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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Here are the steps Facebook is taking to combat fake news sharing

There has been a huge amount of fake news websites on the Internet in recent times, and they share a lot of hogwash. Fake news sharing causes a lot of problems for people. For example, Hilary Clinton was accused of running a child sex ring on some shoddy website. A fallout of that was that one man took a gun into a pizza restaurant and opened fire on people. That is not good.

One of the ways these pseudo-websites spread their data is through Facebook. Usually, some site creates a bogus piece of news, then shares it on Facebook, hoping to generate some laughs and traffic. However, these pieces of nes often produce serious consequences (see gunman in restaurant above). This puts Facebook in a bad light, as it is the easiest place to get news these days. As such, Facebook is taking steps to identify and combat these fake news sites.

Facebook has sworn to prevent misleading news articles from reaching users. Therefore, they have set up an unofficial task force to categorize pages based on their content.

According to a report on Facebook Newsroom, “We categorized pages to identify whether or not they were posting spam or trying to game feed by doing things like asking for likes, comments, or shares”. Basically, this means that they will study the posts and determine if they are actually saying something worth reading or just fishing for those sweet, sweet likes.
Furthermore, the engineers at Facebook developed a model to identify whether posts are authentic or not. This model is based on reader behavior towards the posts. These posts will still appear on your news feed; however, they most likely won’t affect you, since the authentic posts will rank higher. It will consider factors like your relationship with the sharer of the article, number of likes, shares and comments.
The fake news phenomenon has certainly gathered a few enemies. However, Facebook is on their case. Rest assured, therefore, that in the near future, you are not likely to be seeing stuff like, “President Muhammadu Buhari is DEAD! Click to find out more!”

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Do you guys remember Etisalat Social Me free browsing cheat that we enjoyed last year? Oh yea! That same cheat is working and blazing again this year February 2017. I will be giving you the complete settings to make this cheat work.
It's painful to see the previous Airtel free browsing cheat gone 1 month of use. Though, Etisalat 60MB daily free browsing cheat is still blazing hot and also GLO unlimited free browsing cheat. The problem with Glo is their poor 3G network that they've got. Hence, the cheat is cool and blazing.
Without much talks, i will be dropping the latest Etisalat free browsing cheat for the year February 2017. The downside of this cheat is that, it's SIM selective to be unlimited . This simply means that, it might not work unlimitedly for all Etisalat sim.But at least you will use 700Mb to 1Gb data. Kindly follow me along as we do this together.

1.Etisalat SIM with very strong network 
2.Android device
3.Download Psiphon Pro A+Green Vpn or Reality shield vpnor Any psiphon vpn
✔Psiphon users recommend to use Reality Shield vpn
✔Tweakware users recommend to use Reality vpn3
Use the default Etisalat APN settings

After that, launch your psiphon or Tweakware VPN and Set it like this;
Follow My Steps Below Carefully

1.Migrate to Etisalat easycliq by dialing *244*1#
2.Subcribe by dialing:-
For weekly dial:-*343*6*10# N150 will be detected
For montly dial:- *343*6*11#
N500 will be detected
To optout dial *343*6*0#

After successful subscribing to the plan of your choice.
Tick on Remove port
Proxy type:-Real host
Proxy server:-
Real proxy type:- inject
Real proxy server:- (empty
Real proxy port:- 8080.
Then save. Use united state as your region. SWAP TO THE MORE OPTION AND CLICK ON IT
=> HOST:Blank

Reality shield vpn screenshot 

Launch your Reality vpn3.
Goto Settings => Bundled Settings => Tick Use Bundle Settings. You will see "select bundle setting".. Now select Etisalat Socialme. (just tick it)

1.Open Tweakware
2.Click a box below the servers
3.Now select Etisalat Socialme. (just tick it)
Reality vpn3 screenshot 
Tweakware v5 screenshot 


Note:- Speed throttling occurred 

I will post on how to bypass Etisalat speed throttling
Are you confused?  Comment below, i will help you out.
Appreciate me by sharing this post using the share button below.
Always visit us here on we have alot to offer you guys.

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Monday, 30 January 2017

How to add Facebook Like/Fan Box to Blogger - Realitytechs

How to add it to blogger blog

  1. Copy code of your desired style and paste it in Notepad
  2. Replace realitytechs with your facebook fanpage username, Copy new code
  3. Now login to your Blogger Dashboard
  4. Select your blog
  5. Go to Layout > Add Widget > HTML/JavaScript
  6. Paste the code
  7. YaY!!! You are done :)
Now lets have a look on styles

  • <<style type="text/css">
  • .hbfbOuter {
  • background-color: #F4F4F4;
  • width: 250px;
  • padding: 10px 0 10px 10px;
  • height: 250px;
  • border: 1px solid #CCCCCC;
  • -moz-box-shadow: inset 0 0 10px #000000;
  • -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 0 10px #000000;
  • box-shadow: inset 0 0 10px #000000;
  • }
  • .hbfbInner {
  • height: 240px;
  • overflow: hidden;
  • }
  • </style>

  • <div class="hbfbOuter">
  • <div class="hbfbInner">
  • <iframe src="//;width=242&amp;height=230&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;show_faces=true&amp;header=false&amp;stream=false&amp;show_border=false" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:242px; height:230px;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>
  • </div>
  • <div style="float:right;margin-right:4%;font-size:x-small;font-family:calibri;"><a href="" target="_blank">Get this widget</a></div></div>


Patterns and backgrounds -

Widget - 

Note - If you want to share this widget on your blog then you have to link back to this article.

Final Words

Hope you have liked it friends, if you are getting any trouble while installation of widget then feel free to comment below :) I will respond as soon as time allows.

Have a nice day..
Happy Blogging...
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Add Floating Facebook Like Box in Blogger

Increase your Facebook page Likes add floating widget in your blog when someone bring mouse cursor in Facebook image a facebook like box will be appear it’s a cool widget for blogger you can see live demo on this page right side of this page. So add this sliding floating facebook like box widget in your blogger blog and increase your blog reader fans.

How to Add Facebook Floating Like Box Widget in Blogger
Follow Below steps for Add Facebook Floating Widget

Go to Blogger
Take Backup of your Blog Template
Search For <head>
Just Below of <head> past the following JQuery Code only if you are Not yet using Jquery Script on your blog

Add Below JQuery inside the head tag only if yet you are not using Jquery script in your blog

<script src=''></script>

Now Add Below Given Code in your blog by add a widget option

Copy and Past Below Code in Your Blog

<!--Floating Facebook Widget START-->
<script type="text/javascript"> /*<![CDATA[*/ jQuery(document).ready(function() {jQuery(".vktechzone").hover(function() {jQuery(this).stop().animate({right: "0"}, "medium");}, function() {jQuery(this).stop().animate({right: "-250"}, "medium");}, 500);}); /*]]>*/ </script> <style type="text/css"> .vktechzone{background: url("") no-repeat scroll left center transparent !important; float: right;height: 270px;padding: 0 5px 0 46px;width: 245px;z-index: 99999;position:fixed;right:-250px;top:20%;} .vktechzone div{ padding: 0; margin-right:-8px; border:4px solid #3b5998; background:#fafafa;} .vktechzone span{bottom: 4px;font: 8px "lucida grande",tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif;position: absolute;right: 6px;text-align: right;z-index: 99999;} .vktechzone span a{color: gray;text-decoration:none;} .vktechzone span a:hover{text-decoration:underline;} } </style><div class="vktechzone" style="">
<iframe src="
faces=true&border_color=white&connections=9&stream=false&header=false&height=270" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="border: white; overflow: hidden; height: 270px; width: 245px;background:#fafafa;color:000;"></iframe><span><center>
<a style="color:#a8a8a8;font-size:8px;" href="">Get This Widget</a></center>
<!--Floating Facebook Widget END-->

Note:- Replace realitytechs with your Facebook page ID.

How to Add Html/Java widget? Follow below steps to add Widget

Go to Blogger
Go to your blog Layout option.
Now Select Add a Gadget option.
Now select Html/Java Script option
Now past the above code in Content area field and press save button.
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Recession oooo : MTN Nigeria Introduce Transaction Fee on Share n Sell Services

When MTN Nigeria introduced Share ‘n’ Sell features few years ago, everyone applauded them for a job well done and ever since then, the service has been running smoothly without attracting any transfer fee.
But as economic downturn rages in Africa, and the prices of items sky rocket without immeasurable control, beginning from 31st of January, 2017 MTN Share n Sell transfer services will no longer be free.  MTN subscribers will start paying transaction fee on any airtime transfer initiated to other MTN subscribers.
MTN sent a message across to subscribers as seen below;
“Dear Customer, please be informed that Share n Sell transactions will attract applicable transfer fee, effective January 31, 2017”
This is no longer funny, instead of applying charges to the service, why not just scrap it completely… after all the share n sell transfer is within the same MTN network; why the extra charges?
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You Can Wash This Awesome Smartphone With Foaming Soap
There are some smartphones that are really unique and special for various reasons. So, today we will present an amazing Android smartphone which is Soap Resistance.
You Can Wash This Awesome Smartphone With Foaming Soap
Recently, we have known that the Google Pixel 2 will have water resistance, apart from this LG G6 will also include the certification IP67-68 so we can immerse the phone in water without any problem. This ability to withstand the water comes very well when we are in the pool or on the beach so we can use it in a normal way.
Although there are some phones that are unique and special for various reasons, such as the Kyocera “rafre”, officially revealed 27th Jan, 2017 in Japan. The most particular feature of this phone is that it can be washed with hand soap and body soap. This means that if your phone is little dirty and refuse to let them unsullied, take the hand soap in your bathroom, and wash it as it is.
As a bonus to the ability to make that perfectly clean with hand soap, the Kyocera Rafre can be used when the touch screen is wet. If your phone gets wet for any reason, such as when it rains, you can use it without any major concerns.
Here is what Kyocera explained “The new rafre features resistance to hot water and a touchscreen that be can be used even when the user’s hands are wet or when wearing gloves,”. Also added later “Furthermore, the new handset is equipped with a special cooking app which allows users to scroll through recipes, set timers and answer calls through hand gestures without having to touch the display. This allows a use of the smartphone while users’ hands are coated with cooking ingredients.”
Another unique feature of this amazing smartphone is its Smart Sonic Receiver which simply uses this technology to send vibrations to the eardrum. So, that it can simply avoid water and dirt to get inside the phone.
Moreover, if we talk about the specifications of the device then this device has the latest version of Android operating System which is Android 7.0 Nougat with 5-inch HD screen, a 13MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a microSD slot to add more space.
However, currently there is no official pricing details have been released, but still, we could suggest a price range which would be around $400-$500. This phone will reach the Japanese carrier KDDI in March this year (2017).
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