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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

TStv Will Give Out Free 5000 Decoders to Nigerians This Week For Testing -Realitytechs

Hello guys, gooɗ news for ƴou.

The CEO of Telecom Satellite Television (TStv) Cable service provider, has assured the Nigerian to commence its operation by November 1, 2017, and also promising the citizen to give away 5,000 decoders to the public and would also be installed for the public to enable them test run the service and begin commercial operation by November 1.

According to the managing director of TStv Mr. Echefu, said: they intended to give out the free decoders during the official launch, but because of the massive crowd that day, they suspended it but he promised not to disappoint the public.

The test decoders will be distributed for free for the purpose of testing services in the all the 36 states for 2 weeks, after which commercialization and sales of TSTv will officially take off from November 1st, 2017. By that time every part of Nigeria will have TStv Decoder for you to buy, the CEO assured Nigerians that they are not going to disappoint. 

If you have paid any dealer to get the decoder, the CEO said, go back and collect your money because the test decoders are free of charge. Watch the video below to hear him speak.

Stay tuneɗ for more upɗates liƙe this.

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

5 Things That Will Happen If Google Shuts Down For A Day

Realitytechs took time to compile this update for you, about what the world will be if Google shuts down for a day. For many users of Google, the search engine giant will always be available online. It is near impossible for it to shut down many will argue. This is because many people rely heavily on Google to do a lot of things.

But do you know that Google did shut down in the past? In August 2013, Google and all of its services came down for two to three minutes. Internet traffic as a whole went down by a massive 40 percent. A similar incident occurred in May 2009. Not for a day, but for a few minutes. So, if Google goes down for a day what will likely happen?

The following are five of the likely things that will happen in the event of this happening.

You cannot Google anything

The internet is a huge information dish. You can get any information you so desire by just googling. Many of us have taken this for granted. When Google is unavailable, this is one of the things you would be unable to do. You may result to alternatives whose results may not be as good as Google.

Business will lose customers

Today, many customers google services they want. From the results, they can select a business to provide the services. Businesses will definitely lose these set of customers. And because we are in the internet age, this is likely to have a ripple effect on turnover.

Revenue loss

Since you are losing customers, it follows that you will experience a dip in revenue. This may not be immediate. The revenue loss occurs over time.

No need to worry about SEO

Due to the fact that many businesses want to rank better on Google, they optimise their content by employing the services of SEO specialists. With Google down, you do not need to worry about SEO. You can simply post and share your content.

Significant drop in internet traffic

Google contributes significantly to internet traffic. So, if you get 10,000 visits daily, it may reduce to 5,000. This will mainly affect websites that have high Google ranking because of their strong SEO.
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Good News|Airtel Added Campus 30% Data Bonus to Their Smartrybe 2.0 Tariff Plan-Realitytechs

Good news to students in campus! Airtel has finally added more bonuAirtel Added Campus 30% Data Bonus to Their Smartrybe 2.0 Tariff Plans to your subscription plan through the smart TRYBE tariff plan. This means that you will always get 30% data bonus offer on any data purchased of N500 and above made in any campus in Nigeria.

The offer has been advertised on social media, televisions and on many platforms on the internet. Meanwhile, not everybody will really like the offer because it can only be made and used in the campus and that simply means, everyone won't be able to use it.

Airtel already have special benefits in the smart TRYBE 2.0 tariff plan which are: Calling at 11kb/sec, 500MB for 1GB data valid for 7 days, night browsing of 25naira for 500MB that valid from 12am to 5am in the morning and the newly added offer of 30% data bundle on any data purchased from N500 and above for only the students in the campus.

To activate the Airtel 30% data bundle, simply dial *312# and choose 1 to migrate and after successful migration, you can now recharge and buy data bundle of 500naira and above in your campus and it will automatically be doubled to 30 percent of the data purchased.

Stay tuned for more updates.
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