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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Download The Latest GBWhatsApp APK 6.80, No Ads

GBWhatsapp v6.80 has been officially ejected. As always, this update comes with new features and also fixes some minor bugs. If you are new to GBWhatsapp, then it is a modified version of the regular Whatsapp version on the Playstore.

Some features that come with this latest version are not limited to the ADS-free experience; enable the icon as read in notification, separate app for theme has been removed, fixed header vibration for hidden chat, fixed web Send search, fixed shares and themes and I will list them in the other list below.

GBWhatsApp Changelog version V6.80 (2.18.210) - 2 9/08/2018
  • New Aid Updated on 2.18.210
  • Delete all ads from GBWhatsApp
  • Remove all pop-ups from GBWhatsApp (Follow us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter)
  • Add push notifications for our site to get the latest news and updates about our apps
  • Find out which messages are removed whenever you want (visit contact / group profile and click on canceled messages)
  • Enabled Media Visibility (Go to Profile - Media Visibility)
  • Able mark as read in notification
  • Select all chats on the enabled main screen
  • Separated app for themes removed
  • Old 6.8 removed as old
  • Fixed header vibration for hidden chats
  • Fixed Revoc notification is not visible in some devices
  • Fixed themes in some fixed tools
  • Fixed web search
  • Fixed backup and restore (mode 6.7)
  • Send Fixed Shares and Themes
  • Update Italian and Portuguese Language
  • Several other bugs have been fixed.

Where to download GBWhatsapp v6.80 APK

How to install GBWhatsapp without losing chats

You can install GBWhatsapp on your Android phone without losing the chat. You can use GBWhatsapp with the official Whatsapp version at the same time. It is very easy. Please follow me together.

Step 1: Download the GBWhatsApp apk on your Android smartphone or tablet with the above link.

Note: If you want to use the GBWhatsApp, or go to GBWhatsapp from the official Whatsapp Plus or chat, and you want to keep a chat, go to Settings in your Whatsapp - Chats - Backup. Then go to File Manager in your Android device and change the name of the Whitsap folder name to GBWhatsApp (Case Sensitive).

Step 2: Go to Android Settings and click Settings - Security - Mark Unknown Sources

Step 3: Now, install the GBWhatsApp on your Android device, which you previously downloaded from the above link.

Step 4: Open GBWhatsApp and click agree and continue. If you see messages like "Allow WhatsApp to access the message", then click Allow for all messages.

Step 5: Enter your mobile number and verify your number in GBWhatsApp. This step may take a few minutes, for this, wait a bit to give a verification code to your phone.

Step 6: If you have backup press restart start backup. Wait a bit to restore.

Step 7: Enter your name and choose profile picture

is that all. simple as that. If you experience any problems installing GBWhatsapp on your Android, please comment below and I will reply almost immediately.