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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Don't Do These, For Better SEO

Search engine optimization is at the center of every online business. The subject of SEO is a crucial topic and one that can't be taken lightly.
To safely optimize your site for search engines, Don't
Copy Someone else's Content
Always provide your own, original content. Search engines are getting smarter each day and they've figured out how to detect sites which plagiarise. Once they detect that your site is filled with plagiarised content they stop favouring your in rankings.
Link too often to external sites
Not only those this affect your Site's SEO it also increases your bounce rate. Linking to external sites isn't bad but let it be done in a spam-free way, so your posts are clear and understandable.
Stuff keywords
This practice worked pretty well years back but with new search engine algorithms stuffing keywords would not only compromise your chances of ranking, it would also make search engines red-flag your site.
Use Conventional Means
Link schemes such as buying back-links, using hidden links, and participating in link networks are all archaic ways to increase SEO. With search engines becoming smarter, these techniques not only don’t work, but tend to be actively penalised. Not only will you be penalised, but the content you produce when using these tactics will be of reduced quality - a key factor in generating higher quality inbound leads.
Taking these pointers and applying them as part of an inbound marketing strategy should improve your SEO. But remember, SEO is a process that takes time, so be patient, and eventually your website will bring in high quality traffic and potential leads.

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Friday, 8 December 2017

All Nigerian Banks Transfer Code - Realitytechszone

Access Bank

to perform any transaction, simply dial *901# on your mobile phone. It is designed to work with any network and mobile phone.

For airtime recharge, Simply dial *901*Amount#e.g. *901*200# to recharge 200 naira airtime.

Zenith Bank

  • Dial *966*00# to get started and follow these simple steps:
  • Register by entering the last 4digits of your Debit Card
  • Create and confirm your 4 digit PIN
  • If successful, you will receive a “retrieving balance” message
  • An SMS arrives immediately with current available balance

You’ve been registered on the platform now. To buy airtime dial*966*amount*mobile number#, to transfer funds dial*966*amount*mobile number#, to pay bills dial *966*7*amount*SMARTCARD NUMBER#. To check your account balance dial *966*00#.

UBA Bank

The UBA mobile banking offers ease to various transactions such as money transfer, bill payments, airtime recharge, etc.

Simply dial *919# from a UBA registered mobile number to get started.

Fidelity Bank

To get started simply dial*770# on your phone and follow the subsequent commands. To transfer money from Fidelity bank to another bank account, dial *770*Account number*Amount# e.g. *770*3016125703*10000#, you will need the last 4 digits of your ATM card to validate the transaction. You can only make a maximum transfer of N10,000 at once. The maximum you can also transfer daily is N20,000.

To recharge your airtime dial “*770*amount# (this is accessible using all types of mobile devices). E.g. *770*200#. To recharge for family and friends, dial *770*Phone no*Amount#. e.g. *770*08023456789*1000#. Daily Limit is ₦5,000 Naira.


To transfer money to another GTB account simply dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account No# e.g. *737*1*1000*1234567890# from the mobile number registered with the Bank. (This is accessible using all types of mobile devices).

To make a transfer to other banks simply dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# e.g. *737*2*1000*1234567890# from your mobile phone. (This is accessible using all types of mobile devices). Then use the last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to authenticate each transaction.

To recharge your phone with airtime simply dial *737*amount# e.g. *737*200#

Wema Bank

To make a bank transfer to any bank account, simply dial*945*BENEFICIARYACCOUNTNUMBER*AMOUNT#. To check your account balance, dial*945*0#, to change transfer *945*00#.

To recharge your phone with airtime from your Wema Account Simply dial*945*AMOUNT# e.g. *945*200#


Just dial *326# to get started and follow the subsequent commands. You can perform various transactions such as bill payments, airtime recharge and money transfer with Ecobank’s mobile money.

First Bank

To transfer money, just dial *894# and select

1; to withdraw money dial *894# and select

2, to make purchase dial *894# and select

3; to pay bills dial *894# and select

4; dial *894# and select 5 to buy airtime. Finally to manage your account dial *894# and select 7.

Stanbic IBTC Bank

With Stanbic IBTC USSD mobile money transfer code, various transactions such as salary payments, airtime recharge, one-on-one money transfers, goods and bills payments can be done.

Simply dial *909# to get started

To recharge your airtime simply dial *909*amount# e.g. *909*500#. Daily limit is 5000 naira.

Diamond Bank

To transfer money to any bank, simply dial *710*777*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN#. To check you bank account balance, dial *710*556*PIN#.

To recharge your phone with airtime, simply dial *710*555*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#

First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

Account holders are to dial *389*214# from their mobile phone. Three options are displayed on the phone screen alongside a welcome message.

1. Activate with card

2. Activate with Account

3. Activate with Mwallet

Choose option 2 to activate with account number. Afterwards call FCMB Contact Centre on 01-2798800 to generate a PIN for your transactions, this will be sent within minutes. Further dial *389*214# on your phone, navigate to Security then select Change PIN from the on-screen commands. Enter the default PIN issued to by the bank then enter your new 4-digit PIN. Your USSD mobile transfer is now fully activated, for subsequent transactions dial *389*214#.

Skye Bank

With Skye Bank’s USSD mobile money transfer code, various transactions such as salary payments, airtime recharge, one-on-one money transfers, goods and bills payments can be done.

Simply dial *833# to get started

Unity Bank

Dial *389*215# to get started with Unity Bank’s Mobile banking on-the-go. Various transactions such as utility payments, airtime recharge, one-on-one money transfers, goods and bills payments can be done.

Sterling Bank

With Sterling Bank’s *822# code, you can bank on-the-go from anywhere. Dial *822# to get started and create a PIN code to authenticate transactions, note that for every transaction you will be charged a sum of N5.

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Some Tools That Will Help You Increase Your Traffic- Realitytechszone

Hello Frieds, looking to increase your blog traffic, generate leads and drive in sales?
Unlike popular myths and grandpas' fables, improving your blog traffic is pretty easy, interesting and less stressful, thanks to the current online tools we've got.
In discussing traffic, apt attention must be paid to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The discussion of today actually focuses on traffic from search engines which is possible through the proper use and application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
SEO is at the neck of getting and improving blog traffic. Traffic gotten from search engines have proven to convert better than traffic from other channels. With properly optimized web pages you would not just be getting more traffic, you would be driving in traffic which converts.
Thus, the place of SEO in improving traffic and content marketing can never be overly emphasized. It is an integral part on the subject of improving traffic.
Here are 5 tools with which you can grow your blog traffic by 101% with the use of Search Engine Optimization.

Ahrefs is an online tool which helps you improve your search engine traffic by helping you improve your site's SEO.
Ahrefs is able to do so through the following processes.
1. Keyword Research: With this Ahrefs lets you in on the keywords your competitors are using and the ones they are ranking for.The knowledge of what keywords your competitors use and rank for would help you strategize on how to beat them to their own keywords. Thus, giving you a shot at ranking higher than your competitors.
2. Content Research: You would be able to know what content(s) in the niche you blog on are driving more clicks, getting more social shares and backlinks.
3. Link Building: Ahrefs lets you know where your competitors getting their backlinks from.
Buzzsomo is an online that helps websites and blogs to discover what contents are able to engage visitors and garner outreach opportunities.
Buzzsomo offers help on issues like growth hacking, organic means to build blog traffic; visitors and customers, building links with influencers, and providing value to the lives of people.
Ubersuggest is an online keyword research tool. With Ubersuggest you would be able to research keywords which are not available in Google's Keyword Planner tool.
It is a highly efficient way to generate a long-list of relevant keywords which would rank high.
Ubersuggest provides you with many keyword ideas to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per Click ads, and content marketing campaigns.
SEMrush have proven to be the bloggers choice among SEO tools as they have overtime helped bloggers and webmasters improve their site's search engine rankings . This list won't be complete without it.
SEMrush delivers analytical reports by giving it's users insight into a competitors strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and finally link building.
They provide metrics as regards keyword rankings, on-page search engine optimization, and your competitors.
Formally Google Webmaster Tool, Google Search Console allows webmasters to check indexing status and to optimize the visibility of their websites.
Google is the world largest and most visited search engine in the world, so therefore, you must work in alignment to their terms and Google Search Console is the tool to help you stay in alignment with Google's search conditions.

Google Search Console provides tools which improves your SEO such as:
1. Sitemap.xml checking and submission
2. Checking and setting crawl rate
3. Robot.txt file submission
4. Listing of internal and external site links.
5. Visibility status
And much more.
With these tools, you are covered on the issues of improving your blog traffic with regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
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How to Convert Airtime to Cash using Aimtoget Mobile App - Realitytechszone

An app has been unveiled for Nigerians that will enable them convert their airtime to cash and is called Aimtoget Transact. The app also lets you purchase airtime of any network, Data plans at cheaper rates, Transfer cash within users and withdraw your funds to any local Nigerian bank.

Your transactions are done in a secure environment and even the login has a fingerprint for faster authentication sign in. 

Aimtoget Transact is the first mobile app that allows converting of airtime to cash and withdrawing the cash from your bank will take no time. 

How to convert Airtime to Cash using Aimtoget Transact App

Install  Aimtoget Transact mobile app  from playstore and register an account or sign in, if you already have an account.Now, to fund your wallet, under FUND: Select “AIRTIME” as fund method and enter the amount of airtime to transfer to the number.

Input and confirm the number you are transferring too in the next page.

Your wallet will be credited immediately and you can refresh your dashboard to see it.You can also make withdrawal from your bank account or purchase airtime after successful funding of your wallet. Go to “Withdraw” and input the required details and that’s all to receive your alert. If any issue occurs, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

You can also share your wallet funds to users on Aimtoget Transact mobile app. At the bottom, you can also top up your line.

Note that you cannot empty your wallet when withdrawing funds. At least, N100 can be left. And also note that 25% is the charges for wallet funding.

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How to fix “No Permission to delete file” on Android device -Realitytechszone

Android most common problem deals with everything around it. Have you been trying to delete a folder or a file in your SD card or internal memory storage but keep receiving an error message that says “No permission to delete file“? The issue now have a fixed because the permission of the file or folder has been automatically set to “Read Only“.

Sometimes, you might have deleted the app but it will keep reappearing due to the permission (read only) it was automatically set on. 

The instant solution is simple and straightforward, since you don’t need anything technical than only an app to fix the issue. The name of the app to use is called “Root folder“. With the help of the app, you can delete any stubborn files from your Android device storage.

STEP1: Download the Root Folder app (free version) by clicking here and launch it.

STEP 2: Tap on Mount R/W and immediately, it will change to Mount R/Oand you should see Mount R/W beside it.

STEP 3: Then, locate the stubborn file and delete it. You can also scroll down to Storage Folder and you would see SDcard0and SDcard1, where SDcard1 is your inbuilt storage and SDcard0 is your external storage.

By now, you should have deleted the stubborn files that might have literally been taken your phone space all this while. 

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Monday, 4 December 2017

Some Benefits Of Using Vpn As A Blogger

The days where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were a tool used exclusively by big companies and security adepts to protect their data are gone. These networks have become a very useful accessory to a lot of people in their everyday internet navigation and the list of professions that can benefit from them becomes longer every day.

Bloggers are among the people who can get the most benefits out of the use of VPNs, so if you dedicate your life to this activity, then you should take a look at all the reasons you have to adopt VPNs as a tool for your job.

What do VPNs Do?
To understand the benefits, first, you need to understand how VPNs work. The first thing you have to know is that they are large networks of servers with the goal of bridging your internet traffic. Before they reach their destination, your connections are encrypted and sent through one of these servers, with the main goal of protecting your data and the information contained in it. Now, let’s discuss the ways a VPN can benefit a blogger in more depth:

Protected Communications: The fact that every bit of data is encrypted before it sails into the waters of the internet makes it impossible for eavesdroppers to access the information it contains even if they manage to intercept it. This is important if you usually handle sensitive information.

Privacy Over Public Networks: Public Wi-Fi networks are the least safe way you can connect to the internet. Using a VPN allows you to navigate as if you were counting on the protection of a router’s encryption and avoid data sniffers in public spaces.

Unblock Content: When you connect to a VPN server, you can fool the websites you access into thinking that you’re connecting from the location of the server instead of your actual location. This allows you to access region-blocked content and expand your list of sources of information.

Convenient for Trips: If you’re someone who travels a lot, then you can use VPNs to connect to websites from another location as if you were a local. This can help you before your trip to access content that’s exclusive for locals and after you’ve traveled, if you want to access things as if you were back home.

Bypassing Censorship: Some countries, like China, have very strict censorship policies that can limit the activities of foreign and local bloggers alike. VPNs can bypass these barriers and open your path towards freedom of speech and a broader audience. You can check this best VPNs for Hong Kong to know more about bypassing censorship in China.

In conclusion, VPNs are one of the most powerful allies you can have if you spend your days blogging. You should be aware that not all VPN services are the same and some may even try to scam you. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend you check IPVanish, ExpressVPN and PureVPN, which are our favorite VPN service providers and will surely give you the best experience and protect your privacy at all costs.
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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Fastest Way To Increase Your Blog Visitors

Traffic is the amount of  data sent and received by visitors to a website or blog.
To Increase your blog traffic or visitors, it has to take months to gain new visitors, but the most valuable way is that you need to get good and unique content on your blog and also try sharing it on social media, forums like Facebook, twitter and many more.
You might be thinking buying of blog traffic is the best way but let me tell you the truth it is not recommended, try making things natural by getting unique visitors.

There are also other ways to get get some quick burst traffic like doing blog commenting on high ranking or profile blogs posting on forums that gets huge traffic daily and also making a viral image or infograhic for social media.

This are 10 meaningful ways on how to increase your blog visitors.

1. Many blogs and forums do allow banners ads so try to find  some in your niche and make a banner so as to advertise there.

2. Writing of good blog post submitted to Reddit and also composing a guest post  syndication.

3. Publishing quality content on a regular basis optimized with researched keywords that has good amount of traffic  with low amount of competition.

4. Making sure that all your articles has a great title and encourage sharing by making it possible to create good content valuable for your market.

5. Try to open a Facebook page and add your contents or articles in this Facebook page an link them back to your blog I think by doing this you can get started with creating your traffic.

6. If you want fast traffic from the social network try using Google adwords, Facebook ads, stumbleupon paid traffic, solo ads and the create a target and advertise to the appropriate location.

7. Try to make your site more mobile friendly and easy to load and navigate.

8. Make or create your ranking high with the search engines so that your link comes up first page or second of Google search results.

9. Create a time to visit other blogs that are in the same niche with you and build up a rapport with other bloggers who will also visit and share your articles.

10. Use the link of your blog in any forum signature.

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Sure you have more to add to this why not drop it in the comment box thanks.
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