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» » Easy method To View a Save Wi-Fi Password On Android Device Without Root

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Easy method To View a Save Wi-Fi Password On Android Device Without Root

Generally, when we connect our Android device to WiFi to browse with a password, we can not be able to see the password after authentication, since that feature is only available on PC, but now you can You can see your WiFi password whenever you wish to do this, especially if you are on a public network or cyber cafe.

This guide will show you how to view your password on Android device without rooting your phone, for example you are on a public cafe and admin just take your phone and enter the WiFi password and give it back to you, t know what the password is but with this application called router setup page you can easily see the password. This guide is for educational purposes only, not for hacking or for getting the benefit of it, to get a wireless connection.

How to see saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android devices

  1. Connect the device to the router first
  2. Download Router Setup Page Here
  3. The app is detected by the automatically connected router network
  4. After launching the app, select "Open Route page"
  5. After opening only the router login details, which is the "admin" in the form of username and password or use "user" as the user name and password, it will actually work

  • Now it will take you straight to the router dashboard
  • Go to WiFi tab, navigate down and you will see a saved WiFi password
  • If it's hidden then tick the "Show password" box to see it

Enjoy it!!!