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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

How To Get Back All Your Data From Google Account

When a company is interested in getting as much of your personal information as much as possible, the most important thing is that you need to see how you can get it back.

According to Android Central, Google is one of those companies who use data and analytics to make profits, and since almost every Android user is a Google customer, it's something to take back our data that we all know.

I am not suggesting that Google is out to get you in any way because it is not a good way to keep customers. Google stores securely by wrapping some of the money that is generated from our data. But if you decide to go to other services for any reason, then this is what you need to know.

Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a service launched by the Google Data Liberation Front, which gives users of Google's products a way to download all the data submitted by Google. You can download data from almost all Google services and it has been made so that it can be imported elsewhere using normal data formats. If you choose, you can import it back to Google as well. It's a good way to see that Google does not have any desire to start fresh, even if Google collects it

If you are asked to go to 'Download Your Data' page and sign in to your account.
You will see a list of Google's services that you used or used in the past, and there is a switch next to each. Turn on the switch for services that you want to export from your data.
Click the Next button.
Choose what type of file Google will use when it all packs.
Decide where to store it. You can download it directly to your computer, on your Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

Then Google will remove your data and package it in many archives. Once you do this, (and it may take some time if you have a lot of data stored) If you want to download it directly or choose a link for online storage, It will be done if you have chosen it to save it.

The download option is only good for seven days before the link option ends and you can download it only five times. But you can create as many archives as you want so that there is no real time or download limit. Once you get your data, be sure to keep it safe. You would like to use it somewhere and you do not want anyone else to use it.

Atomic Options: Deleting Your Google Account

By downloading your data it is not removed, it only gives you a copy of everything for your records. To clear everything, you have to tell Google to remove it. That's easy.

Go to 'Delete your Google Account' page and sign in if you are asked.
Read through it so that you can understand what you are removing and what it means and proceed to click on the delete link.
Since Google will tell you, this means that you can not use that account again. This means that you will lose any purchases made through Google Play or Chrome Web Store, you will not be able to sign in to your Android phone or Chromebook, and if you have not returned or downloaded them , Your contacts and calendars may have been lost.

It takes about two weeks for your request to do your work through the system, so continue using the account after starting the process. If you change your mind before the data is deleted, you can contact Google and they may be able to stop the process but they do not make any guarantees. I think the process is automatically automated and is done as part of the night or weekly maintenance script for each service. Google is not reporting details and I do not want them to provide details about those processes which include all our user data.

Once the account deletion is complete, you lose access to the stored data so that you want to ensure that you have cleared your Drive account and stored your personal data elsewhere.

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