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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

All About virginity


Loosing virginity before marriage has become kind of common among Muslims. No I'm not talking about rape. That's totally a different topic. By this topic I mean girl and boy both of them willing to have haram sex.
After the haram sex most of the time the girl and boy act very innocent. They'll be like 'you know I didn't mean to do it but it just happened'. Seriously? It just happened? Whom you are  trying to fool? It's obvious that you know what you were doing. It's not like you were unconscious and it all happened cuz of some sort of magic.
The truth this that you couldn't control your desire. “No man is alone with a woman but the Shaytaan will be the third one present.” You should be aware of it.
Just imagine your husband/wife had sex with other person. How would you feel? Doesn't it hurt? If yes then how could you do the same thing? How could you cheat your future husband/wife? Are you that heartless? Don't you fear Allaah?
It's too late I already had haram sex. What should I do?
Regret and repent to Allah before it's too late. Before the punishment comes to you. And don't do it again.
Should I tell about my haram sex to my spouse?
No don't tell. Allah tells you to cover your sins not to expose them. Once you regret, repent and never do it again it's fine
How can I avoid the haram sex?
First of all this haram sex happened bc you were friend with the opposite gender. This can develop and make him/her your gf/bf and then it'll end up in such an unlawful act.
Some of them also have haram sex with friends not only with bf/gf. Even if it's your fiancé don't do it. Who promised you the future?
You are born and raised as Muslims and you still do such an shameful act I don't get it. Islam teaches us each and everything. Islam is the way of life. And it's haram for a boy and girl to be friends in the first place.
May Allaah guide us all. May Allaah protect us from doing major and minor sins. Ameen!

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