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Friday, 25 May 2018

Cheapest MTN call tariff in 2018

Interested in the MTN cheapest call tariff? Here you are! Below, you will find the list of the best tariffs and will be able to choose the one that suits your demands at the most affordable and attractive price ever. Just check out the essential details!

What if I already have the cheapest MTN call tariff plan?

Before you decide to migrate to another tariff plan, you should make sure that you know exactly what your current one is. It’s quite easy to find it out with the help of special MTN services. You can do it from anywhere you are via the mobile phone that’s powered by MTN.

Everything you have to do is dial *123*. The call will proceed to ask you to select 1 and then 2. You can do it step by step or at once, dialing *123*1*2#. It will save you a couple of minutes of your time. This is how you can find out what your current MTN tariff plan is and whether you should look for something different.

After you get to know the current tariff plan, you should consider your current and future needs. For example, in the nearest future, you will need a tariff plan that will allow you to make international calls. Maybe, you would prefer a tariff plan that offers more SMS possibilities than talking, and so on.

Choosing the cheapest MTN call tariff in 2018

In 2018, the provider has several available tariff plans to choose from. Let’s take a close look at them, their benefits from your point of view, and the ways to migrate instantly if you like something.

MTN Xtra Pro

This tariff plan offers calling at 11k per second to all networks and about 15 minutes of calls for N100 airtime. International calls will cost you 20k per second. As a bonus, you will receive health tips within 7 days. This tariff plan is one of the cheapest existing tariff plans MTN currently offers. Migration is available by dialing *401# or texting 401 to the number 131

MTN Xtra Special

This tariff offers to make calls at 15k per second without a daily charge. N100 airtime gives you about 11 minutes of calls. Some international numbers will cost you the same. As a bonus, you will receive 7 days of subscription to EPL videos. The migration is available by dialing *408# or texting 401 to the number 131

MTN Pulse

This tariff is great for students on campus because call rates on campus grounds will cost them 11k per second. Besides that, after the first 1-minute talk on a day, all other calls will cost 40k per minute. Outside the campus, calls cost 15k per second. This is perhaps the cheapest MTN call rate for students with all the other nice things provided by MTN. the migration code is *406#

MTN BetaTalk

The calls here cost 40k per second but every recharge with N100 gives you 250% of bonuses and about 10Mb for browsing the Internet weekly. This is really a tariff plan for those who talk a lot! The migration can be done by dialing *123*1*6# or by texting BT to 131

MTN TruTalk+

This tariff is good for international calls because it offers a flat rate of 20k per second to international numbers. National calls will cost you 11k per second. Dial 12321# in order to check out the list of selected numbers. The migration happens after you dial *123*20#

MTN Zone

It’s not just an MTN cheap call tariff plan, it’s possibly the cheapest plan ever, depending on your location. You can call for only 1k per second depending on your location and the zone this location belongs to. Besides that, you can do some midnight browsing at N25. Migrate to this plan by dialing *135*1#

MTN Super Saver

This tariff offers discounted calls for 15k per second after you make a 1-minute call for 40k per second. The provider offers a range of other bonuses along with this tariff plan, so, if you are willing to migrate, you can do it by dialing *408*1#

This is what MTN currently offers and all the benefits of the existing tariffs. You are free to choose the one that meets your demands and migrate as soon as you want.

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