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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A Challenge For Everyone

  There was a lady who a lighted from a vehicle and unknowingly dropped her important documents. A shabbily and dirty dressed boy saw what happened and rushed at the spot to pick the purse. Listen​ to the conversation

*Boy:* Sorry siz can you give me an ear?

*Lady:* Leave me alone you vagrant dirty

*Boy:* Please sister just give me an ear. I know am dirty but kindly listen to me.

*Lady:* If you know you are dirty, what do you want? I have nothing to do with you.

*Boy:* I just want to pass an important message to you and leave.

*Lady*: You are not the type to pass messages to me, you filthy brat.

*Boy:* Just a second Miss, wait! Look am pleading with you!

*Lady:* He wants to rob me. Help! Help! She shouted.

*Boy:* I am not trying to rob you. I want to help.
A nearby mob began to beat up the boy.

*Boy*: I am sorry, I only wanted to assist her. The boy shouted.

*Mob*: You are a thief, who said you can assist this beautiful lady? Then they continued with beating the boy.

*Lady:* Beat him up. He wanted to still from me. Kill him. They always harass us around here.

*Boy*: If you knew, you wouldn't​ have beaten me. Can I tell you the truth?

*Mob:* Talk or else we will kill you.

_My sister when you were alighting from the vehicle, you dropped your purse. I rushed and picked it. I have been pleading with you to give a hearing so that I give it back to you *but you didn't​ .Here is your purse take it.*_

The mob then left the boy bleeding, injured,
weak and helpless .

*Lady*: Ooh my God! I am sorry. I didn't​ know.
The boy woke up and started slowly walking away in pain.

*Lady:*  Brother don' t walk away.

*Boy:* *_You said am not your type. Am filthy, vagrant, a thief and brat. You called me all names._*

*Lady*: Woooi! Please wait , I want to thank you.

*Boy*: There is nothing you can do for me now. *If I die as a result of the injuries sustained from the beatings, my blood will haunt you the rest of your life.*

The lady opened her purse and found everything. That is bank *ATMs, money and phone.Nothing was missing*.

_After a week the lady went to church ready to *give a testimony* and accompanying thanks offering for what God did to her._ On arrival she was surprised to find a tent, *a coffin and a funeral procession. People were in groups talking in low voices.*
_She gathered courage and inquired of whose funeral it was. She was informed it was the body of a young boy who was a member of the church. He had gone missing for a while. He was beaten to death by a mob . His parents had been searching for him without success. *He died because of accusations from a young lady who is of your age*._
The lady then *remembered* the last words of the boy. If I die... *my death will haunt you*. She wept bitterly but the boy was no more.

How many people have you killed *physically,*   *emotionally*, *psychologically* and   *spiritually?*

_How many people have you looked down upon?_

_How many people have you despised because of their social status?_


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