsidy, Mr. Kachikwu explained that government could no longer afford to subsidize the product following the fraud that has attended its operation.
He added that it had become clear that government earnings were dipping on daily basis.

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

New Airtel 0.00# Secret Setting And Ip To Use

New Blazing 🔥 Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing Settings Without disconnecting

Hello It's Reality, If you are an Airtel user, I bring you  a good news as you would be able to browse with today's trick with any version of any cracked psiphon or pronet and download with unlimited access. Wonderful Right?

Download cracked psiphon Pro A+Green :-Here

Set any cracked psiphon or pronet you have with the following settings:

TICK  remove port

Proxy type: Real host

Proxy server: Leave blank or input=

Real proxy type: Default or inject

Real proxy server:

Real proxy port: 8080

Then click OK and then click on  More options

Screenshots below👇

After that tick on connect through an HTTP Proxy and then tick use the following settings:
Host Address:

Port: 8080

Screenshorts below👇

After that connect and Enjoy


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Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Hello Realitytechs will teach you how to 
increase your blog/website traffic withGROWTRAFFIC
If you are have a blog/website and you spend most of your time on writing article but after you publish it you gain less traffic (views)
Also readDownload The Amazing Windows 10 Launcher For Android Devices


Growtraffic is a website that sell traffic But they have a free traffic but to get that free traffic you will have to work for them 
To gain 10,000 view in a month 
It is free But you will have to work for them the work is simple and convinent.

Write a blog post about Note: "Is not that you should write all about them in a post but you can just simply mention Growtraffic Within you post and if you wish you can write about them"
They don't accept free blog site like : .blogspot. com, and "They Accept .com, .net .tk , .ml and soon 
Fill the form appropriately in other to the blog/website that they will pass traffic to and Allow them to review your submission 

  • 1-Go to this Growtraffic free traffic page:- Here
  • You will see a form below 
  • 2-Fill it appropriately 
  • 3-After you fill it finish click on submit 


Hope this Post is useful 
Pls comment if you don't understand we really appreciate comment from visitors 
Use our smiley reaction buttons 
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New Airtel 0.00# Setting Blazing🔥 Like Jet

New Airtel 0.00# unlimited Free Browsing Settings Blazing🔥 Like Jet

Hello Readers, If you are an Airtel user, I bring you  a good news as you would be able to browse with today's trick with any  cracked ersion of psiphon or pronet and download with unlimited access. Wonderful Right?

Set any psiphon or pronet you have to the following settings:

TICK  remove port

Proxy type: No proxy

Proxy server:

Real proxy type: Default

Real proxy server: Leave Empty

Real proxy port: 80

Then click OK and then click on ProNet Options

After that tick on connect through an HTTP Proxy and then tick use the following settings:
Host Address:

Port: 8080

After that connect and Enjoy

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016



Hi guys, I am really happy to let you guys know about this hot free browsing cheat that is currently rocking the net and all thanks due to the one of my whatsapp member group for this free browsing cheat.

Although the settings wasn't working for me and then I later tweak it to my taste and then fianlly I was able to get the cheat working on my phone.

Now how to how to set and browse freely with psiphon using airtel

Download Psiphon handler Or Reality shield and others that might have the same interface settings with psiphoon

Your Airtel sim

Configuration Of Airtel Free Browsing Cheat
Fistly use aitel defualt setting or configure it manually using the settings below
Name: Loyaleams
APN TYPE: Default
Proxy: leave it balnk
Port: leave it blank
Username: internet
Password: internet
And then save your settings

Open your psiphon and configure it with the following stiings
Tick remove port
Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: Default
Real proxy port: 8080
Now save your setting and click on 'more option'
Tick 'Connect through an HTTP Proxy
Tick 'Use the following settings and use the following ip and port
Host address:

Now go back and choose any region of your and then connect and start brwsing with high speed
Don't forget to drop your comment if it is working for you and share it among your frineds.
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Sunday, 25 December 2016

How To Backup/Download And Restore Blogger Full Template

Backup and restore your blog template is not very hard thing but new bloggers always got problem.When I was new in blogger even I also didn't know how to backup and restore template and what is it's use ? But downloading full template is must before editing your template.Let's consider you have edited your template without taking its backup and you saved it but unfortunately something wrong happens then restoring to the original is easy.I have divided this tutorial in two parts -

Backup template.
Restoring template.

1.How To Take Backup Of Full Template ?

Follow Image Instructions Below. (Note - Right Click On Image And Select Open Image In New Tab)

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
Download Full Template.

How To Restore Template ?

For restoring template....

Again Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
Now click on Upload button and browse for downloaded template and select it.
Again click upload button and save your template.

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