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Thursday, 18 May 2017

How To Resolve SmartPhone Overheat

Hello Guys, Today I Will give a tutorial on how to resolve your smartphone that overheating.
See Reasons Why Your SmartPhone Overheat And How To Resolve It
1. Faulty And Fake Charger: Your charger can be the fault of overheating especially when charging and your phone gets too hot at the charging port. You should replace your charger USB cord but if the overheating still persists, then your final solution should be by getting an original charger from a specified company. 2. Battery Problems: Battery is one of the main cause of overheating. If you are the type of person that do use your phone while charging, you should stop it because it can lead to explosion. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Vivo V5 explodes through this means. Another way battery can cause explosion as a result of too much overheating, is when your phone possessed a fake battery. Try to get an original battery and always check your battery information by dialing *#*#4636#*#*. Your battery status should always show "Good". 3. Heavy Apps And Games: When multitasking, your phone gets too hot and if you are a hard-core gamer, there is every possibility that your phone will be hot because some apps and games use up a lot of processing power while you use them. Just try to close all Apps and let the phone rest for a while. 4. Factory Fault: If you notice that your newly purchased smartphone get overheated when in use, kindly go to the vendor or manufacturer and replace it because the problem might be from the factory, just like the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion that the company recall the smartphone. You can also go to an authorised service centre to have it fixed. 5. Virus And Infected Apps: Have you ever installed an app and later found out that your phone overheats? Yea! This is the result of an infected app and some are dangerous viruses and Malware that can even damage your phone. Not only that, after installation of any App and you begin to see annoying pop up Ads with other things making your phone to malfunction, there is a possibility that the app is responsible for it. The solution is to uninstall the Apps and use an antivirus app to clean the malicious attacks. 6. Overusing: This causes serious overheating when in use for a long time. It's true that smartphone is fun to use, no one want to miss the latest happening online and we play games, watch videos and do many other things but these makes the phone gets overheated easily. Always try to give your phone rest. 7. Hot environment: Avoid using your smartphone in a hot environment e.g on car dashboards or near ovens. This makes the phone gets hot, is advisable to use in a cool environment and keep it away from car dashboard and any similar things.
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