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» » Get N7,850 Airtime, 650MB Data for N2000 And N19500 Airtime, 1.5GB for N5000 On Mtn Extra Value

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Get N7,850 Airtime, 650MB Data for N2000 And N19500 Airtime, 1.5GB for N5000 On Mtn Extra Value

MTN ExtraValue is a tariff plan which gives you more bonuses on airtime and the data you have purchased. It gives you more value whenever you buy airtime and data.

MTN ExtraValue is designed to provide high value for airtime for voice calling and data bundles to browse your favorite sites.

One good thing about this proposal is that, it is available to all customers. That is, all prepaid MTN customers are eligible for this amazing offer. Please note that when you subscribe to any MTN Extravalue Bundle, you will automatically migrate to the Extravalue plan.

MTN Extravalue Offer is divided into two schemes which are; XtraTalk bundle and XtraData bundle.

What is MTN Extratalk and Extradata?

Extratalk bundle offers more voice call bonuses than data volume bonuses, it was designed to give you extra bonuses on airtime purchases, which was based on the amount of airtime you purchased. With the extract bundle, you will be able to call at 27 Naira per minute on local calls and at international rates call 39.6 Naira, send a text message to 4 Naira.

The extradata bundle offers more data bonuses than voice calls, it was designed to give you extra bonuses on data purchase, which is dependent on the amount of data purchased.

Prices of XtraValue range from N300 to N20,000. This price plan is available to all customers. You can actually get an opportunity to buy any plan of your choice, including the N2,000 and N 5,000 plan, which gives you prizes with N7,850 airtime, 650 MB of data and N19500 airtime and 1.5 GB, respectively.

How to subscribe to the MTN XtraValue proposal

Just dial *131*2# and select any bundle of your choice

To check your main account balance and XtraValue bundle balance, dial *556# and *559*61#.


  1. Stop copying from Entclassblog without giving credit

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  3. With N2000 you get N7850 and 650 mb which will be charged at N27 per minute. After calculation it is 45kobo per second.This shows that you will get 17,444.4 seconds talk time.
    When compared with there other tariff which is 11kobo per second without bonus,with N2000 you will get 18,181.81 talk time.This shows that they want to pull us thinking that we don't know this simple calculation.So members stick to your tariff don't go for these.