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Saturday, 1 April 2017

How to recover deleted notification on android phones

Today am going to give a tutorial on how to recover deleted notification on android phones. Did you mistakenly deleted your notifications solution is here. Just keep reading.

So let start

How To Recover Removed Notifications On Android Devices

Firstly, you have to unlock your developer options. Just go to SETTINGS then tap on ABOUT PHONE and scroll down, then tap on BUILD NUMBER seven times and you would become a developer (go back to SETTINGS and you will see a developer added to your settings menu list). If you are a developer before, just follow me.

Now a developer

STEP 1: Just long-tap on empty space on your Android home screen and tap on WIDGETS.

STEP 2: Now, scroll down to SETTINGS SHORTCUT Widget and drag the widget to your home screen.

STEP 3: In the settings shortcut, scroll down and select NOTIFICATION LOGS.

STEP 4: You can now go back and tap on the SETTINGS SHORTCUT Widget and all your notifications history will appear to you. 

That is all 

Is it helpful??? Did you encounter any Problems while doing this? Don't hesitate to contact us, and also don't forget to share this to friends and family because sharing is caring.


Happy New Month.

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See Latest Way To Check Those That View Your WhatsApp Profile-Realitytechs

Today am going to give a tutorial on how to check those that view your profile on WhatsApp.
So now let starts, Follow The settings below to do this tutorial.
How To Check Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile
Firstly, download What's Tracker App on your Android Device by clicking here.Then login using your WhatsApp phone number and you will see three options;You can also use location tracker to view those who visited or those on your WhatsApp contacts but is a premium feature.Don't forget to share this to friends and family
Happy New Month
CONTACTS: These are the list of your WhatsApp contacts, you stored on your phone.
VISITED: These are the list of your WhatsApp contacts profile, you have visited.
VISITORS: These are the list of people who viewed your WhatsApp profile.

However, this Whats Tracker app works on android running on 4+ version and above.
Is it helpful??
I hope this works for you.
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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Download The New Shade App For Your Android Phone, Also See The Uses OF This App

Download The New Shade App For Your Android Phone, Also See The Uses OF This App
Today am going to talk about an app called THE NEW SHADE APP, so on this article i will tell you the uses of the app and where to download it.
Download New Blackberry App, Privacy Shade For Android Users - Along with the Lunch of the Blackberry keyone, BlackBerry has also introduced a new Android app called Privacy Shade. It's an interesting little app that allows you to selectively choose to obscure anything that is displayed on your screen so that others can't look at it.
Uses Of This Apps
-Control the visibility of sensitive content.-View and send sensitive content while in the open without letting others around you see your private information.-Use Privacy Shade to only expose the exact area you’re reading or typing in.-Adjust the transparency of the shade to suit your environment.
To offer quick access to the app, BlackBerry has made it work with the quick settings on Android Nougat, or if you're using a BlackBerry device with a Convenience Key, you can assign BlackBerry Privacy Shade to the Convenience Key. If you're looking to give Privacy Shade a go, it's available right now on Google Play.
You can also download privacy shade application from Google Play Store.
Is it helpful?? i hope your are going to download the app for your android phone. Dont forget to share this to the android users
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Monday, 27 March 2017

Airtel 20x Bonus Code Use #100 To Get #2000 Airtime, Use #200 To Get #4000-Realitytechs

20X bonus offer  is a special welcome back offer for all Airtel customers who have not used their line in the last 30 days. To activate, simply recharge, dial this code *241# and select your preferred bundle. E.g #100 to get #2000 airtime, #200 to get #4000 airtime etc 

Bundle details are as follows:

  • Recharge N100 N200 N300 N500 N1,000
  • Bonus N2,000 N4,000 N6,000 N10,000 N20,000
  • Voice Bonus N500 N1,000 N1,500 N2,500 N5,000
  • Data Bonus N1,500 N3,000 N4,500 N7,500 N15,000
  • Validity 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days

From the above table you can see that #100 will get you #2000 airtime, #200 will get you #4000 airtime...... Let's see the FAQs of Airtel 20x bonus offer/code. The Airtel 20x bounce code is *241#


Who is eligible for 20X bonus offer?
All prepaid customers who have not used their Airtel line in 30 days or more. Usage includes calls (incoming or outgoing), SMS (incoming or outgoing) or data.

How do I get 20x bonus offer?
Answer: You can activate the 20X offer by dialing the subscription menu or direct subscription codes.

Bundle Price Subscription Menu Direct Subscription Codes
N100 Dial *241# and select preferred option *241*100#
N200 *241*200#
N300 *241*300#
N500 *241*500#
N1,000 *241*1000#

What bonus will I enjoy on 20x offer?
Answer: 20 times bonus on your selected bundle.

How long will I enjoy this offer?
You can continue to enjoy the offer for 30 days.

Can I enjoy this offer multiple times?
Yes, you can purchase this offer multiple times within 30 days from the date of first purchase. 

How long is my bundle valid for?
Your bundle is valid for 30 days only.

How can I check my balance?
Simply dial *123# to check your bundle balance.

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How to earn free 5,000 Daily no refer, no ads-Realitytechs

How to earn 5,000 Daily no refer, no ads

Today I will be showing you guyz how to make money without fear or risk of loss.
Many of you may have heard of it before, some might say its a scam but am telling it's for real
Cool naira is the name 

1) sign up for free click :-HERE
2) you would be given 1,000# for free after signing up
4) but you cant withdraw it untill you upgrade your account to pro for just 1,000#
3) after that you can now withdraw you 1,000#
Mathematical you did not lose and did not gain so that means you are safe
5) you would be getting 1,000-5,000 weekly and if can invite people you would be getting 20,000 - 40,000 in a month
Note this is not a ponzi scheme you are not paying to someone account
Hurry up and grab yours now
Don't forget to share it with you your friends 
If you don't understand anything, kindly drop your comments 
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Sunday, 26 March 2017

[Media MOD] Android V6.0 Marshmallow ROM for Techno P5

Mediamod, Orange ROM, Android M for Techno P5 is an aftermarket ROM For MT6572 JellyBean based on Android M and Orange UI. Overall an awesome ROM with many major UI improvements compared to previous builds. Also it is portable to any MT6572 - 4.2.2 running Jeallybean.
Rom Info :
Rom name : MediaMod
Rom version : 5.0
Rom OS version : 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Rom Develover : Wahyu hidayat
Base rom : Techno P5
Android Chipset : Mt6572
Android portable = True
New UI animations
New Timmed Expanded & Timmed recents
New Bootanimatiom Marshmallow
New feature" xposed,lcd changer, rebooter, terminal, etc
Fixed Problem photo & Phone
New dialog Like material dialog
Fixing Layout settings style
Removing tweak ( can add custom tweak )
Android M UI
And much more........
How to Flash
Boot to recovery
Format system/data
Format Cashes
Press advanced,  format system
Then,  select from SD  CARD..  FLASH
Download MediaMod for Techno P5
Step by Step Tutorial to Port ROM for your phone here..
Use the comment box please...

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