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» » How To Make Money Blogging With eBooks - Blogging Part 5

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

How To Make Money Blogging With eBooks - Blogging Part 5

Now we will talk about how to blogging with eBooks. I am making ebook since 2009. The best part about eBook is that they are easy to make, and you can sell them for a long time.

The ebook written in 2009 was bundled with some other products. I did not have to update it again until 2014. I sold it for five years! That particular product made hundreds of thousands of dollars for my business.

Here are some common questions and answers about ebook creation.

How long should my ebook be?

As long as necessary.
Your book should be at least 40 pages so that the buyer can see the value in it. This does not mean that it should be 40 pages, a single distance, a 10-point font in the 8.5 "x11" page size. Format how you like - large fonts, pictures, charts, lots of white space.
Ask yourself this question:
If I bought this book, do I think I got a good deal?

How do I format an eBook?

Ebooks are delivered in PDF format.
You can do it yourself by printing a Microsoft Word file or Google Doc in PDF format. It takes about 2 seconds.

If you want a good cover, you can hire a graphics artist on a fiver or a workbook to create one for yourself. If you use a 99-like service, you will pay anywhere for $ 59 ($ Fiverr) from $ 29 for a simple cover.

I used 99 designs for the cover of my book 99 minute Millionaire (we saw that we share the same name). I was very happy with the service. If you have money to spend money (if you continue blogging then you will do someday) - They are worth investigating.

How much should I charge for my ebook?

I paid $ 10 for eBook, which was 30 pages long. I also paid $ 29 for eBook, which was 100 pages long.

You are based on the price you provide for the price of your ebook, and how does your book compare similar products (if any). A good price point is less than $ 10. Most people are willing to participate with $ 10 for a book.

If you are an expert in a particular area, you may be far away from charging more. For example, the $ 29 book I mentioned was a workout and diet program that gave second place in the Mr. Olympia contest. He clearly knows what he is doing, so he can charge more for his eBook.

How do I sell an ebook?

Selling an eBook is as easy as opening an account with PayPal and slapping PayPal button on your website.
When Katie and I started selling our first digital products in 2007, we did this. When we started making more money, we moved to a custom shopping cart.

Thanksgiving technology has improved since then. Here are some great options:
Gamdom is a popular service that connects to your blog and allows you to sell digital products. It's only $ 10 a month for the service, and they take a small percentage of each sale to cover the credit card transaction fee.

E-Juni is another great service that can sell and sell in minutes.

Can I Earn Money to Sell an Ebook?

Have you ever purchased an eBook or a Kindle Book?
Your answer is.
I have hundreds of Kindle books and have bought about 100 ebooks in the last few years. I will share some of the titles you bought with you so that you can know what people are selling (and making money):

• Podcast Legal Survival Guide by Gordon Firemark

• Double your guitar speed by Tom Hayes

• Ultimate sweep pickers guide by Jack Eudal

• Phrase Concepts for Rock Lead Guitar Soloing by Nick Leton

• Specific Carbohydrate Diet Lifestyle By Jordan Regener

• Road to Olympia 2015 by Ryan Terry

You can see that I buy many guitar books. There are some pretty obscure titles and themes in that small list. And I'm just a buyer!
Which brings me to my point - Yes, it is possible to make money to sell any eBook on any topic.

If you can do one of the two things, then there is someone willing to pay for your expertise:

1. Resolve their pain
2. bring them happiness

Turning your blog into an eBook

Here's more to consider - People do not necessarily want to read all your blog posts. You can write a blog post on a topic and then after six months you can write something else on this topic.
If you consolidate your blog post and convert it to a book, then people will pay you.

Of course, you are probably thinking - when someone can get me free on my blog, then why would anyone pay me for ebook?
One word - feature.

You are saving them time because they do not need to dig around your site for all the information. If you are searching the Internet to know about something, then it is no different. What's easy - to search for ten different sites, or to find a site that has all the information in one place?

Tiffany "The Budgetstyasta" Eliich took all his blog posts on the budget, and turned them into the best selling book on Amazon! It was the same content, but people wanted something like that in which all the information was in one place, which they could easily read backwards.

Action items
1. Start typing! If you have not started writing in your blog yet - start typing. Sit down and write about 500 words about your blog topic today.

The eBook you want to make for additional income can come from your blog post.

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