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» » PES 2019 release date and features have been revealed, checkout! - Realitytech

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

PES 2019 release date and features have been revealed, checkout! - Realitytech

Everyone are currently enjoying the PES 2018 of this current year, but looking further, another higher version of the game is coming towards us which is faster than expected and is the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2019.

The features and release date of the game have been revealed by members of Evoweb gaming forum after spotting it on Hong Kong PlayStation store.

The game is said to come in two different edition:Standard edition and Legend Edition. David Beckham is likely to be featured in the Legend edition cover because after all, he's a legend when it comes to football.

The game promises support for HDR and 4K as well as revamped and upgraded skill traits, movement, visible fatigue and improved animation.

Expected features from PES 2019 soccer game

MAGIC MOMENTS - All players individuality has been revamped and taken to the next level with 11 new skill traits, improved shooting motion to score great goals, animation and stamina have great impact in visible fatigue.

AUTHENTIC LEAGUES - The PES 2019 will come with huge addition of licensed leagues.

NEW MYCLUB - Improved and redone element of players, from how you sign players and to special versions of players released throughout the year.

ML REAL SEASON - The manager mode has been improved and new ICC pre-season, in-depth transfer system and new league licenses.

MY BEAUTIFUL GAME - With 4K HDR, photo-realism with stunning animation will flow greatly.

Meanwhile, a listing for PES 2019 only appeared briefly on Hong Kong PlayStation store with a release date ofAugust 30, 2018.


If all these reported and expected features of PES 2019 are true, that means the FIFA 19 will have a solid competitor this year.

What's your say concerning the coming of PES 2019 soccer game?

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