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» » 7 Unidentified Things That You Can Do With Your Android Devices

Sunday, 23 December 2018

7 Unidentified Things That You Can Do With Your Android Devices

It's one thing to be a Smartphone (Android Phone), to know how best to use it, another is, and yes, this is the reason that RealityTech Blog was founded. We want to bring the knowledge of Android to a starting level so that a newborn can also understand (maybe). In this post, I am apprising you of 7 unknown things you can do with your Android phone.

For Just Records, the Android OS is an operating system owned and managed by Google. The latest version, which is Android Nogat, is the Eight version of the Android OS with beautiful features and cool user interface.

Android OS runs on most mobile brands, which starts from Samsung, Techo, HTC, ZTE and many more. There may actually be a lot of things with your Android phone, but I will show you based on the needs based on the beginning. As the time goes on, you will start to see the value and importance of that device in your hand. One thing leads to another.

1. As a router / hotspot device:
If you have ever thought of browsing with your PC, then the person who wants to see the original device is your laptop / computer as the case may be, and modem stock is done in a PC but then, what You know that with your PC, you might be able to use your Android device as a middleman between you and the Internet? Your Android phone, which starts with version 2.0 OS, allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot that can be detected on your computer or even our phone via USB port. When this action is taken, the Android phone can act as a modem, which uses your powers or grants to surf the net. You might be asking why I need it when I can do this easily with my modem, but the fact is that there are cases where you may not have access to your modem or even those cases In your PC where you want to share data on your phone, especially when these Telco people are happy or lost.

2. In the form of external / removable disks:
Most smartphones running Android OS come with a memory space that is enough to work as an external drive / removable drive, especially on cases where you want to send documents / files to your PC. In that condition your phone will work properly

3. Coding on Go:
Thanks to the technology and developers who have mobile users With your Android phone, you can code on the go, even when you are not with your PC. There are many apps that can help you achieve the work you are working on. C4Droid can help in C programming, when it comes to programming for C programming languages, Java for mobile ads for Java and C ++ mobile apps for coding in C ++ programming languages. With these features, there is no excuse for not coding on the go. For Android Emulator users, you can write your programs using any app or appropriate app based on the language of your choice, and then run / debug your program when found on PC.

4. View Over-the-Air Stream:
We have probably come to the highest streaming stations and sites that allow us to watch the cool TV series online. Whether it is Telemundo, TeleKado and all the tales you can think about, the good news is that with your Android phone, you can see all of these more. There are many apps that can help you achieve this achievement like the USTream Android App, and you can see it on the Play Store by clicking here.

6. Find / Wipe A lost phone:
With so many apps on the Play Store, your Android phone can also work as a security agent whenever you lose a phone or make a mistake or even when it gets stolen. With Android Device Manager, a free app and an affiliate web tool with Google, you may be able to erase or detect a stolen Android device. Android Device Manager works by connecting your phone to your Google account. You can download the Android app by clicking here

7. Use as a security camera:
With the Athom video streamer, you will not have to throw your old Android phone. AtHome Video Streamer can help you monitor things that are running nearby such as CCTV work in banks. To set up, all you have to do is put the app in the phone that you want to use to view, follow the given instructions, which involves taking photograph of a QR code to merge two devices . One good thing about this is that there is a possibility of viewing through a PC. You can download AtHome Video Streamer by clicking here.

So here we have it, unknown facts on the things you can do with your android phone. It may look long but is quite fun; These are one of the many possibilities to get your favorite Android phone.
over to you.