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Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Uncle Ibrahim, a Turkish Muslim aged 50 years owned a ration shop in a building which contained a Jewish family in France - this was in 1957.

Every morning the Jewish family sent their son Jade, aged 7 years to his shop to buy things, but Jade also used to steal a packet of chocolate every day from Uncle Ibrahim's shop.

One day Jade bought his shopping but forgot to steal, and as he was about to leave, Uncle Ibrahim called on him saying:
"You forgot the packet of chocolate today..."
Jade was scared...and asked:
"Were you seeing me every day?"
Replied uncle Ibrahim:
"Yes! And this is your packet for

Jade promised not to steal chocolate again, and Uncle Ibrahim asked him to make a promise that he will never steal anything again forever!
Jade continued to buy from Uncle Ibrahim and picked his packet of chocolate daily with saying I've taken my chocolate whilst leaving.

Through time the relationship became stronger and Jade started telling Uncle Ibrahim his secrets as well as some of his problems.

Uncle Ibrahim would keep quiet and listen to him. He would then go to open his small wooden box to get a book from inside and ask Jade to hold any two pages with his eyes closed.

Uncle Ibrahim would read this two pages and discussing them with Jade.
Years passed by until Uncle Ibrahim became 67 years old and Jade became a young man of 24. The relationship grew and became stronger until the death of Uncle Ibrahim.
In his Will, Uncle Ibrahim had ordered his sons to give Jade the wooden box with the book in it, and so they did as was instructed.

At that point Jade cried so much that people in the Streets would see his swollen face due to his excessive crying, and Jade did not focus his concentration on the wooden box being given to him.

One day Jade faced a huge problem and he remembered his old friend, saying to himself:
"Ooooh! I wish you were here Uncle Ibrahim, to open for me your wooden box and read for me that fantastic book and ..."

Suddenly he remembered the box which was given to him!
He rushed to find it and upon opening it he found a small piece of paper witten in Arabic advising him to go to the Tunisian friend and ask him to read two pages from the book within it.
Jade asked this friend about this great book only to be told that it was
'Al Qur'aan Al Kareem!

Jade became a Muslim and continued his higher studies and changed his name to Dr. JADDALLAH AL QURAANI.
This man became one of the great Daii of Islam in the whole of Europe.

He converted over 6,000 Jews and Christians to Islam.
When asked about his happiest moments he said:
"When I convert someone to Islam I feel I have compensated part of the good done to me by Uncle Ibrahim"

He also said:

"Uncle Ibrahim stayed with me for 17 good years and he never told me that I am a Jew and he is a Muslim...He never told me that I am a Kaffir.

He did not even tell me that the book he was reading was the Glorious Qur'aan untill he tied me with his skills to it!"
And on top this up his motto was:
"It is our duty to struggle and it is not a must to succeed!"

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