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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Most Important Gadget That Every Teenager Should Have On His Phone

This generation is not biased as to who gets bit by the technology bug mainly because the change applies everywhere.Most importantly, the teenagers are not left out of this move. Well, first, it is because they were born right into the tech-savvy generation but second, tech has become a way of life.

Since there is an app for everything, here are eight of the very necessary apps we feel like every teenager should have on their device apart from the very obvious Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and the likes.

1.       Youtube: There is a lot of information on this app alone, people have leant useful stuff from, javelin, coding, playing the guitar to fixing things at home. This is also a source of entertainment where they can watch documentaries, short films, talks and even lessons. This app should be controlled or used under the supervision of an adult.

2.       Tune-in Radio: There are smartphones that do not have FM radio on them. Knowing how much teenagers love listening to music, this app allows them to listen to a number of radio stations online from across the world.  

3.       Musically: this is such a fan way to create videos regardless of your level of creativity. This app lets you sing along and lip-sync to more than just songs. It is important to keep the teenagers creativity alive, because you never know where it could lead.

4.       Shazam: Do you ever listen to a new song in a mix or on radio that you really like but you have no idea who sang it and would like to download it? That’s where Shazam comes in. It is a fun way of knowing your music as it also lets you discover other similar artists.

5.       Flash share: Forget Bluetooth that could sometimes jam and or refuse to share other files, there is flash share that allows sharing of audio, video, pdf & word files including apps between two phones.

6.       Wunderlist: This is a wonderful way for teenagers to get themselves organized and know what they are supposed to do in a day, month or year. Good thing is you can even create a file with family friends or a group to know what is assigned to who and the applicable deadlines. Including chores.

7.       Duolingo: Learning a language is essential in this day and age because it sets you apart. Learning the language early enough is even better. You can learn, French, Chinese, Spanish, German and all, for free!  And you can do it at your own pace wherever you are! It needs consistency and discipline, otherwise, falling off is very easy.

8.       Flo period tracker: For the ladies just getting into experiencing the menstruation cycle, this app helps you know your cycle and gets you prepared to avoid messes and surprises. It is important to stay ready. 

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