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» » How to simply remove Telegram account limitation by Social Engineering the Spam Info Bot

Sunday, 26 August 2018

How to simply remove Telegram account limitation by Social Engineering the Spam Info Bot

Has your telegram account been restricted? This often happens when the user post things on other community which is not allowed, when this happens the user get reported and when this happens many times it leads thier account to getting restricted and here in the case i have come out with a simple trick to social Engineer the Spam Bot in other to get the restriction removed.

👇First of all you need to contact the Spam Bot and follow this simple step below

Spam Info Bot, [25.08.18 00:57]
Dear ,
I’m afraid some Telegram users found your messages annoying and forwarded them to our team of moderators for inspection. The moderators have confirmed the report and your account is now limited until 23 Sep 2018, 16:44 UTC.

While the account is limited, you will not be able to do certain things on Telegram, like writing to strangers who haven’t contacted you first or adding them to groups and channels.

Your account will be automatically released on 23 Sep 2018, 16:44 UTC. Please note, that if you keep doing what got you limited and users report you again, the limitations will last longer next time.

Spam Info Bot, [25.08.18 00:57]
If you think the limitations on your account were applied by mistake, you can submit a complaint. All complaints will be reviewed by the team’s supervisor. Please note that this will have no effect on limitations that were applied with a good reason. Would you like to submit a complaint?

This is a mistake

Spam Info Bot, [25.08.18 00:58]
Great! Please confirm that you have never sent this to strangers:
- Unsolicited advertising of any kind
- Promotional messages
- Shocking materials

Did you ever do any of this?


No! Never did that!

Spam Info Bot, [25.08.18 00:58]
Great! I’m very sorry if your account was limited by mistake. Please write me some details about your case, I will forward it to the supervisor. Why do you think your account was limited, what went wrong?

My account was limited becuase someone reported me thinking i posted a link in thier group whiles i did nothing, I have been following the telegram rules and regulation in other not to disobay the rules, this often happen when someone want me to get restricted for no reason.

Spam Info Bot, [25.08.18 01:00]
Thank you! Your complaint has been successfully submitted. Our team’s supervisors will check it as soon as possible. If this was a mistake, all limitations will be lifted from your account soon.

Note you need to wait for 24hrs or even more before they will remove the restriction on your account but you need to say something sensible in other for them to think of it as a mistake so that the limitation on your account will be removed😘

The Bot will forward the message to a real humans and remember your account will only be free as a bird only when your complaint  sounds sensible

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