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Saturday, 15 April 2017

How To Disable GMail Tabs

If messages in your GMail inbox are grouped into multiple tabs tabs (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums) and you are not comfortable with it, you can easily disable the GMail tabs and return to an inbox that shows all messages simply ordered by date.


Sign in to your GMail account at

Click on the gear icon near the top-right corner and  click on ‘Configure inbox’:

In the Select tabs to enable’ popup, uncheck all the boxes next to "social", "promotions", "updates" and "forums" and click "Save"

That's all.

You can re-enable the GMail inbox tabs anytime you want.

How To Enable GMail Promotional Tab and Other GMail Tabs

Go to "Settings' > "Configure inbox" and check the boxes next to the Gmail tabs you want to activate.

Hit "Save" when you are done.

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How to open any E-mail account &How to access yahoo mail using the desktop version with mobile phone

Many people forward complain to us that they are unable to access their yahoomail using the mobile version. So today we decide to find a solution to that problem. Now this is how to go about it. Goto and scroll down to where you see mobile version/ desktop version. Click on the desktop 
version, wait for it to load and display content. After loading click on sign in. Then input your yahoo sign in details on the sign in box and wait for it to display your mails. That's all. 
Please share it with your friends. This day's yahoo mail gives problem login in through the mobile version. So you can be login in through PC or android phone. 

How To Register For Yahoo Mail 

Option 1: Using a Laptop, Desktop & Tablet PC .

If you are using any of the phone platform above, you can easily create your yahoo mail account on it. 

 Step 1:Go to sign up, see screen shoot below

Step 2:  Fill the require field which include your first name, your Last name, email address; you can choose your prefer email ID or let Yahoo generate an email ID for you base on your First Name and Last Name. 

 Step 3: nput your password; You must choose a password that is different from your name, a password that is strong ie is mix with either up or lower case sensitivity and numbers. Your password must be up to at least 6 characters.

 Step 4: Input your mobile number follow with your month of birth, day and year. Select your gender and click on continue

Step 5: When you click on continue, you will be redirected to confirmation page, base on the market you wish to used your account for it, select text me a code or call me with a code, a text containing your confirmation digit will be send the you via the mobile number you supply or  yahoo will give you a call an tell you your code on phone depending on the options you choose. Follow the arrow in the screen shoot >> 


 Step 6: If  you select Text a code, yahoo will send a code to your phone which you will be require to input in the field that says input the text code send to you, Do just that and your yahoomail account will be created successfully. 

 Finish: Now login into your account to confirm it fully created.

Option 2: Using an Android, Window, iOS Phone

Just as you use your Personal or commercial PC to create your Yahoo mail account, you can also create it with your Mobile Phone in the case where you don't have access to a PC. Below is how to create your Yahoo Mail account with your mobile phone. 

On your phone: Open your Mozilla Fire Fox 

input or go to in  your URL address bar and launch
A field containing spaces for you to fill your first name, Last name, yahoo mail Id etc just fill those field correctly with your details and proceed to complete creating your yahoo mail account.

Before i exit, let learn how to create a google mail with your Mobile phone 

How to create/signup for a google mail account using your Mobile phone or Window PC

Option One: Using your Mobile Phone, the follow screenshot will guide you easily to successfully open your gmail account on you mobile phone. Here i am using my Nokia 500 to explain but with this same procedure you can open it on any phone using are using so far as the phone can connect to the internet;

step 1: go to from your opera mini browser;

step 2: navigate down and click create account;

step 3: Input the phone number that you wish to use and open your account as shown in the screenshot below and click on go;

Step 4: You will receive a text message from google on the number you input, make sure that the number you are putting in is the one inside the phone you are using to browse so that you can easily copy the link that google will send to you into your browser. Now copy the link like the  one in the screen shot into your opera mini browser and click on go;

step 5: Paste the link on your opera mini browser and click go;

step 6: Fill in your details in the empty box provided. Make sure that you feel your correct details so that if your account have problems you can easily rectify it. You will be require to fill in your first Name, Last Name, when you are done with filling your first and last name with other required field, click on Next; 

step 7: google will automatically generate a Gmail ID for you related to your name; You might choose from their list of suggested ID or you can choose your own choice of gmail ID. In the screen shot below i choose my own customize  Google Address. The next thing is to input your password. Recommended: google require that you input at least a 8 digit character word mixing with upper and lower case plus numbers for example this type will be easily accepted GtubePure2, then click on Finish;

Final step: Congratulation your google mail account have been created, below is how it should look like;

Option 2: Using your Desktop/Laptop PC

Creating a google mail account with your computer is just an easy task as opening your music your window media player to play some music. To open a google email account with your PC. Follow the steps below:

step 1: go to any browser that you wish to use in creating your Gmail account and type in . In this guide we will make use of Ucweb browser

Step 2: Select sign up for new account, a drop down list will open containing empty fields that require you to put in your details. Fill in your information correctly. 

Step 3: Select the field that said you should prove that you are human and enter the text code that will be display on the on screen image. 

Step 4: Type in your phone number and navigate down to the box that say you should to agree to google account creation terms of service and tick the box.

Step 5: Google will give you a call with the number you use on the signup process, pick the call and listen carefully to the code that they will  tell you, then in it in the confirmation box , click on finish. Congratulation your google account has been successfully created. 

If this tutorial was helpful to you please do no hesitate to share, comment and invite your friends here.

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Airtel double recharge for voice and data Updated -Realitytechs

Airtel has make it possible for their customers to enjoy double chance for a single recharge. That is, with just one recharge card from airtel you can subscribe for data bundle and also make call to any network with. Isn't this fantastic. To activate the airtel double recharge for voice and data.

Buy any amount of airtel recharge card. Load it with *126* follow by the recharge pin# and also with the same pin dial *143* the pin#. Enjoy. For more offers visit Airtel Nigeria 

 New Airtel SmartSpeedo Data Plans

 Airtel is one of the internet Network providers that are best known for their fast speed of internet access. Today i want to presents to you their data plans and what it has to offer you. I am an airtel fan when it comes to high speed browsing but a little displease i observe from them is how they sap their data bundle, though this is only applicable to some plans, especially when you are not a Blackberry user and you subscribe to the blackberry plan. So my advice is when you want to subcribe to airtel data plan, carefully choose a data plan that is suitable for your device in order to avoid data sapping from airtel. We have help you do this by carefully sectioning airtel data plans base on your type of phone.


For Androids

Airtel N1000 android data plan gives you 1.5GB to browse, downloads, chats on all social Networks with friends and families. Valid for 30 days . This plan is also usable on all devices. How to subscribe; dial *496#. You must have upto N1000 on your airtime balance in order to successfully subscribe to this planAirtel N2000 android  data plan gives you 3.5GB, valid for 30 days. Works on all devices. How to subscribe; dial *437#. Airtel N2500 android data plan gives you 5GB. Valid for 30 days. Usable on all Devices. To subscribe to this Data plan dial *437*1#.Airtel N3500 android data plan gives you 7GB. Valid for 30 days. Works on all devices. How to subscribe; dial *438#. 

How to chech Airtel android data balance: To check your Airtel android data balance dial *223#

For BlackBerry 

Airtel N1500 Blackberry plan (Unlimited Month) give you 3GB unlimited data valid for 30 days. How to subscribe to his plan; dial *435#. Usable on all devices.Airtel N1000 blackberry plan ( BB complete Month) gives you 3GB worth of data. Valid for 30 days. Note: These blackberry plan works only on blackberry phones.Airtel N525 blackberry plan  ( Unlimited week) gives  you 200MB. Valid for 7 days. How to subscribe; dial *440*17#. Usable on all devices.Airtel N100 blackberry plan ( Unlimited Day) give you 40MB. Valid for 24 hours. How to subscribe; dial *440*18#. Usable on all devices. 

How to check airtel blackberry Data balance: To check your Airtel Blackberry Data balance dial *123*9# 0r just dial *123*123#

Bundle Plans 

Get 30MB for just N100 on airtel. Valid for 24 hours. To subscribe Dial *410#.Get 50MB for Just N200 on aitel. Valid for 3 days. How to subcribe; dial *412#.Get 5MB daily for 5 days ( total of 25MB for 5 days). how to subscribe dial *417#Get 750MB worth of data for N500. Valid for 7 days. How to subscribe dial *418#. 

Social Bundle Plans 


      This plan is suitable for those who just want to stay connected on their social network to chat with friends and Love ones. 

Opera Mini Bundle: Airtel opera mini bundle gives you access to browse on opera web browser, chat on facebook, Twitter, whatsapp , We chat and 2go Messenger. Do you just wnt to stay social and also browse some few information on the www world, Then this is the bundle plan for you. This plan charge N300 for 250Mb worth of data valid for 30 days . To subscribe to this plan dial *885*1#.Whatsapp Bundle: Airtel Whats-app bundle give 15MB for just N100. Valid for 15  days. When you subscribe to this plan you also have access to browse on Facebook, twitter and 2go. How to subscribe; dial *948#.WTF monthly Bundle: Get 80MB to chat on Facebook, twitter, we chat, whats app and 2go for N200 valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *990#.  

Aitel Time/Night/Weekend Plans 

Airtel time base 30: Get 30 mins unlimited access to the internet to browse, downloads. This plan is suitable for those who have something to download quickly. You pay N300 and get unlited access for 30 mins. How to subscribe to this time base plan dial *439*3#.Airtel time base 60: This plan give you unlimited access to browse and download for 60 mins. You pay N500 and gain unlimited access for 60 mins. Airtel Night Plan 120: These plan give you  unlimited access for an allocated period of  time to browse and download movies. Its work only at night. The charge is N1000 and its usable between 12am to 6am. Get some interesting movies to download then these plan suit your purpose. The speed is uncontrollable ie it browse steady and stable. How to subscribe to this Plan dial *481*2#. Airtel Weekend Bundle 200: This plan give you 200MB worth of data for N200 to browse on weekend. Works from 12am on Saturdays and 11;59pm on Sundays. How to subscribe to  dial *472#. Airtel Weekend Bundle 500: This plan give you 500MB worth of data for just N500 to browse on weekends from 12am on Saturdays and 11:59pm on Sundays. How to subscribe dial *473#.

Airtel Mega Packs Data Plans 

      This data plan is suitable for heavy internet users

Smart 5: Smart 5 is an airtel internet plan which give you 12GB data for N5000. Valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *452#. The charge rate is as follows; 1kobo/kb from 10pm to 6am and 2kobo/kb from 6am to 10pm. Smart 8: Airtel smart 8 plan gives you 24GB data for N8000. Valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *460#. The charge rate of this plan is as follows; 1kobo/kb from 10pm to 6am and 2kobo/kb from 6am to 10pm.

Smart 10: Airtel smart 10 plan give you 34GB data for N10,000. Valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *462#. The charge is schedule as follows; 1kobo/kb from 5pm to 6am on all weekdays and weekends.Smart 15: Smart 15b is an airtel data plan which give you 30GB data for N15000. Valid for 60 days. How to subscribe dial *463#. This plan comes with a FREE DONGLE/DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI. You can use this data plan to provide internet access for the whole of your family.Smart 36: Airtel smart 36 is a data plan that give you 50GB data for N36,000 valid for 180 days. It also comes with a Free Dongle/Dongle-Mifi/Mifi/Router. How to subscribe dial *406#.Smart 60: Smart 60 is an airtel data plan that give you 100GB for N70,000 valid for 365 days. How to subscribe to this plan dial *407#. It comes with DONGLE/DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI/ROUTER. Smart 136: Airtel smart 136 plan gives you 200GB data for N136,000 valid for 365 days. How to subscribe Dial *408#. It comes with DONGLE/DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI/ROUTER. 

Airtel Data Plus Talk Time Plans ( UNLIMINET)

Unliminet 200: The airtel unliminet 200 plans offers 20MB data, 10 mins of talk time and 20 SMS for just N200. Valid for 24 hours. How to subscribe dial *498*1#. Unliminet 600: Airtel  unliminet 600 plan give you 150MB data, 60 mins talk time and 60 SMS for just N600. Valid for 7 days ( 1 Week ).  How to subscribe dial *489*2#. 

Unliminet 3000: This airel plan offers 2gb data, 180 mins talk time and 300 sms valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *489*3#. 

Unliminet 5000: Airtel unliminet plan offer 3GB data, 300 mins talk time and 500 sms valid for 30 days.

How to check airtel blackberry Data balance: dial *123*10# or *123*123# or *141*712*0#

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