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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

How create and design a good logo by yourself

Hello, Today am going to give a tutorial on how to create logos by your self, to create a logo is very easy, a lot of people collect money to create a logo for another people, and these logo is not that something hard but it need using brain, you must be able to draw or thing what you want to design before starting work.
so now let get start.

How To design Your Logo Using Android Phone
Firstly you must have an app on your phone called picsart, the picsart can be downloaded from google play store for your android phone, it is a very good logo maker you can also add new photos to the one you are creating with this app.
so as times goes on when you are using it every day you will know how to use it very well one day, just try your possible best and you will get it
you can also download photo grip so as to crop and do others things on the logo
How To design your logos using your laptop
To create logos with pc or laptop is some how hard small, but as times goes on if you are trying your best in designing it you will get it.
some softwares are used while doing this
Corel Draw:- this is the best logo designer and graphics designer if you want to know more about this software you have to go and study computer science at school so as to know more about it
Adobe Photoshop:- this is mostly used in editing of images,  logos and graphics it can also be used to change the background images where photos or pictures are snapped
That All.
Is it helpful? i hope you really understand this tutorial. did you encounter any problem while doing this, dont hesitate to contact us and also dont forget to share this to friends and family because sharing is caring.