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» » How To Recover Deleted Photos Using DiskDigger Photo Recovery App - Realitytech

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

How To Recover Deleted Photos Using DiskDigger Photo Recovery App - Realitytech

This Realitytech teaches you how to use a free app called DiskDigger to recover deleted Android photos.


Search for DiskDigger in the Play Store.This is a free app that will help you recover your files. To find it, type DiskDigger into the search bar at the top of the screen, then press the magnifying glass key on the keyboard.If your device is not rooted, DiskDigger can only find photos that have been cached or saved to other locations. Despite the limitation, you'll likely find hundreds of "deleted" photos.

Tap DiskDigger photo recovery. This opens DiskDigger’s official page on the Play Store.

Tap INSTALL. DiskDigger will now install to your Android. When the installation is complete, the DiskDigger icon will appear in the app drawer.

Open DiskDigger. If you’re still in the Play Store, you can tap the green button that says Open. Otherwise, tap the icon that looks like a hard drive with a magnifying glass in the app drawer.

Tap START BASIC PHOTO SCAN. It’s the button near the top of the screen. The app will begin displaying deleted photos.

Tap . It’s at the top-right corner of the screen.

Select a date range. If you aren’t looking for specific photos you can skip this step. Otherwise:Tap Minimum file date (photos only), then select the earliest date you want the app to start its search.Tap Maximum file date (photos only), then search the last date in the range.

Tap OK.

Select photos to recover. Tap each photo you want to restore to select it. Or, if you want to select all of the photos at once, tap , then tap Select All.

Tap the downward-pointing arrow. It’s at the top of the screen. A list of recovery options will appear.

Select a location to store your restored photos. Once you select an option, follow the on-screen instructions to restore the photos to that location.Tap the cloud icon with an arrow to select an app on your device, such as your email app, Google Drive, or Dropbox.Tap the folder icon to save the photos to a folder on your phone or tablet.Tap the upward-pointing arrow to save to an FTP server, if you have access to one.

Video .

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You can watch this video to understand the complete process to recover deleted photos on Android device without Rooting mobile.CRADITS TO WIKIHOW.

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