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Friday, 5 May 2017

How To Subscribe To All Networks Night Data Plan

Hello , Today Am Gonna teach you How To Subscribe To All Networks Night Data Plan. You can now subscribe to all networks data plan , all networks include:- MTN, Glo, AIRTEL And Etisalat.

How To Subscribe To All Networks Night Data Plan

FOR MTN – This night plan is awesome, cheap and affordable. It can be used to browse on any devices. If you are the type that download heavily, you should option in for this night plan. With just 25naira, you would get 500MB to browse from 12:AM in the night till 5AM in the morning.

Just go to your SMS message.Then send NIGHT to 131 and your night plan will be activated with just 25naira only.It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM.

It’s very easy and simple.

FOR AIRTEL – This night plan is one of the best night plans and Airtel users are really enjoying it to the fullest. They have two affordable night plans for their users which a heavy downloader and surfer has to choose from. The 25naira For 500MB and the 200naira for 1.5GB. So let’s see how to activate.

Go to your phone dialpad.Then migrate to SmartTRYBE by dialling *312#and reply with 1 for migration.Then dial *312# again and reply with 3 for Trybe Night Browsing.You will then see the two Airtel Night Plans (25Naira for 500MB and 1.5GB for 200Naira). You can select anyone you wish to activate.It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM in the morning and can be checked by dialling *140#.

It’s very easy and simple.

FOR ETISALAT – The fastest network in Nigeria. Their night plans are little bit expensive hmmm but the speed alone, would make you purchase more because speed is internet! With 200naira, you would get 1GB and the other night plan is just 50naira for 250MB.

Go to your phone dialpad.Then dial *229*3*11# to activate 200naira for 1GBEtisalat data plan which valid from 12AM till 5AM.The second data plan can be activated by going to dialpad.Then dial *244*1# to migrate to Easy clique Tariff.Now dial *229*10*10# to activate 250MB for 50naira which valid from 12AM till 5AM.

It’s very easy and simple.

FOR GLO – Yea! We all know that Glo is the grandmaster of data plan but their network might be a deal breaker especially in some locations that experience low connectivity. However, Glo night plan can be used to download and browse on any devices that can access the internet. Meanwhile, they only have one affordable night data plan. With just 200naira, you would get 1GB data.

Go to your phone dialpad.Then dial *127*60# to activate the 200naira for 1GB night data plan.It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM in the morning.

It’s very easy and simple.

I hope you can see how very cheap the night plans of all the networks in Nigeria are? They are affordable and never zap.

Don’t Forget To Share To Friends And Family.


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How to make your slow network faster like jet MTK device only

1.First download and install mobileuncle tools From play store or Here

2.After that open it and click on engineering mode

3.After that scroll down till you see mobile data service preferred 

4.After that mark the box allow mobile data transmission at full speed then click OK and exit 

5.That's it your 2G,EDGE,3G,H+ will be faster than jet .
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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Etisalat Free Browsing Cheat Blazing This May-2017

It's painful to see the previous ETISALAT 0.00# free browsing cheat gone few days ago. Though,  GLO unlimited free browsing cheat still blazing . The problem with Glo is their poor 3G network that they've got. Hence, the cheat is cool and blazing.
Do you guys remember Etisalat Social Me free browsing cheat that we enjoyed last year? Oh yea! That same cheat is working and blazing again this year May 2017. I will be giving you the complete settings to make this cheat workI
I'm using this trick since the ETISALAT 0.00# stopped working. The reason why I don't post it, is i want to confirm that the cheat still working. But now  me Abdulrahman i confirm that the cheat still blazing  hot perfectly. 
Without much talks, i will be dropping the latest Etisalat free browsing cheat for the year May 2017. The downside of this cheat is that, it's not  unlimited,It's 700mb to 1Gb. This simply means that, at least you will use 700Mb to 1Gb data. Kindly follow me along as we do this together.
1.Etisalat SIM with very strong network 
2.Android device
3.Download  Reality shield vpn or Any other psiphon vpn version 
Use the default Etisalat APN settings
After that, launch your psiphon or Tweakware VPN and Set it like this;
Follow My Steps Below Carefully

1.Migrate to Etisalat easycliq by dialing *244*1#
2.Subcribe by dialing:-
For weekly dial:-*343*6*10# N150 will be detected
For montly dial:- *343*6*11#
N500 will be detected
To optout dial *343*6*0#
After successful subscribing to the plan of your choice.
Tick on Remove port
Proxy type:-Real host
Proxy server:-
Real proxy type:- inject
Real proxy server:- (empty
Real proxy port:- 8080.
Then save. Use united state as your region. SWAP TO THE MORE OPTION AND CLICK ON IT
=> HOST:Blank
Note:- Speed throttling occurred  when downloading big files
Are you confused?  Comment below, i will help you out.
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Always visit us here on we have alot to offer you guys.
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How create and design a good logo by yourself

Hello, Today am going to give a tutorial on how to create logos by your self, to create a logo is very easy, a lot of people collect money to create a logo for another people, and these logo is not that something hard but it need using brain, you must be able to draw or thing what you want to design before starting work.
so now let get start.

How To design Your Logo Using Android Phone
Firstly you must have an app on your phone called picsart, the picsart can be downloaded from google play store for your android phone, it is a very good logo maker you can also add new photos to the one you are creating with this app.
so as times goes on when you are using it every day you will know how to use it very well one day, just try your possible best and you will get it
you can also download photo grip so as to crop and do others things on the logo
How To design your logos using your laptop
To create logos with pc or laptop is some how hard small, but as times goes on if you are trying your best in designing it you will get it.
some softwares are used while doing this
Corel Draw:- this is the best logo designer and graphics designer if you want to know more about this software you have to go and study computer science at school so as to know more about it
Adobe Photoshop:- this is mostly used in editing of images,  logos and graphics it can also be used to change the background images where photos or pictures are snapped
That All.
Is it helpful? i hope you really understand this tutorial. did you encounter any problem while doing this, dont hesitate to contact us and also dont forget to share this to friends and family because sharing is caring.

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How to fix Play Store misbehaving

How to permanently fix your playstore once and for all your phone must be rooted first download playstore fixer from the play store or :- Here

1.Open it and allow root access.

2.After that click on Start and it will start fixing it.

3.After fixing you will see the pop up chose playstore and always.

4.After that it will load your playstore and you will see Item not found which means your playstore has been fixed.

5.After that click your back key and exit the playstorefixer then open your playstore and see the magic.


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How to get free airtime using Raadaa up to 20,000#

Raadaa now double their referrals earning to 4* :-200#

In this current economic situation of Nigeria and other countries, everyone must make money to pay the tax of their subscription fees for the internet because almost everything is now made of Technology and is advancing everyday with high consumption of internet data. So, Realitytechs provides browsing solutions to solve or reduce the way people purchase data for Internet purposes and that’s why you have to always stay updated.
There is now a mobile site called Raadaa that the main purpose is to share and monetize contents for individuals, organizations and authors including newspapers, articles, research papers, blogs and many other things. So if you are an author, you can always share your content and earn revenue in this platform by sharing your contents for people to read for free.
However, any user can make free 200naira on users they bring to the website or any user that registered though their referrals link. It is easy and simple to REDEEM your money as a recharge card.
Features And Benefits Of Raadaa

1.The earned money will always be paid to your network as a recharge card.
2.It can be used to make calls and call friends with families.
3.The recharged money can be used for subscription of data plans.
4.It is a normal credit.
5.It is easy and simple to handle.

How To Join Raadaa To Make Money For Subscription Of Data And Others
Firstly, visit Raadaa by Clicking:- here

Then sign up and a verification mail will be sent to your email, just go to your email and tap on the link to verify.
After that, login your Raadaa account and Tap on BECOME AN AGENT to open where you will get your referrals link.
So, copy the referrals link and share to friends and families on social  medias to earn money.

Note: One person referred gives you Free 50 but now is 200naira. So keep sharing till you get more than that.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any issues or problems while trying to set this up, kindly ask more questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience!


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Unlimited free sms with
Only works on mtn to mtn network and
And make sure you follow the instructions carefully
takes maximum of 2mins to deliver
Follow The Steps Below 

1)Goto message
2)select create message
3)Type message your message
4)Type "38708"   in front of the
receiver's number,,
Thats it's,,Your message will be sent and you will
recieve an sms saying
"sms cost 0.00kb,main balance (your account balance remain )"
Proudly Supported by Realitytechs.
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