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Friday, 9 February 2018

How To Flash Your Android Device Without Using PC

Android Phone Device 

If you follow this tutorial, you could be able to flash your Android Phone device at your home and for free, without  loosing energy for visiting an engineer for a fix or solution.
The most common thing why people will require a Phone Flash is when their phone hangs or lags and when the apps always doesn’t respond anymore with an “Unfortunately, App has stopped” warning errors and also when you're upgrading your Android phone to another android version and it hang or stop on the way causing it to boot in danger. There are many much more reasons that used to occur lead you might want to flash your device.
Now, this tutorial will help you out in two different and easier ways which will definitely fix and resolve the solution.

The First Solution (1)

Phone Hard Reset – This is one of the feature will help you to reset your device. This simply means that your Android device will be flashed as if it’s a new device with it's bloadware apps, third-party's apps will be wiped. This helps to fix and solve a many  problems with Android Phone devices.
To start, Just go to Settings>>Backup and Reset>> and get ready for a hard reset on your Android device as your device will reboot.
Yeah! Your Android Phone device problems have been fixed.

The second Solution (2)

Recovery Mode Reset – Flashing Android devices through recovery mode can be done especially when your device can’t boot to the homepage, then you’d have to use the hard bottons shortcut in Android Phones recovery mode to fix the issue.
To start just turn off your Android device, press and hold on Volume Up + Power button to boot into Android device recovery mode. So now, use the Volume Up button to navigate up and Volume down button to navigate down and power up button to select.
Then navigate to Wipe/Data Factory Reset and use the power button to select. Then wait for it to flash the device completely. Then reboot your device. 
Note:- Different devices have different recovery mode feeling and feature. You can easily Google Search on how to boot into your phone recovery mode before proceeding if you don't know how to boot into yours. 
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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

(MTN Win Back Promo) Get N20,000 Worth Of Airtime Bonus On MTN line

MTN WIN BACK PROMO. This promo is for the only ones that have not used or recharged their MTN line for a long time. This promo has with 2000% bonus if you recharge between N100 to N1000. The bonus can be used for Call, SME and data.

If you recharge N100 you will get N2000, which will be divided for calling, sms and data in the ratio 1:3, N500 for National calls and Sms and N1500 for data.

This promo could be enjoyable for like three consecutive months, once in a month. For the first month, you will get the bonus for a recharge of any amount between N100 and N1000. As for the second and third month, the bonus is for only for a recharge of N100.

You can recharge your line trough E-Top Up. Because my friend recharge through electronic top up, and he got it.


Mtn will send you a message as shown in the image below, that you're qualified for the promo.


Simply Dial *559*65# to see your bonus.


The bonus is used in calling any network. They charge 80 kobo per sec for Call and N5 per my for data. The bonus is valid for 15 days.

1. You must receive a message from Mtn before getting the bunus.

2. The Airtime you recharge will be deducted and converted to the 2000% bonus.
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Monday, 5 February 2018


To begin with, only 35 members amended the Electoral Act instead of the at least 120 out of the total 360 required by Order 4, Rule 1 of the House Standing Orders. Some people might look at the recent amendment on changing the  Orders of 2019 elections as a way of allowing candidates to "win" elections on their "merit" or "popularity "not by relying on the "influence" or popularity of a particular candidate. In my insinuation, there is another dimension to it. Please come with me!

In my opinion, the National Assembly should have made the inclusion of Card Reader Technology or the use of technology in general, in our electoral process as  its first priority.

The 2015 General elections though not perfect , but has been widely adjudged as the most credible election in the 4th Republic courtesy of the Card Reader Technology. In my view, credible election is the surest way of having good governance as such it is more important in a democracy than any other thing. In my understanding, the recent amendment is purely targeted at sabotaging the inclusion of Card Reader Technology or the use of technology in our electoral process.

In 2015 many alleged election "riggers" who were taken to court on the allegations of rigging by sabotaging the Card Reader Technology escaped justice simply because neither the 1999 constitution as amended nor the 2010 Electoral Act as amended recognize the Card Reader Technology.

In my prediction, at the end of all the amendments including the recognition of the Card Reader Technology. It will be very difficult for the President to sign the new amendment knowing full well that there is a Supreme Court Judgement which conferred powers to INEC to issue Guidelines and Orders of elections.

To this end, the enemies of credible elections would have succeeded.Those who are not comfortable with the Card Reader Technology have been plotting against it day and night. It is my belief that, those people might have concluded a very long time ago that the president may not "sign" it before including the said "clause" in a controversial manner. Why only 35 members present when the amendment was made?  Is the quorum not 120 members? Can it stand?

More so, on the issue of changing the Orders of elections , others might look at it from the "cost" implication angle, which means that if the country spent about N100billion to conduct the 2015 General Elections with only 2 sets of elections and lower inflation rate, the country might need up to about N500billion to conduct 4 sets of elections. Some might argue that the security personnel will also be overstretched.

Whichever way one looks at it, the president may have enough reason not to "assent" the new amendment of the Electoral Act to which elections "riggers" will continue to rejoice.

May election riggers not find it easy.

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Learn All About Computer Apk

All About Computer app is an app that will help you increase the knowledge of your computer system. Using this app you will be able to learn how to use a computer. This app  includes basic information about computer operations. Also in this app various computer parts related information is included.

This app is very easy to use. And a simple language has been used that everyone can understand.

You will be learn about the following using All about Computer Application:

  1. Computer general knowledge
  2. Use of computer
  3. How to buy a new computer
  4. How to format a computer
  5. Start and turn off the computer
  6. Interface of a computer
  7. Parts of computer
  8. What is computer software?
  9. Computer storage
  10. Applications in a computer
  11. Use of internet
  12. How to set password to the computer
  13. How to set typing language in the computer
  14. Smart use of computer
  15. Computer shortcuts.

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