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Saturday, 18 March 2017

How To Get Up To #40,000 Naira With Zoto App

Zoto mobile recharge is 100% secure with PCI-DSS certified and one of the few very secure recharge applications. All your transactions are 128 bit SSL secured with trust seal from industry leaders such as VeriSign.

Benefits of Using Zoto Mobile Recharge
» You can earn up to N50,000
» You can get discounts and 50% cash back when you recharge with the app
» You can earn N1000 on your first recharge
» Invite a friend and earn N1000 on your friend first recharge
» Invite up to 50 friends!
» You can view your earn cash and use them to recharge or buy data
» Prepaid Mobile recharge for all major operators in Nigeria including Airtel, Etisalat, MTN, and Glo
» Fastest Recharge: Complete your online recharge transaction within seconds.
For now, it is available for iOS and Android users, but BB10 users can also install it.
» Download Zoto app here. When registering, use my referral code :- *ABDULZ21*
» Open the Zoto app you installed., you will be required to enter your mobile phone number
» After that, click on proceed
» Zoto will automatically call your line for verification. Remember, you don't need to pick the call. » » It's just to verify if the number is active.
» Alternatively, Zoto can send a verification code via SMS if they couldn't verify your line via phone call.
» After that, you will be required to enter your Name and email (you will receive notification on your phone number and email whenever a transaction is made on your zoto account. » That’s all. You now have an account. You can see more details and your referral code plus links when you swipe or tap on the top left the corner of the app. 
To Buy Airtime Or Recharge Using Zoto App
Just enter the amount you want to recharge in the provided space, proceed and enter your Verve or Master card number, follow the rest process and you are good to go.
No matter how small it is, even allow N100. And after you have recharged your line you will be given N1000 and 50 people is N50000 and it's totally legit, but if you don't use the referral code you will not get your initial N1000.
Note: This offer is not forever. According to the management the offer is only valid till 12th of July. You should hurry up and earn you money now!
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Friday, 17 March 2017

Tweakware Etisalat Remote Tweak Config File For Free Browsing-Realitytechs

Tweakware Etisalat Remote Tweak Config File For Free Browsing

Etisalat Remote Tweak free browsing cheat has been blazing flawlessly for days now on Tweakware VPN and Stark VPN. As we all know on Tweakware VPN; before you start browsing unlimitedly on your Etisalat line using Tweakware app, you need to Install Etisalat Remote Tweak with an active data plan before connecting and finally start browsing.
But now, you no longer have to install Etisalat Remote Tweak anymore on Tweakware vpn. I've put a stop to that. Why not give me a round of applause? lol.
Now, to the main deal of this post. I've created a configuration file for Etisalat Remote Tweak on Tweakware. I'm sure by now, you must have known that Tweakware now support Tweak import and export. So now, you are going to import my config file for this cheat and start browsing unlimitedly on your Etisalat line.
One thing i like about this import feature is that, you don't have to keep importing the config file each time you close your Tweakware app or rebooted your phone. It's now a tap and you are online, that's all.
I will be dropping my settings as usual for you guys. My job here is to provide you all the latest free browsing cheats and the latest settings to them all. Just follow me along.


==> First of all, download and install the latest version of Tweakware v5.8 Here, if you don't have it.
==> Sharpen your Etisalat sim. Make sure there's no active data bundle.

==> Download Etisalat Remote Tweak config file Here.

==> Now, open your Tweakware vpn.

==> Goto Settings and tap on Import Tweak. Then, locate where you downloaded the config file and then select it.

==> After that, go back and select a Free server if you are not a premium user.

==> In the list of Tweaks, choose Import Tweak.

==> Finally, tap the Connect button. It will get connected within 10 seconds, and when it's connected, just launch your browser and start browsing, downloading and streaming movies. It doesn't disconnect at all.
Even if you rebooted your phone or close Tweakware app, the Import Tweak will still be there waiting for you to Connect. All you have to do is just to Connect and start browsing. See how easy I've made it be.
You Need A Premium/upgrade Account To Use Tweakware For Android Or You Can Use The Free Servers Without Upgrade/payment But You Will Be Limited To 350mb Per Day On Free Servers. upgrading To Premium Costs Only #500 And Gives Access To All The Servers Without Any Daily Limit (unlimited) and valid for 1 Month. 
Please friends, don't just enjoy this alone, kindly take a minute to share this post using the share buttons below.
Are you confused or having problem while setting this up? I'm here to help, just comment below and i will reply ASAP.
Happy Browsing!!!
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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Enjoy Etisalat Free Unlimited Cheat Using Stark VPN

Enjoy Etisalat Free Unlimited Cheat Using Stark VPN

Today Am Going to talk about the latest etisalat cheat it is very fast you know normally etisalat is a fast network,
So let starts the tutorial.

Firstly Get Stark VPN

After Then Open it after installed
Then you will click on Tweaks Then You Choose Etisalat Unlimited , Do it as in the screenshot below

Then After Doing That you will click your server as 8 or use any one you like .

After Then Connect Wait For Like 30seconds it will connect

This is A Screenshot Of Mine Working Perfectly.

Don't forget to comment .

Is it helpful?? Did you have any problem about this don't forget to share with friends and Family.

Don't forget to comment 

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100% Double Data Offer - Double Your MTN Data Via IMEI Tweak-Realitytechs

No dulling guys, you can double the data bundle you wished to purchase with the imei listed below. What I'm saying is that, if you purchase1.5GB for 1k, you will get extra 1.5GB for free,making it the total of 3GB, if you buy 3.5GB for 2k, you will get extra 3.5GB, making it the total of7GB, if you buy 10GB for 5k you will get extra10GB, making it the total of 20GB etc. It is known as 100% data bonus.
All you need is to tweak your Android imei with any of the analyzed imei below,
Once you succeeded in tweaking, wait to receive a 100% bonus message for 6 months, just as it shown in the screenshot below;
Change the last 3 or 4 digits, if the imei listed above did not give you positive response. 
After that, migrate to beta talk by dialing*123*2*6# or text BT to 131.
Now, subscribe to any MTN data of your choice with *131*1# and you will be giving double of the data you bought.
Use *559*2# or 2 to 131 to check your data balance.
With this, you should have double of your data purchase valid for 30days.
Note that the double data offer will be for duration of 6Months,
October 2016 IMEI Numbers Updates
100% Double Data IMEI
Use IMEI analyzer to tweak the remaining five digits. Remember, no migration of any kind and you will get the message immediately.
You don't even need to migrate to BetaTalk anymore, you can use any of your initial Tariff plan. After succeeding in IMEI tweaking, just go ahead and subscribe to any MTN data of your choice with*131*1# and you will be giving double of the data you bought.
How To Check Data Balance
Check your data balance by dial *131*4#
Don't forget to drop your testimony, if the method work for you and remember to use the share buttons for the benefit of others.
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Sunday, 12 March 2017

South Africa Cell C Free Browsing Cheat With WhatsApp Bundle Via Psiphon - Realitytechs

South African Cell C free internet browsing with WhatsApp bundle is now achievable with the help of Psiphon VPN. Cell C is one of the top mobile network provider in South Africa, offering a wide range of services and mobile and data deals which include unlimited whatsapp bundle which allows subscribers to chat on WhatsApp but unable to browse through with web browsers and other apps that needs data network to work.

However, if you really want to access other web pages and applications with the WhatsApp bundle, I have provided the settings that will make it work. After applying these settings, you should be able to enjoy free internet with Cell C South Africa network.
Meanwhile, If you happen to be among those that are finding it difficult to use other free browsing tweaks for SA, I advice you to try out this WhatsApp trick. Here is the settings.
✔️ First of all, download Psiphon Pro and launch it
✔️ Then enter these settings
✔️ Proxy type- real host
✔️ Proxy server-
✔️ Real proxy type- default
✔️ Real proxy port- 80
✔️ Now click on save
After that, select UNITED STATES or BEST PERFORMANCE in the preferred region tab
✔️ Click More Options and tick HTTP and enter any of these IP addresses below
PORT– 3128
Finally, click on the start button and just wait for the Psiphon to connect. Now you can open any app even your web browsers such as Opera mini and UC browser using the WhatsApp bundle. Happy browsing!
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How To Install Tweakware Etisalat Remote Tweak without Active Data Plan

Worry no more, as i will teach you how i Install the Remote Tweak without an active data plan. It's very simple as alphabet. Kindly follow me along.

Like i said earlier, it's very simple. I will quickly go straight to the point.
==> Now, to install Etisalat Remote Tweak without an active data plan; first of all, connect with Etisalat 0.0k in Tweak List
==> Once it's connected, head over to Settings and tap on Remote Tweak.
==> Once Remote Tweak has been installed, kindly disconnect the Etisalat 0.0k and select Remote Tweak in Tweak list.
==> Finally, then tap on Connect.
It will connect within 10 seconds. After that, launch your favorite browser and start flexing.
You have successfully installed Remote Tweak without an active data plan. This is how you will be doing it anytime you Close your Tweakware app or rebooted your phone. That's all.
Or you can use any psiphon with the Etisalat 60mb daily free browsing cheat
Isn't this helpful? Are you still confused? Kindly drop comments below, I'm here to help.
Please, don't forget to Share this post. Don't be stingy, let others learn this also, as I'm not stingy with my knowledge to you guys.
Happy Flexing!!!
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