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Friday, 24 August 2018

MTN Free Airtime Using My MTN App

It is quite surprising that MTN is beginning to have loopholes here and there after all these years. First, it was the August cheat and now it is the free airtime cheat. In case you don’t know, when you download MyMTN app, and you input your MTN phone number, you will be rewarded with 500MB free data to browse and download whatever you want to download online.

MyMTN app is just more than an app that rewards you with 500MB free data, you can also get free airtime from it. The amount of airtime range from N100 – any amount that you can accumulate. Just make sure that you accumulate any amount possible.

By now, you should have MyMTN app installed into your Android or iOS device. If not, download it here. Launch the MyMTN app and go to Recharge section. Under the Recharge section, go to Recharge via Topup card. On the next window, click on Check card status. Now input any of the following serial numbers that are going to be mentioned below into the slot;






Make sure you replace the asterisk (*) sign with three (3) random numbers, and hit check status. If the notification says, “Voucher available,” then go to you dialer and call MTN customer care – 180.

Select your preferred 5.Enter the serial number that you used and press #.Press 1.Enter the asterisks (*) sign sixteen (16) times and press #.Press 1.Enter your MTN phone number and press #.Press 1. and wait for the confirmation message.

Most times, when you check if the serial number is available, it will come back with an already used notification. Juat change the last three digits and try again, it doesn’t matter, you will get it.

NOTE: This tweak is for educational purposes, please mind how you use it as we are not responsible for anything that will happen to your MTN SIM card.

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