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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Method to Activate 9Mobile, Glo, MTN and Airtel 100% Data Bonus - Without Tweaking IMEI-Realitytechs

Just as fuel is essential for motors, the internet data plan is very important for smart devices, so it is better to keep ourselves up to date about the data plans.

Double data offer is the best bonus for you to get the most value for your money. If you are not enjoying double data bonuses when you subscribe to any data plan, it means you are missing a lot. Because we have being using most of this 100% data offer for more than a years now.

I'm sure that most of us are already familiar with MTN and Airtel double data bonus, because both of them are part of the oldest and still active data offer. But do you know that 9Mobile and Glo Nigeria also offering this double data bonus?

To make thing easier, we have compiled the list of active and still working 100% data bonus from our 4 major networks for you to activate and use them on your devices. The best part is that most them don't even required IMEI tweaking anymore, because this is not a cheat, rather it's official bonus from our network providers. Simply follow the instruction below carefully to get anyone of them activated.

To Activate MTN 100% Data Bonus

It is still very much working without any difficulty and the good news is that everyone is eligible.
Simply go to your SMS message app,

Send DOUBLE to 131Send PROMO to 131Send FREE to 131You will receive three messages from MTN.

First message: "Your request has been received"
Second message: "You have sent an invalid command"
Third message: "Dear Customer, enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#"
After receiving the third message, you can then purchase the data plan of your choice by dialing*131*1# and enjoy your double data bonus.

To check your data balance dial *131*4# and enjoy!

To Activate Airtel 100% Data Bonus

Airtel double data is not based on eligibility. It gives you 400MB for N200, 1.5GB for N500, 3GB for N1000, 7GB for N2000. You get free extra 200MB when you activate 200MB for N200, extra 750MB when you activate 750Mb for N500, extra 1.5GB when you activate 1.5GB for N1000, extra 3.5GB when you activate 3.5GB for N2000. 

The good news is, the offer is valid for 6Months
Dial *144# to activate.

Another one is the Airtel Special Priviledge Offer: You can 6GB Worth of Data For Just N1,500.
This plan works for all devices ranging from Android, BB10, iPhone/iPad, Laptops, Windows phone, Symbian/Java phones; you just name it.

Dial *440*161# to activate the plan. Just make sure that you haven’t used that sim to subscribe to airtel 2GB for N200 before otherwise the plan won’t work on your sim.

TO Activate 9Mobile 100% Data Bonus

The double data bonus offer of 9Mobile is not based on eligibility, but on tariff plan. If you are using 9mobile network, you can migrate to Morecliq tariff plan by dialing *244*1# to enjoy the offer.

After the successful migration, dial *545# and activate the 100% data bonus.

Now, subscribe to any 9Mobile data plan and it will be doubled immediately.

Check your data balance by dial *228# and enjoy! 

To Activate Glo 100% Data Bonus

Glo Normal data plans remain unchanged, only that you get 100% data bonus on Auto renewal E.g N1000=3.2GB

All Glo subscribers can enjoy the offer, both new and existing customers are eligible.
Firstly, buy any Glo official data plan by dialling *777# and leave the auto-renewal. Once your previous purchased data finishes, the next data plan that will be auto-renewed, will be doubled automatically.
Check your data balance by dialling *127*0#

Also, you can get double the value of your Glo data when you recharge using Quickteller on BBM, Quickteller Mobile App or

All you have to do is Download the Quickteller app or Log on to their website:

Once you get to the website
1. Register and Login
2. Click Data And Internet Services
3. Click Glo Data Bundle
4. Then Purchase any plan of your choice and you would receive double the data courtesy of Quickteller

As usual, most of the bonuses valid for 6 months. What I mean is that, after activating and using them for the period of 6 months, you won't be able to enjoy the offer on that particular SIM again

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

New Mtn Free Browsing Cheat Blazing Hot With Anonytun Vpn This September 2017-Realitytechs

Xup guys, it's your Boy again(Abdulrahman). It's painful to see the previous Glo free browsing cheat gone within few days. Though, Etisalat 60MB daily free browsing cheat is still blazing hot.

Without much talks, i will be dropping the latest MTN free browsing cheat for the month September 2017. The downside of this cheat is that,it is capped at 13mb daily or even and may also varie on other sim so which mean it is not unlimited but at least still manageable for the moment.

So after we tested and running our utility on network we later agreed to break mtn Loophole as it been long we have Mtn cheat on trend. And all thanks for our Boss Jams, of course our Teams Group cheat cracking who drew our boss  attention to this bug on MTN and then from there he take up with their support and thank God we were able to make a free Internet access using Mtn.

So now let's have the setting to use to have free Internet access on your MTN line because I know you eager to insert the set it up on your phone :grinning:


1)Download Anonytun.
2)Make sure your balance read 0.0k or have 0.0 balance on your MTN line so also shouldn't be left with any data.

Follow The Instructions Carefully 

Configuration Using Anonytun VPN
=> firstly dial this ussd code *131*200#

=>launch your anonytun, and use the following settings.
Connection Protocol => Http
Connection Port=> 80

=> Now click on (EDIT CUSTOM TCO/HTTP Headers) and use the following settings.
Request Method = GET
Tick keep alive and User-Agent.

So after doing this, make sure you generate your payload (host) and save it back.

Now go back and hit the connect button, wait for some second ti establish a successful connection and start blazing.

Notice To All Teams!!
Please this is not unlimited and very much the same with 9mobile 60mb daily capped free Internet tweaks, and Idecided to post this right now because of our Teams members who have been consistently asking and requesting for new cheat from us. 

So also drop a like, share and comments if this works perfectly for you.

Enjoy.... Up our Teams Home Of FreeInternet Access:bomb::bomb:
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