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Friday, 9 February 2018

How To Flash Your Android Device Without Using PC

Android Phone Device 

If you follow this tutorial, you could be able to flash your Android Phone device at your home and for free, without  loosing energy for visiting an engineer for a fix or solution.
The most common thing why people will require a Phone Flash is when their phone hangs or lags and when the apps always doesn’t respond anymore with an “Unfortunately, App has stopped” warning errors and also when you're upgrading your Android phone to another android version and it hang or stop on the way causing it to boot in danger. There are many much more reasons that used to occur lead you might want to flash your device.
Now, this tutorial will help you out in two different and easier ways which will definitely fix and resolve the solution.

The First Solution (1)

Phone Hard Reset – This is one of the feature will help you to reset your device. This simply means that your Android device will be flashed as if it’s a new device with it's bloadware apps, third-party's apps will be wiped. This helps to fix and solve a many  problems with Android Phone devices.
To start, Just go to Settings>>Backup and Reset>> and get ready for a hard reset on your Android device as your device will reboot.
Yeah! Your Android Phone device problems have been fixed.

The second Solution (2)

Recovery Mode Reset – Flashing Android devices through recovery mode can be done especially when your device can’t boot to the homepage, then you’d have to use the hard bottons shortcut in Android Phones recovery mode to fix the issue.
To start just turn off your Android device, press and hold on Volume Up + Power button to boot into Android device recovery mode. So now, use the Volume Up button to navigate up and Volume down button to navigate down and power up button to select.
Then navigate to Wipe/Data Factory Reset and use the power button to select. Then wait for it to flash the device completely. Then reboot your device. 
Note:- Different devices have different recovery mode feeling and feature. You can easily Google Search on how to boot into your phone recovery mode before proceeding if you don't know how to boot into yours. 

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