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Thursday, 17 August 2017

How to Get Free 50GB Data on MTN Line Ghanaians-Realitytechs 

Where are my Ghanaian friends on Realitytechs Blog? Dust and sharpen your MTN sim for this new awoof data. MTN Ghana is currently rewarding all MTN subscribers data worth of 50GB which will be renewed automatically every month until 6 Months. Interesting right?

This is not a cheat neither does it require any imei tweaking or vpn. It's an official awoof from the network. It's legal and confirmed working.

According to a tweet by MTN Ghana on their official twitter account;


The freebies goes with the Huawei Ascend Y210 smartphone. However, it can be activated on any type of smartphone regardless of your smartphone type. 

Without wasting much time, let me drop the bom*b live and direct.

How to Activate MTN Ghana Free 50GB Data

>> Go to Message on your phone

>> Sms MB to 151

>> You will get a message saying:


"Thanks for using your new phone for MTN. You have been rewarded with Data freebies of 50GB each month for 6months. Welcome to the new world."

At this point, you can start firing up your download, stream and browse till mama call.

The data can be used on PC via Hotspot tethering, Mifi or Modem.

How i wish MTN extends this to us here in Nigeria. Meanwhile

Happy browsing to all Ghanaians on this blog. Please share and comment.

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