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» » Having a Mathna, Is It A Curse To You Or A Blessing

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Having a Mathna, Is It A Curse To You Or A Blessing

Most of the brothers you meet these days are working towards having a 2nd wife. The most annoying thing is that they can't even make adequate provision for their wife and kids, yet they feel the need to add to the burden.

A brother who can't not give a meagre five thousand naira a week to his wife for house keep also talks about having a mathna.

A brother who finds it difficult to pay his children's school fees in mushroom schools is also talking about mathna.

A brother that can't  give his wife mere twenty thousand naira annually for her to change of her wardrobe and that of the kids, is also eager to take a mathna.

A brother who finds it difficult to give just one thousand to his wife weekly for hairdo, can't wait to have a mathna too.

A brother who can't take his wife and kids for outings/relaxation once a month also want a mathna.

A man who doesn't even have enough time to spend with his wife and kids also wants to be bring in another woman to suffer.

Do you intend having a mathna for selfish reasons or for the sake of Allah?

Are you marrying women for them to assist you with your responsibilities?(ie by buying  clothes, shoes, or even feeding herself and the kids) cos you, as the figure head can't make adequate provision .

You drop whatever amount that is convenient to you for them to spend, not minding if your wife is going thru hardship to manage whatever peanut you drop, or how much she needed to add, to the little you drop to ensure the comfort of herself and the kids.

My brother, do you fear Allah atall?

The purpose of having/taking a mathna is to ease the burden of the sister(s) not for you to add more burden unto her and kids.

We should remember the day we shall stand before our Creator to account, whatever reason(s) we give to justify our act of irresponsibilty, isn't going to hold water on the day of reckoning.

There are numerous sunnah that needs to be revived, why must it be having a mathna?

If u don't have the means or can't make adequate provisions, pls for the sake of your hereafter, engage yourself in more suitable/beneficial sunnah, that will bring unto you Allah's rahma, and not His wrath.


My brother, is having a mathna a blessing to you or a curse?

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