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Saturday, 16 December 2017

How To Browse With Your Free MTN Game+ 1.5Gb Using Phsiphon Pro - Realitytechszone

Hello Guy's. Most of us can still remember the MTN Game plus free browsing that i posted about yesterday, then it was even renewable and to an extent it was considered the best of it's kind.

The XMAS gameplus bunus gives you free 1500MB data that allows you visit just the MTN gameplus website, but with the aid of VPN apps we were and is now still able to use it to browse and download for free.

Before looking at the settings and subscription process for the MTN Gameplus data, you should Click Here to see how to get the free 1.5GB Gameplus Xmas Bunus

Psiphon pro lite Vpn Settings For MTN Gameplus Free Browsing;

Before you start setting up your VPN app you need to get the Free 1500mb game plus data, to get the data click:- Here

1. Download and Install Psiphon Pro Lite VPN

2-Use the default MTN APN settings

3-After that, launch your psiphon VPN and Set it like this;

Tick Remove port
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: Default
Real proxy server: leave it blank
Real proxy port: 80
Finally click on SAVE.

3-Navigate to Options and select USA as your country region.

5- And  then go to MORE OPTIONS and set it like this.

Tick connect through an HTTP
Also tick use the following settings
Host address:
Port: 8080

6-Finally, Go back and hit on connect.

Note:- If you all set this and it refused to connect, turn off your data and on it again. 

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