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Saturday, 21 July 2018

10 Reasons Why Your Smart Phone May Be Charging Slowly And There Solutions - Realitytech

In most Mobile Phone chargers the Output is 5v (5 volts) . So on your charger you'll likely see something like  - " Output: 5v =" . After the  = symbol,  you'll see the number of Amperes for your adapter .  The best and recommended adapter  is one with  this Label  -(  Output:5v = 2.0A). Make sure it's 2 A or above before purchasing.

Also note that if your phone charges slowly with your powerbank it could be because of the same problem. Check the number of Amperes typed  on the label of the power bank

2. Weak Or Damaged  USB Cord 

If you’re using your PC to charge your phone, then  expect that your phone is
going to charge very slowly. Even with USB 3.0, the standard energy
output is only 0.9A (0.5mA for USB 2.0). And that’s under normal 
circumstances; any damage to your USB cable or ports can knock
that small  flow of energy to  even a lower amount . Likewise, if you’re using
wireless charging, for example  on the Samsung  Galaxy S7 you’re going to get a pretty glacial charge as well.
I'm not saying  that wireless charging isn’t cool – it certainly is –
but we’re kind of jamming our heads against the laws of physics and safety at this
point . To cut a Long story short, it’s just plain faster to plug your phone in

5. Your Battery is Damaged or Bad

There have been many instances of mobile phone manufacturers  recalling for
whole batches of batteries. Search online to see if your phone’s
model came with a bad battery, and see if you can acquire a
replacement from your provider. Also, like your phone in general,
batteries can just get old and bad.
If you happen to own a device such as the Infinix Note , Tecno P5  or
Galaxy Note 4 , good news! If your battery has gone bad, you can
purchase a new one from Konga or Jumia and pop it into your phone right
away when it’s delivered. If you own a device with a non-removable
battery such as the Galaxy S7, Tecno W4   , or  , Galaxy S6
though, you’ll have to send the device in to the manufacturer to get it

6 You're The Cause Of Your Problem

Do you habitually play with your phone while it’s
A surprising number of smartphone users aren’t aware that the fact that the 
biggest drain on their phone’s battery is the screen. Keeping that
gorgeous display lit up with high-resolution Facebook drama will use
up battery even as your phone soaks it up. If you combine this with
one of the other problems above, you might find yourself in a
situation where you are using battery power faster than your phone
can take it in.
If you need your phone to charge quickly, give it a rest while it’s on
the charger.

7.Background Apps Are Killing Your Battery

Although your screen is the number one battery sucker, you might
have some sneaky apps running in the background that are
constantly draining power, causing your phone to charge slower. In
addition to charging sluggishly, does your phone also feel like it runs
through its battery life faster than it used to? If so, this may be your
issue. Apps in Android often boot themselves up or run in the
background after only being opened for a moment. Although this
used to be a bigger problem than it currently is–Android is getting
better and better at efficiently managing resources–having a rogue
app or two can give your phone’s performance a nasty hit.
The easiest solution here is to grab a good task manager and check
it frequently to see what’s running when it shouldn’t be. When you
locate a misbehaving app, try uninstalling it and see if your battery
life and charge speed is improved over the next few days.

8  Your USB Port Is Blocked

If Your phone spends all day  in your pocket or purse
with all manner of  dust and particles. It’s  common for a
USB port to get a little bit of that dirt  lodged inside of it. If you
plugged in your charger without noticing, it may have packed the
obstruction in even deeper, which might be preventing your charger
from making a good connection.
Using a bright light and perhaps magnification, look around inside
your phone’s USB port for anything that shouldn’t be in there. If you
see something that obviously doesn’t belong, grab a thin, pointed
object and carefully try to remove it. Be very
careful not to damage any of the port’s components, or you could
end up with a bigger problem than you currently have.
I recommend using a plastic (not wooden) toothpick if you can find
one. Alternatively, giving your port a good scrub with a dry, brand
new toothbrush is a very effective and safe way to make sure it’s free
of any blockage.

9 Your USB port is damaged

It's possible that  you may have
broken or bent a pin inside your phone’s USB port. At this point, you
should really consider taking your phone to a professional for repair. Take your phone by
a shop and get a repair job.

10 Your USB port is Corroded  

Yes, you might also have some corrosion in there from sweat or
humidity. Corrosion is a little major  problem, because it
creates a film over the connective hardware that prevents a proper
charge, but even worse, if you don’t get rid of it, it can keep eating
away at your device, causing larger and larger issues.
Once again, you should really consider professional help at this point. Going
forward, you risk voiding your phone’s warranty and doing serious damage to the
device. However, if you decide to take your phone’slife into your own hands, and
you are comfortable and familiar with the process of disassembling
and reassembling mobile devices, then you should know that many
corrosion problems can be dealt with using just white vinegar and
rubbing alcohol.
Disassemble your device to expose the area of corrosion. The
intricacies of this process outstrip the scope of this article and will
vary from device to device, so once again, unless you’ve done this
before , take your phone to a professional. For those
moving forward, most corrosion can be removed by using a cotton
swab dabbed in distilled white vinegar. Rub down all the corrosion
you see with a light touch, and be careful not to get vinegar into the
uncorroded areas. I probably don’t have to say this, but getting
vinegar into your phone is bad.
Once you’ve coated the corrosion with vinegar, wait 5-8 minutes,
then use the tip of a paper towel to remove the vinegar. Repeat this
process until there is no sign of corrosion. This accomplished, dab
the area with rubbing alcohol on the tip of a cotton swab and let the
device air-dry for half an hour. Reassemble your phone, and you
should be good to go!

I believe after all this you should get a faster charge

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Friday, 20 July 2018

9 Things That Will Make Your Smart phone Last Longer - Realitytech

One problem every smartphone user can relate to is the problem of the battery life of their phones. Be it an iPhone or Android, no smartphone is immune to low battery problems.

If you are keen about making your smartphone battery last longer, here are nine things that can help.

Use a Black Wallpaper
If your phone uses an AMOLED display which is popular on Android devices than on the iPhone, each pixel on the screen takes a little bit of power to “light up.”

However, the more black pixels you can get on your screen, the better for your battery life. Set a dark wallpaper as your default, and try using dark themes on apps when possible.

Use Airplane Mode
Your iPhone or Android device will always try to connect to a cellular network when possible, and this can put a strain on your battery if you’re in an area with limited (or no) service.

Switching on Airplane Mode in Settings will stop this from happening. You however should take note of the fact that you won’t be able to make or receive calls while you activate this mode.

Switch Off Your Location Services
A lot of apps on iPhone and Android use “location services”. This can reduce battery life, so it is essential you take note of it. You can tell if an app is using location services by looking out for a small arrow on the top of your menu bar.

Be On The Lookout For Push Notifications
Each time your phone receives a notification from the network, it lights up and, depending on your settings, vibrates or makes a noise, too. This settings run down your battery, especially if you are the type that receives a lot of updates.

Download The Battery Guru App
If you’re on an Android device, download the Snapdragon BatteryGuru. This app is created by Qualcomm, the same company that manufactures phone processors. The app learns your usage habits and automatically adjusts features on your phone to optimize battery life.

While the app is not available for iPhone users, there are several other apps that help you avoid wasting power.

Clear Out Apps
Even if you’re not using an app, it can run in the background and sap battery life from your smartphone. Android devices allow you to “multitask” with apps running behind the scenes. It is best to force stop all the apps you are not using if you intend to conserve the battery of your phone.

Keep Your Phone Cool
If your phone’s lithium-ion battery gets too hot, it’ll discharge its energy faster and could even degrade the maximum life of the battery over time. Don’t carry it in your pocket if you can avoid it (especially if your pants are tight), and never leave your device sitting in direct sunlight or in a hot car.

Lower Your Screen Brightness
The brighter your screen, the more battery it’s eating. Lowering your screen brightness is easy as all you need to do is go to your settings and turn down the lights to keep your phone running longer.

Turn Wi-Fi off
Another simple-but-forgettable tip: If you’re not using your smartphone to connect to wireless Internet, switch the wi-fi settings to “off.” This will stop your phone from looking for networks, thereby saving resources.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

How To Turn On Glo Network Signal Connection Without Any Data Plan

Glo implemented a new feature that automatically turns off data connection whenever a subscriber on the network has no data plan bundle. The primary purpose of that function was to flush off the free browsing access.

Since Glo has that feature integrated, we have provide a new method and new way to turn on or force out your Glo data connection even without internet data plan bundle. The new method is however, only applicable to those using the Glo 3G SIM.
To turn your Glo data connection on without data plan, kindly send PAYUto 127 as text message from your Glo line. This will enable you browse as-you-go on the internet with your credit. This simply means, no need to buy data package.
So, once you connect the VPN or handler of the Glo unlimited free browsing, it won't suck up. Instead, it will divert using the free data on the internet protocol you inputted on the VPN.
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Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Still Blazing 2018

Glo free browsing is the latest on the internet. Anonytun VPN app was the app used in boosting the proxy server but it later got congested and filled up as the server no longer connect.

Now, we have found a way to use the Glo free browsing on UC mini handler. Using it on the app handler, has yielded positive results and testimonies from Prexblog fans.
Without further ado, you can activate the Glo free browsing by strictly making sure you don't have airtime or mobile data on your line. Otherwise, they will be sucked first, before the handler start browsing for free.
STEP 1: To activate Glo unlimited free browsing, kindly download this UC mini handler via here. It was developed by Dzebb.
STEP 2: Then, launch the app and configure only these settings:
• Mark Remove Port.
• Use Real Host as Proxy Type.
• Use as Proxy Server.
• Leave others at default.
settings of UC mini handler
STEP 3: Now, tap on "OK" button to save as your UC mini handler will open next.
STEP 4: Then, go to any site and start downloading.
Note: Do not download above 200MB (maximum download limit) at a time. If the file is below 200MB, you're free to download multiple files.

Alternative way to download files on UC mini handler:

STEP 1: Go to proxy website.
STEP 2: Copy and paste the "final download link" of the file you want to download in the box provided on the website.
STEP 3: Now, tap on "GO" and start downloading.

Which APN should I use?

Kindly reset your APN to default or use any other one you feel like.

What if my Glo data connection is not coming out?

Simply send PAYU to 127 as text message to enable you browse-as-you-go. This will enable you browse using your mobile airtime. Glo will bring out the data connection once it sees you have data or airtime.
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