How To Use Your Free 1.5Gb MTN Game plus+ With Simple Server On Android And PC With Fast Speed Like Jet
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» » How To Use Your Free 1.5Gb MTN Game plus+ With Simple Server On Android And PC With Fast Speed Like Jet

Sunday, 17 December 2017

How To Use Your Free 1.5Gb MTN Game plus+ With Simple Server On Android And PC With Fast Speed Like Jet

In my recent post I talk about how to get MTN GamePlus Free 1.5Gb.  Today, another cool way of browsing the Internet using the MTN Nigeria network for free is through the MTN Game Plus free data. The 1.5Gb data is free but when it is used with Psiphon, or Simple Server Settings or any other vpn App that work's with the setting, you can get upto  1.5Gb out of it. The best part of the deal is that you can renew the Game Plus subscription free of charge.  With this settings, you are guaranteed unlimited free downloads on MTN Game Plus.

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Firstly, download the Simple Andriod Server App :- Here
  • Go to phone settings 
  • APN :
  • Proxy :
  • Proxy : 8080

  1. Now open your simple android server (SAS) 
  2. ** Click on Connection Settings 
  3. ** tick on enable Proxy. 
  4. Proxy host :-
  5. Proxy port :- 8080
  6. Tick on enable header tweaking 
  7. Then choose tweak type : Click host Replacement 
  8. Now click Injection host and type
  9. Go back and click on start server 

Or you Can Just Import The Settings

Download the import file:- Here
After that, click on the three dot on the top right of the app.

Then click on load file.
After that, locate were your downloaded import file is and click on it to load

After that, click on Start server to connect the App

How to Power All Apps on Simple Server (Android)

After setting up simple server you might likely find out that it is powering only Uc Browser but isn’t powering some apps on your android phone, here is an App that will help you to power all App on Android if you’re using Simple Server. Autoproxy will help you to set the proxy (http / socks4 / socks5) on your android devices, it allows your device to bypass custom proxy using a single switch button.
How To Use Autoproxy.
1. Download and install,then open the app and click one the + signe at the top right of the App

2. Configure it as the screenshot below, use "web" as your password. Real host:- proxy :- 8080

3. Hit the connect button after setting up.
1.      Click here to download the latest simple server app for PC
Configure it as it's below.

  • LHOST = ‘’
  • IMETHOD = 0
  • ISPLIT = 0
  • RHTTP = 0
  • TIMEOUT = 60
  • PHOST = ‘'
  • RQUERY = ”
  • RPATH = 0
  • PTYPE = 0
  • KEEP = ”
  • BQUERY = ”
  • MQUERY = ”
  • RHTTPS = 1
  • PPORT = 8080
  • LPORT = 8080
  • VALHDR0 = ‘’
  • VALHDR1 = ”
  • VALHDR2 = ”
  • VALHDR3 = ”
  • IQUERY = ‘’
  • ADMODE = 0
  • CQUERY = ”
  • CUSHDR2 = ”
  • CUSHDR3 = ”
  • CUSHDR0 = ”
  • CUSHDR1 = ” 
  • ILINE = 0
  • FQUERY = ”
  • SBUFF = 1024
  • RPORT = 0

  • Browser setting: manual Proxy: and port: 8080.
After having achieved all of the following settings as described above, i believe you should now use Game plus Data on Android without facing any further complication. I hope it helped.

Enjoy it while it last.

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