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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

How To Download All Paid Pro Premium Apps And Games Direct From Play Store Using APPVN Apk 2018-Realitytechszone

Hello Guys, Today will show you the best way of downloading any premium App/Game directly from Play Store Using Appvn Apk 2018.

Appvn is android app ,it is same as Google Play Store,but enables to get all content for free i.e, all paid apps for free, free ebooks, free movies.It is not available in Play Store.After one-time development Appvn (AppStoreVn) was launched and received the support and trust of users. Download and install the APK file for Android AppStoreVn 5 warehouse load immediately and experience the new generation with a series of the most attractive features.

Follow This Simple Steps Below Accordingly.

1-Firstly Download And Install Appvn:- Here.

2-After installing open it and click on BAT DAU and wait for it to load.

3-After that click on the option menu which is those 3lines by the left.

4-After that click on the settings icon.

5-After that click on Tieng Viet on the third line to change the language to English.

6-After that click on English and the language will change to English.

7-After that click back and go back to the home page and exit the appvn, or you can search for any apps and games of your choice and download, but the best way is to get it through play store so close the app and go to play store.

8-After you close the appvn go to play store and search for any paid pro premium app or game of your choice and click on it.

9-When you click on it scroll down a bit and click on share.

10-When you click on share you will see appvn click on the appvn and wait for it to load.

11-After it loads the app or game click on download but before you download anything as a new user you must create an account with your email.

12-When you click on download it will ask you to login click OK and register.

13-After you click OK click on register and create your account, after that they will send an email for you to activate your account, go to your email and click on the http blablabla link to activate your account after that come back to the appvn and login and then click on download.
When you login and click on download your app or game will start downloading after download is completed it will ask you to install.

14-Click install and enjoy your app or game
As you can see the app is installed and ready to play it cost 6dollars on play store but I got it for free direct without paying for it under few minutes.

As you can also see it has been installed both on playstore and its the latest version of the game. With this method you can get anything you want on playstore for free live and direct.

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Thank You.


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    1. You're welcome guy's, always stay connected to for more latest updates.

  2. Tried to Register the app.
    Was saying "an error occurs pls try again later"

  3. Its telling me an error had occurred.even to register is a problem. Retry.infact,its not working.

  4. This was super helpful keep uobthe good work