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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Airtel free Facebook browsing: how to activate it?

Do you like social networks? It is hard to imagine a day living without them now! Do you want to know some tricks on how to get free Facebook browsing on Airtel? Get the latest free browsing methods here!
Airtel free facebook browsing: How to activate?
Free facebook browsing allow you to chat with your family, friends, near and dear, write comments, put likes and download photos and videos into your profile and watch your friends updates too!

Here is the list of some sites you can browse without MB using Airtel Nigeria:
  • Facebook
  • Vconnect
  • Bing
  • Free Books By Worldreader
  • Nigeria Galleria
  • Scholars4Dev
  • BBC News
  • Nairaland
  • Girl effect
  • Jobberman
  • Facebook Messenger
  • OLX
  • Fact for life
Airtel free facebook browsing: How to activate?

Facebook Flex: Free Facebook browsing on Airtel

Facebook Flex is new way to use Facebook and is available for Airtel Nigeria users.
You can share, like, write comments, chat and update for free with Free Mode and you can switch to Data Mode to enjoy photos and videos. You can also go back to Free Mode whenever you want!
This service allows you to choose when to use data. You can switch on and switch off whenever you like. It also works when you do not have money on your balance. How to use free Facebook?

Do the following:
  • Make sure your mobile data is turned on.
  • Then, go to or open your Facebook Android app.
In case cannot find Facebook Flex on your phone, you should go to your Facebook Menu or Bookmarks, find and click “Facebook Flex”.
Now you have free facebook browsing on Airtel!
Airtel free facebook browsing

Airtel free Facebook browsing: How to get 500 MB to use your favorite social net

Follow the instruction to get free 500 MB.
Variant 1:
  1. Send an sms with the letters ‘FB’ to the number 54321
  2. Free 500 MB for using facebook will be loaded on your Airtel Nigeria line.
Variant 2:
For this variant you have to use FB Lite Handler Application – 2018. It will come in handy for those who have smartphones with Android software.
  • Firstly find Settings ►Mobile networks ►APN ►Create new APN
Name: Techintor Fb handler trick
Port: 80
  • Enter the given data and save the newly created APN.
  • Now install Facebook Lite Handler Application with the following link.
  • When it is done, open Facebook Lite Handler Application and Goto Handler menu ► choose Front Query
  • Read Also:- Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

Airtel free browsing is available for everyone! Try the most suitable methods for you.
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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

9mobile Cheat 2018, 9Mobile APN Settings For Chatting Freely On Telegram 2018

As alot of us are still enjoying the latest Mtn unlimited freebrowsing cheat 2018, here I am with another working cheat that allow 9mobile users enjoy unlimited access on Telegram for free without data or Airtime on your SIM.

Telegram has proven to be the real alternative to WhatsApp and it's popularity is increasing day by day as many people are now using it. It's a free chatting app with many features including creating of channels, groups with capacity of up to 50,000 members, upload and sharing of photos, videos, apps, docs etc.
Some users complained of the high data consumption of Telegram maybe because they haven't tweaked the app to use less data just as I did. All you have to do is to disable auto playing of videos and auto download of image files including Gifs to minimize data usage but with this new Telegram Cheat, you don't need to setup all that because you will be enjoying the platform for free as if you are using freebasics.

All you need to enjoy free telegram cheat is to change your 9Mobile APN settings to , proxy to 127.0. 0.1 and port to 8080 and the doors of free chatting will open for you. This works both on Android Smartphone and PCs. In the case of PC, you will need to change the web browser proxy settings.

Also it's a relief to know that no VPN is required to activate this 9Mobile cheat for free Telegram so it's easy and simple to setup and use. It won't drain your battery and you have nothing to loose here.


Use this apn on your Etisalat (9Mobile) sim to access telegram for free as it works 100%
* Open your phone settings
* Under networks, tap +Add new APN and set it up like the one below;

> Name: etisalat
> APN:
> Proxy: 127.0. 0.1
> Port: 8080
Finally, tap on SAVE and use it for free telegram.
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Monday, 6 August 2018

New Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing For 2018

It's working again for the next 24 hours. Hello
guys, go get your Ntel SIM and enjoy this unlimited free browsing as fast as possible.

One of my friends who also happens to be a blogger, CEO WIZYTECHS  revealed this to
me this afternoon via his blog and I am passing the information now to whom it may concern.
According to Prince Owems , Ntel lines are browsing for free, there was downtime for about 48 hours but Ntel sent apology message to customers promising to fix it but surprisingly, since morning my two Ntel SIMs has been browsing free.

No special settings needed, no vpn, no
configuration. Just Insert your SIM in mifi, modem or mobile and flex. I have downloaded over 10GB worth of files today and still counting. You can use your mifi to Power your smartphones and PC for unlimited browsing.
No Dulling.

So what are you waiting for, hurry now, get your Ntel SIM where you dropped it and start browsing while this loophole still exists because it may be blocked anytime
from now.
Enjoy Ntel unlimited free browsing now!
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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Check OutThe Most Affordable And Best Data Plans For MTN,9MOBILE,AIRTEL AND GLO- August 2018

If there's one thing I hate after a low battery is slow and expensive Internet. Why should you spend a lot for something that isn't worth your money. Although sometimes the adage - penny wise, pound foolish doesn't always apply in the case of Nigerian Telcos that are always looking for ways to rip you off and take your airtime.

One day if I catch the person deducting airtime from my GLO SIM  it won't be funny.They deducted a certain amount that stopped  me from subscribing that night.

It really hurt though nevertheless let m not derail this post. So the first one on my list today is the Ntel Data Plans.

Ntel has always been fast but recently around my school (University of Port Harcourt). Then speed has dropped so badly that you wonder if it's a 3G network. Although if you download files at night you may get speeds of up to 2MB/sec. The speed may vary depending on your location, it could be faster or in a worse case scenario "slower than Glo".

You can get 6GB for N500, 12GB For N1000, 24GB for N2000 and more. Their unlimited plans aren't bad either. NTel is available at Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Abuja and its environs.

If you are A YouTube Addict or just love streaming videos then Airtel has your back -

Recharge N1000 and get 4.5GB data
(1.5GB android data + 3GB YouTube streaming)

Recharge N2000 and get 9.5GB data
(3.5GB android data + 6GB YouTube streaming)

Recharge N2500 and get 15GB data
(5GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)

Recharge N3500 and get 17 GB data
(7GB android data + 10 GB YouTube streaming)

Recharge N4000 and get 19GB data
(9GB android data + 10GB YouTube streaming)

Each of the data will last you for 30 days and the YouTube free data is only usable at night.

Dial *323# and follow the prompt to subscribe

Airtel's night plan is not bad either . The plan is exclusively for SmartTRYBE users which means you must migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE before you can enjoy the offer, dial *312# then reply with 1

To Subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for N200, 500MB for N25 and 1GB for N500
» Simply dial *312#
» For 1GB which cost N500, reply with 2 – valid for 7 days
» For 500MB which cost N25 and 1.5GB for N200, reply with 3 – Night Plan from 12am – 5am
» For 250MB which cost N200 + 30Min call, reply with 4 – Weekend: Sat and Sun

Airtel also has another plan called - Small Money Big Data

N500 gives you 1.5GB data, instead of 750MB.N1,000 gives you 3GB data, instead of 1.5GB.N1,500 gives you 7GB data, instead of 3.5GB.N2,500 gives you 11GB data, instead of 5.5GB

To get this offer just get a new Airtel SIM and dial *141#

Can Old Subscribers Get This Offer?
This offer is exclusive to new subscribers on Airtel network but if you are an old subscribers just like me, dial *144# to see if you are eligible for Airtel double data offer.

Glo Data Plans

Despite the fact that I don't really like GLO data plans anymore just because of the bad eperience I had but their Yakata plans are not bad though. On Yakata package, A Recharge of N100 and above will get you a total of 2200% values in voice calls, data and SMSs.

N200 recharge gives customers N700 in their bonus account, free 250MB for first recharge in the month, 100MB on subsequent recharge in the month.N500 recharge gives you N1750 in your bonus account, 625MB for first recharge and 250MB subsequent recharge.N1000 recharge gives you N3500 in your bonus account, 1.25GB for first recharge of the month, and 500MB subsequent rechargeN5000 recharge will have your bonus account credited with N17,500, free 6.25GB of data for first recharge in the month, 2.5GB for subsequent recharges in a month.

How To Migrate To Glo Yakata
Dial *220# to migrate. To confirm if you are on Yakata package, dial #100# on your Glo line.

Cheapest MTN Data Plans
The only MTN Data plan I use currently is the N500 for 1GB Plan. Dial *406*2# to Subscribe. You must be on MTN Pulse though

9Mobile Cheap Data Plans:

9mobile network is very much stable and reliable in most locations with 4G. The 1GB for N200 data plans is still very much active. Just get a registered sim and try the procedures below.

Dial *929*10# to get activated. Validity period for this data is 3 days. Once it expires, you can subscribe again without limits. With N1000, you can get 5GB repeating the processes highlighted.

Spar Free Unlimited Internet

Even if you are just window-shopping you can still use this for 30 Minutes anytime you are close to SPAR.

Switch On Your Mobile WiFiChoose SPAR WiFiOpen Your Mobile BrowserOne time registration with your emailConnect and download the hell out with free internet

Google Free Wifi
Google recently launched Google stations in Nigeria that gives you free access to internet via wifi. It is already live in Lagos in these locations.

 Landmark CentreThe Palms Mall Ikeja Mall Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA2) Domestic Airport Terminal.

Upon successful set-up in Lagos, the Google Station service will be expanded to other locations across five additional Nigerian cities— Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Ibadan.

I can't wait till it gets to UniPort though.

So guys that's pretty much all I could cover , if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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My 9Mobile Free 200MB Data for August 2018 – Activate And Enjoy

We enjoyed this during the time of Etisalat, and it is still very much available now on 9mobile. Do you remember MyEtisalat free 200mb? Which offered free data to users who downloaded the MyEtisalat app. Now it’sMy9Mobile free 200mb Data for August 2018, and if you repeat the same steps, you’ll get another free 200mb data on your 9mobile line.

My9Mobile is a self-service platform that offers simplified, convenient & secure access to your account. With it, you can easily see your balances, usage, validity & another status. It also helps you buy data or airtime, send airtime or borrow airtime, and many more other services!

The free 200MB data from 9mobile is a reward for downloading the My9mobile App. But who cares, as long as it can browse any site, download any file, and stream online contents. It works on all devices also; be it PC, phones, etc. Interestingly, you don’t even need to download the app, simply follow the below shortcut.

How to Activate My9mobile Free 200MB Data for August 2018

• Visit My 9mobile official web page by clicking here or visit here to download the app for your smartphone
• Register and fill out all the required details correctly.
• An OTP code will be sent to the 9mobile line you used for registration, copy and paste it in the verification box. Don’t forget to accept terms & conditions by ticking its box.
• After successful verification, click on submit to complete the registration.

Now, you’ll get a confirmation message. Wait for 24hrs, and your free 200mb will be intact in your account. To check your data balance,
dial *228#.

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How to share data on MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel? Full guide!

There are different ways to share data, and everything depends on the network that you are using. Here is a full guide on sharing data on different networks. Keep reading to find out how to share data on Glo, MTN, Airtel, and Etisalat.

What is data sharing for?

Nowadays, the Internet is a huge and undeniable part of our lives, and the modern person is totally unable to survive without internet technologies. The communication networks give you the opportunity to share internet data with people that are close to you, to make sure that they also experience all the benefits of the Internet. Nigerian networks provide you with a variety of excellent sharing plans that are constantly updated and you can choose any of them. Now, we can explore the ways of sharing data on every major Nigerian network.

How to share data on Glo?

The Glo data share is quite easy, but you will need to remember some things. Glo has a lot of plans, and all of them possess a certain unique USSD code. So, before sharing data with your friend or family member or gifting data to them, you should clearly know which exact plan they are using. Keep in mind that the USSD code is important in order to transfer data later. You will also need the phone number of the person that you are sending your data to – it is necessary when you start the process.

For sharing data, you must be subscribed to one of the Glo plans that have a feature of gifting and sharing. There are a few options that you can use to share your data and you can choose which one to use, depending on your personal preferences and needs.

In order to share data with someone else using Glo, you will have to fulfill the following steps:

You can choose whether you want to dial *127*01*[phone number of the person you are sending data to] # or to send “Share [phone number] to 127. Both options will lead to the same outcome – your data plan will be shared with this person.If you want to remove the person from data sharing, you should dial *127*02*[phone number]# or send “Remove [phone number]” to the same number 127.

Examples: *127*01*0805XXXXXXX#, Share 0805XXXXXXX, *127*02*0805XXXXXXX, Remove 0805XXXXXXX. The X’s here are the remaining digits of the phone number.

If you want to send data to someone as a gift or to fill your other number with data, you can dial *127*[USSD plan number]*[phone number] # or you can send “Gift [phone number] to the number 127.There is also an option of visiting the website from the phone while using your Glo SIM and performing the operations from there.

How to share data on MTN?

MTN has a DataShare service, which is easy and accessible to everyone. There are some data bundles, which are listed in the price list of MTN service, and you can choose one of them. You will be able to use it together with your family or from your another phone.

MTN data share is not difficult at all. You can just follow the further instructions.

Dial the number *131*2*1#. You will meet the following options:

Press 1 for the registration.Press 2 and you can change your old PIN to the new one.Press 3 and you will be able to buy some data for a gift.Press 4 and you will get the data-sharing options.

The number that you are supposed to press is 4. You will receive a message with standard 0000 pin-code, which will show that you have registered successfully. You will also be asked to provide or register the Beneficiaries MSISDN. Creating a new PIN can be possible if you dial *131*2*5# or send a message to the number 131 with the text “change 0000 [the modified pin-code] [repeat the new pin-code]”. For example, it will be like “change 0000 1111 1111”. When the pin-code is successfully replaced with the new one, you will be notified about it.

In order to share the data, your monthly plan has to be minimum 250 MB. If you have a smaller amount of MB, this denies you the possibility to share data with the other people.

To be able to share data on MTN, you have to be a customer of the PayAsYouGo service or be a user of TopUp or MTNChoice.

If you are the PayAsYouGo customer, you will need to complete the following steps:

Dial *141*2*163# in order to buy a set of data.Then, dial *141*5# if you would like to activate the MTN Data Share service.Choose the option “manage data bundles”. Then press Data Share.

If you use TopUp or MTNChoice, you will have to take the next actions:

Activate the DataShare by calling 808 or going to the MTN office closest to your area.If you called 808, you have to dial *141*5#, then press 4, and then press 2.

If you want to add some recipients to your shared bundle, you will need to dial *131*2*2# or send the text “add” to the number 131. You can add up to five recipients. After you have added them, you will be able to share your data with them without any problems, just by dialing *131*2*3# or sending the text “share” to 131.

If you would like to check your data balance, it is really easy. You can just dial *691*7# or send the text “sharebalance” to 131.

MTN also gives you an option to share credits between two MTN accounts, and for this, you have an option called Share and Sell, you will be asked to enter your PIN. There are a few ways to do it:

You can send a message to 777, containing the following information: <Transfer> <Phone number of the recipient> <Sum> <Pin>. For example: <Transfer> <0800000000> <2000> <1111>. When you are done, you will receive a message where you will be asked to confirm your transfer. Just send <Yes> to 777Dial *600*Phone number of the recipient*Sum*PIN# and then press send. For instance, it can be like *600*0800000000*2000*1111#. When you complete the transaction, you will get the confirmation about the successful completion of your operation.You can also share credits by using the official MTN site, You can do it by going in the “My contact account” section and following the instructions that you can find there.

How to share data on Airtel?

Airtel also cares about their users and makes sure they have an opportunity to share their data with everyone they love. Due to the new data plans, it became easier than ever. In case you are confused about sharing data on Airtel, the detailed explanation will be waiting for you below.

Like in the case with the previous networks, you can only share the data if your family member or friend uses the Airtel data balance plan. Sharing the Internet packs is possible in case you are a user of Airtel data share or Airtel family share. You can share any kind of internet data, regardless if it is in 2G, 3G or 4G format.

Sharing your internet data can be done with up to four people. It is also possible for you to share your data monthly. The process is simple and convenient. In case you want to know how to share data online, you will have to complete the following steps in order to be able to do it.

First of all, you should recharge your phone with the packs that include 3G or 4G internet.Check your Airtel data balance (you can do this by dialing *123*11#).If there is enough MB on your account, you can go to the Airtel’s official website. your phone number and the Airtel password or you can use a temporary password that was sent to you via text message. If you have entered everything successfully, you are logged in into the Airtel account.Then, choose the number that you would like to share your data balance with. Always double-check the number to make sure that you are not sharing with the wrong person. Airtel company does not give the data back in case you have made a typo in the number, and the person who you accidentally sent data most likely will not return it.You can only add up to four numbers and no more.When your procedure is completed, you will receive a confirmation message.

For sharing Airtel data without the Internet, you could follow the alternate method. It is called Airtel data code, and with it, you can just add any number to your list using the text message. You will not have to pay any extra money in order to use this way of sharing data.

First of all, recharge the Airtel data balance and double-check it before proceeding.Remember that you will only be able to add four numbers to your list, and you should check the numbers very carefully before adding them.Send “share” to the number 121.You will receive instructions from the customer service of Airtel. You will be told how to share your data with other people.Follow these instructions and add some numbers. The format will be like “add<space><ten-digit phone number>, and you will have to send it to 121. For example, type “add 8888888888” and then send the message to 121.The Airtel customer service is supposed to ask you for the confirmation of your actions. For confirmation, you should press 1.Now you can share your data with this number unless you would like to delete it from your contacts.

Deleting the number is quite easy. Just do the following:

Type the SMS “del<space><ten-digit phone number>” and send it to 121. For example “del 8888888888” and press send.When you have deleted the number from your data balance sharing list, this person will no longer be receiving data from you.

There are different ways to share data with a friend. You can send 10 MB by entering *141*712*11*phone number#. If you want to send 25 MB, you can dial *141*712*9*phone number#. In case you would like to send 60 MB, then you can enter *141*712*4*phone number#. However, remember that only one transaction per day can be made.

If you want to learn about the other beneficial options of Airtel, you can always visit the official website and read about them.

How to share data on Etisalat?

The last topic we will discuss in our article is Etisalat data share or if to be precise, 9Mobile because this network has changed its name in Nigeria. Many people use the 9Mobile mobile network and subscribe to the monthly plans offered by this provider. Of course, just like the other big networking companies, 9Mobile allows the users to share their data with those people who they are close with. Here, we will explain how to do it if you really wish to generously share your data with others.

To share data with other Etisalat (9Mobile) users, you will have to dial the following combination: *229*PIN*amount of MB*9Mobile number#. For instance, if you want to share 20 MB with someone, type something like *229*1111*20*0801234567# (of course, with your real pin-code and this person’s number).

If you wish to change your 9Mobile PIN, it is possible to do. The default PIN on 9Mobile is 0000. In case you would like to change it, you will have to dial *247*old pin-code*new pin-code#. The example is given, you would want to change 0000 to 1111. Dial *247*0000*1111#.

Remember that the smallest amount of data that you can send daily is 10 MB, and the largest is 50 MB. The daily limit of transferring is 250 MB. This is for the users who do not use the 9Mobile data balance plans. If you purchase the plan, your minimal limit will increase to 200 MB, while the maximum will be 20 GB.

Now you know how to share data on some of the biggest Nigerian operators, including Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat (9Mobile). Good luck in transferring the data to your friends, colleagues, and family!

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Do you think Google knows? think again! In this article, Beauty and Tips put a look at 10 useful Google moves and secrets.

Google is the world's most popular search engine. It was not even in existence twenty years ago, yet many of us do not know what to do if we are taken away from anyone suddenly?

We use Google to find information, entertainment, pictures of dogs chasing chicks (just us?) And all kinds of things on the Internet, and also earn money and make it rich, It's amazing and it's worth $ 527,000,000,000! But despite using it every day of our life, how we still know! Let's take a look at 10 useful Google moves and secrets.

Use quote to be more specific

If you are really searching for something, really specific, just typing it on Google will not always help. For example, if you are looking for "Black Leather Jacket" by James Dean, your search will be able to find those related results Will be available for those words they include - but they are not necessarily in that order. As soon as you search for your search and return the results, you need to wrap around your words. Example: "Black leather jacket worn by James Dean." The quote helps you find the exact information that you are looking for, which may otherwise be unclear with useless information.

Finding related sites

Found a website or blog that you really liked and wanted to have similar blogs there? This is actually a simple, yet least-known Google move and mystery. Let's say that there is a beauty blogger you like, but you want more unfortunately, can not give more, next best thing? Find someone like him! Before you question the website, you only have to make the word "related". For example, it will be related: beautyandtips can do whatever you want and see what comes next Tip: There is no other website like us!

How to see a word that you can not remember

You are looking for the exact word, for example, suppose that is a song you like - but you can not remember the words. In fact, you can remember that two or three of them are. This is surprisingly disappointing because if you want to know what you are looking for, Google will not return results, right? Well, actually ... if you use the asterisk symbol instead of a word that you can not remember, then Google is smart enough to fill the gap. For example: kill me baby ***

The missing word, of course, is "more time"

Using three asterisks, you're telling Google that you need help with those three words until Google can help you find out what you're looking for.

But what do you do when a lot of words are lost?

Sure fixed It will take time when some words are missing. However, Google can still help. You need to know at least the first and last words of that phrase that you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for "walking alone in the form of a cloud," then you need to know both "wandering" and "cloud". Again, you only have to move the word between the first and the last words, only with the number of missing words. It will look like this: "Winding (4) clouds." Looks really awkward. But works.

Remove unimportant keywords

When you look for something, it does not bother, and loads of irrelevant stuff? For example, suppose you wanted to find some interesting books but did not want to buy them. However, by typing "interesting books" you will probably be directed to those sites where you can buy the book. So what do you do? You use a minus sign to tell Google to leave a certain keyword. Example: "Interesting Books - Bu."

Use aBut what do you do when a lot of words are lost?

Sure fixed It will take time when some words are missing. However, Google can still help. You need to know at least the first and last words of that phrase that you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for "walking alone in the form of a cloud," then you need to know both "wandering" and "cloud". Again, you only have to move the word between the first and the last words, only with the number of missing words. It will look like this: "Winding (4) clouds." Looks really awkward. But works.

Use hyphen to avoid content that you do not want

The problem with the English language is that in some words there are two, three or maybe four different meanings. Especially in our modern world. Take, for example, an apple word. Apple is a fruit, but it is also the name of one of the largest corporations in the world. Type in apple in Google, and you will get results for both fruit and company making iPhone. It's an easy way to filter the content you do not want to see using a hyphen. For example, if you are searching the brand for apple and do not want to see the results of the fruit, then type it: apple-foot (hyphen must be close to the word). Then Google will exclude all results containing the words of the fruit.

Use a colon to find results from just one site

Looking for an article from a particular site? You can type something like this: Wayne Rooney BBC Sport Football Hopelessly, however, this will not work. Google will still give results from many different websites. Instead, if there is a specific article that you are looking for from a specific website, then you need to use a colon to separate the topic and website. Example: Wayne Rooney site: Type it in Google and only the results of that particular website will be shown.

Find Events from a Specific Period of Time

Want to find the best art in the 19th century? Google lets you put a deadline on your search results. For example, if you want to find the best art in the 19th century, you can type "Best Art 1800 ... 1900" in Google. You can also be more specific. Try it out: "Best Art 1850 ... 1900." It works perfectly!

Use synonyms

Finally, if you are not looking for a specific phrase but want to find a number of websites related to a particular topic, you can refine your search just like the following: "healthy food".

What are your favorite Google moves and secrets?

Be happy
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How To Generate HTML Sitemap Page On Blogger Blog

Before going forward to add Sitemap pageit is very important to understand the difference between HTML sitemap and XML sitemap.

What Is XML Sitemap?

Actually, the Search engine uses their respective web crawlers (bots) to discover pages from links within the site and from other sites. XML Sitemap is a .xml file attached to your website which supplies this data to crawlers. Sitemap file consists of all posts URL with additional information regarding each URL. The Search engine uses this data to index your posts in the best possible way. Use of XML Sitemap file guarantees that your web pages will get indexed in search engines.

What Is HTML Sitemap?

HTML sitemap is a regular HTML page which can be read by search engine bots as well as by visitors. Web crawler treats it like a regular HTML page (with many links). The main purpose of the using HTML based sitemap is to represent all your posts in an organized manner so that your users can navigate all of your posts through a single page.
- Post list will update automatically with the addition of new posts.
- Automatic addition of Suffix 'new' to newly added posts.
- Sorted alphabetically (ascending)

How To Add Sitemap Page In Blogger

Note: This is Label Based Sitemap Page and you can only apply label based themes on it.
Step 1. Login to your Blogger account, then go to Pages > New page.
Create HTML based Sitemap Page on Blogger
Step 2. Enter "Site Map" in Page title field.
Step 3. Switch to HTML mode.
How to add sitemap in blogger
Step 4. Enter following inside blank field.
Note: Clear any default code inside HTML field before pasting provided code.
<script type='text/javascript'>

var postTitle = new Array();
var postUrl = new Array();
var postPublished = new Array();
var postDate = new Array();
var postLabels = new Array();
var postRecent = new Array();
var sortBy = "titleasc";
var numberfeed = 0;

function bloggersitemap(a) {
    function b() {
        if ("entry" in a.feed) {
            var d = a.feed.entry.length;
            numberfeed = d;
            ii = 0;
            for (var h = 0; h < d; h++) {
                var n = a.feed.entry[h];
                var e = n.title.$t;
                var m = n.published.$t.substring(0, 10);
                var j;
                for (var g = 0; g <; g++) {
                    if ([g].rel == "alternate") {
                        j =[g].href;
                var o = "";
                for (var g = 0; g <; g++) {
                    if ([g].rel == "enclosure") {
                        o =[g].href;
                var c = "";
                if ("category" in n) {
                    for (var g = 0; g < n.category.length; g++) {
                        c = n.category[g].term;
                        var f = c.lastIndexOf(";");
                        if (f != -1) {
                            c = c.substring(0, f)
                        postLabels[ii] = c;
                        postTitle[ii] = e;
                        postDate[ii] = m;
                        postUrl[ii] = j;
                        postPublished[ii] = o;
                        if (h < 10) {
                            postRecent[ii] = true
                        } else {
                            postRecent[ii] = false
                        ii = ii + 1
    sortBy = "titledesc";

function sortPosts(d) {
    function c(e, g) {
        var f = postTitle[e];
        postTitle[e] = postTitle[g];
        postTitle[g] = f;
        var f = postDate[e];
        postDate[e] = postDate[g];
        postDate[g] = f;
        var f = postUrl[e];
        postUrl[e] = postUrl[g];
        postUrl[g] = f;
        var f = postLabels[e];
        postLabels[e] = postLabels[g];
        postLabels[g] = f;
        var f = postPublished[e];
        postPublished[e] = postPublished[g];
        postPublished[g] = f;
        var f = postRecent[e];
        postRecent[e] = postRecent[g];
        postRecent[g] = f
    for (var b = 0; b < postTitle.length - 1; b++) {
        for (var a = b + 1; a < postTitle.length; a++) {
            if (d == "titleasc") {
                if (postTitle[b] > postTitle[a]) {
                    c(b, a)
            if (d == "titledesc") {
                if (postTitle[b] < postTitle[a]) {
                    c(b, a)
            if (d == "dateoldest") {
                if (postDate[b] > postDate[a]) {
                    c(b, a)
            if (d == "datenewest") {
                if (postDate[b] < postDate[a]) {
                    c(b, a)
            if (d == "orderlabel") {
                if (postLabels[b] > postLabels[a]) {
                    c(b, a)

function sortlabel() {
    sortBy = "orderlabel";
    var a = 0;
    var b = 0;
    while (b < postTitle.length) {
        temp1 = postLabels[b];
        firsti = a;
        do {
            a = a + 1
        } while (postLabels[a] == temp1);
        b = a;
        sortPosts2(firsti, a);
        if (b > postTitle.length) {

function sortPosts2(d, c) {
    function e(f, h) {
        var g = postTitle[f];
        postTitle[f] = postTitle[h];
        postTitle[h] = g;
        var g = postDate[f];
        postDate[f] = postDate[h];
        postDate[h] = g;
        var g = postUrl[f];
        postUrl[f] = postUrl[h];
        postUrl[h] = g;
        var g = postLabels[f];
        postLabels[f] = postLabels[h];
        postLabels[h] = g;
        var g = postPublished[f];
        postPublished[f] = postPublished[h];
        postPublished[h] = g;
        var g = postRecent[f];
        postRecent[f] = postRecent[h];
        postRecent[h] = g
    for (var b = d; b < c - 1; b++) {
        for (var a = b + 1; a < c; a++) {
            if (postTitle[b] > postTitle[a]) {
                e(b, a)

function displayToc() {
    var a = 0;
    var b = 0;
    while (b < postTitle.length) {
        temp1 = postLabels[b];
        document.write('<div class="post-archive"><h4>' + temp1 + '</h4><div class="ct-columns">');
        firsti = a;
        do {
            document.write('<a " href="' + postUrl[a] + '">' + postTitle[a] + "");
            if (postRecent[a] == true) {
                document.write(' - <strong><span>New!</span></strong>')
            a = a + 1
        } while (postLabels[a] == temp1);
        b = a;
        sortPosts2(firsti, a);
        if (b > postTitle.length) {


<script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=bloggersitemap"></script>
Note: Dismiss any type of HTTPS errors.
Step 5. Configuration
- Replace with your blog URL.

Step 6. Under Page settings > inside Search Description field add page description.
Step 7. Click on Options > under Reader comments > select Don't allow > Done.
Automatically updating tabular list of posts for blogspot
Step 8. Click Publish.
Note: This tutorial is only about to add Simple HTML Sitemap. You can apply different colorful themes on this sitemap.
Happy Blogging!
You have successfully added an HTML based sitemap page on your blog. Place your Site Map page link, wherever you would like to show your Site Map page
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AnonyTun and APN Settings for Glo 0.0kb August 2018 Free Browsing Cheat

Glo internet connection signal now turns on even without active data which has made Glo 0.0kb free browsing cheat to be back and unlimited. In this post, we shall be discussing AnonyTun and APN Settings for Glo 0.0kb August 2018 Free Browsing Cheat.

AnonyTun and APN Settings for Glo 0.0kb August 2018 Free Browsing Cheat


1. Glo SIM with with #0.00 balance
2. Stable Glo network
3. AnonyTun Beta VPN App

APN Settings

Configure your mobile phone APN settings as follows:

  • Name: Glo 00
  • APN: 176.90.6868.67:4430@_Ultra
  • APN Type: Default, Supl
  • Proxy: Blank
  • Port: Blank
  • Username: (leave blank)
  • Password: (leave blank)

AnonyTun BETA VPN Settings for GLO 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat 2018

Download and install AnonyTun Beta Apk here, then launch the app.Click on CONFIGURACIÓN (stealth settings), then turn on Stealth TunnelChange Protocolo to HTTP and change Puerto to 80Tick PAYLOAD and then tap Editar Payload (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)

Follow the next screen and use the below settings.

URL/Host: redirect.glo.comRequest method: POSTInjection method: NormalTick User-Agent and leave other boxes un-tickedThen click on Generate, then Save

Now turn on your data connection. Navigate back to AnonyTun VPN app homepage and tap the CONNECTAR button. You can now start browsing and downloading till mama calls.

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