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Saturday, 25 August 2018


Step 1. First of all in your windows PC download and install the tool Android Data Recovery.

Step 2. Now you have to enable USB debugging in your android for that you have to go to Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number and tap on it 7-10 times. Now you will see developer option in your settings and tap on it and scroll down and enable USB Debugging

Step 3. Now launch the tool that you installed in your PC and from there select your android version and proceed by connecting your android to your PC via USB cable. Now select the messages at the recovery section and then simply click on next.

Step 4. Now the Android Data Recovery software will ask you to Allow/Grant/ Authorize the access in order to get the privilege to scan SMS data. simply allow it

Step 5. Now after the scan gets completed you will see all the deleted text messages from the android device, click on the items you want to restore and then click on “Recover” button.

That’s it! you are done, now the restoring process will begin and all your messages will get recover.

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Friday, 24 August 2018

Fastest Way To Download Files On Android Device

There are many people who don't pay attention to their mobile phone's download speed; mainly because most of the files that we've downloaded on our mobiles are usually just a few megabytes.

However many people work with larger files, so increasing download speed can really make a difference that they cant go without. There are a variety of different add ons and apps you can get to improve file downloads with Android.

Through the AndroGET free app, we can stop, restart and re-order our download queue as well as speeding up large downloads. If you don't know how to use this excellent android app, we atOneHowTo show you how to do it step by step:

You'll need:

An Android device with internet access.

Steps to follow:


Install the AndroGET app from the Android Market. It's completely free to download an use!


Once you have installed the app, open the app's "Settings" using the icon at the top right of the screen. From here you canadjust the number of simultaneous downloads, download notifications, and the destination folder for new downloads, as well as other default settings.


AndroGET works with most common Android browsers such as chrome or the default browser so you can continue to use your existing browser. The next time you see a download link, instead of using the default download option, press and hold the link to select it and then click 'Share link' to open and download the file faster withAndroGET.


The app will automatically ask you if you want to confirm the download. If, a password is required by a particular file, click 'Credentials' and enter the password. Then, click on 'Download' to confirm.


The download should begin in the background. To check its progress, swipe the notification bar and click 'AndroGET' icon to open the download manager. Wait while the file downloads and check to see how much quicker it is!

So there you go, using just one free app you can easily increase download speed of large files on your Android smartphone!

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MTN Free Airtime Using My MTN App

It is quite surprising that MTN is beginning to have loopholes here and there after all these years. First, it was the August cheat and now it is the free airtime cheat. In case you don’t know, when you download MyMTN app, and you input your MTN phone number, you will be rewarded with 500MB free data to browse and download whatever you want to download online.

MyMTN app is just more than an app that rewards you with 500MB free data, you can also get free airtime from it. The amount of airtime range from N100 – any amount that you can accumulate. Just make sure that you accumulate any amount possible.

By now, you should have MyMTN app installed into your Android or iOS device. If not, download it here. Launch the MyMTN app and go to Recharge section. Under the Recharge section, go to Recharge via Topup card. On the next window, click on Check card status. Now input any of the following serial numbers that are going to be mentioned below into the slot;






Make sure you replace the asterisk (*) sign with three (3) random numbers, and hit check status. If the notification says, “Voucher available,” then go to you dialer and call MTN customer care – 180.

Select your preferred 5.Enter the serial number that you used and press #.Press 1.Enter the asterisks (*) sign sixteen (16) times and press #.Press 1.Enter your MTN phone number and press #.Press 1. and wait for the confirmation message.

Most times, when you check if the serial number is available, it will come back with an already used notification. Juat change the last three digits and try again, it doesn’t matter, you will get it.

NOTE: This tweak is for educational purposes, please mind how you use it as we are not responsible for anything that will happen to your MTN SIM card.

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Check The Latest Way To Eligible For MTN Deal Zone To Get 4GB For N1000, 1GB For N200

MTN is really taking data plan to the next level of affordability with the latest and cheapest data bonus. The fight for the cheapest data plan in Nigeria is getting more hot. This is MTN 4GB for N1000.
We love it when Telcos offer us cheap data plans that doesn’t zap at all. After ending the weekend with timeless blow from MTN NG to SME data resellers, another week have started and I think we should cool off with this.
Unlike other data plans from other network, MTN occasionally gives you some deal zone offer and I think every sim is eligible for the offer except if village people are using your sim.
MTN Deal zone offers you 4GB for N1000 unlike the normal data plan that gives you 1.5GB for N1000. You also get 1GB for N200 and 250MB for  N100.
You can enjoy the data plan for a specific duration normally depending on the plan you choose.

Will it Work on all my Devices?

Yes, it will work on Android, ios, PC and other eligible devices  that can surf the net.

How do I Get This offer 4GB for N1000?

Dial *131*65# and choose your plan.
What is the validity period for each offer?
For the 4GB for N100 (30 days validity)
1GB for N200 (7 days validity)
250MB for N100 (3 days validity)

Is my SIM card eligible?

Currently, I’ve test over 3 SIM card around my home and they seems to be eligible for the offer. That means, if your SIM is not eligible, you better look for another.
But am definitely sure all MTN sim cards are eligible for the subscription. So get along with it and enjoy!

Does it accumulate data?

The accumulation of this data plan is still yet unknown. But I really think, you can simply subscribe to this plan and also accumulate it over and over again. Possibly, you might accumulate up to 20GB for N5000.
As to when the data bonus will expire is yet unknown, but MTN subscribers are expected to subscribe to this data plan right now! And also, note that renewal still remains unsure.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Latest Cheap MTN 4GB for N1000, 1GB for N200, 250MB for N100 Data On MTN Deal Zone

MTN has unveiled new cheap data plans under its "Deal Zone" packages that now offers customers 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200 Data which is open to all MTN Nigeria subscribers so we believe it's not based on eligibility unless your case is specifically traceable in the Village . 

MTN Deal Zone offer doesn't come regularly but once it's available, you need to make use of the opportunity as it offers you one of the cheapest data plans which you may not get elsewhere. 

Just imagine getting 4GB for just N1000 unlike the normal data plan that gives you 1.5GB for that same N1000. You also get 1GB for N200 while the normal plan gives you 250MB for N100.

These plans has variable validity periods which is dependent on the particular plan you subscribed to. For instance, the 4GB Plan lasts for one month while the 1GB plan lasts for 7 days. 

All the data plans on MTN Deal Zone works on Android, ios, PC, modem and all internet eligible devices. Even your Java phones. 


To activate MTN 4GB for N1000 data plan, dial *131*65# and choose your preferred plan. There will be options for other plans in the deal zone offer. 


✔️ For the 4GB for N1000 (30 days validity)
✔️ 1GB for N200 (7 days validity)
✔️ 250MB for N100 (3 days validity)

MTN Deal Zone plans serves as an Promo to put a smile on customers face with very cheap data offers which are different from the normal data plans for the network.

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How To get 1GB on Vodacom South Africa SIM

This my vodacom 1GB free data trick(hack)

1. Download My vodacom app from playstore

2. Sign up on the app whit your number

3. The next day you will recieve your 1GB

Thank you

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Easy Steps to Unlock Your Android Without a Google Account

Android, like all other operating systems, has built-in security access to restrict unauthorized use of the device. Android relies on a PIN, a password, and/or a pattern form of security to protect your device. When you incorrectly try multiple times to enter your pattern, Android automatically locks your device. To unlock your Android device without using a Google account, you will need to perform a hard reset. Keep in mind that the hard reset process erases all the data on your Android device.


Switch off your device and remove the SD card, if any. Press the Power button to turn the Android off, and then remove the SD card from the device if you have one inserted. This is to avoid it being overwritten during the hard reset process.

Put your Android device into Recovery mode. Different Android devices have different methods to boot into recovery mode, but they all employ hardware keys.For most devices, you’ll need to simultaneously hold the Power button and Volume keys. Hold these buttons together at the same time until your phone boots. A DOS-like screen will be displayed with different options.

Go to Restore Factory Defaults. Use the Volume key to move up and down the options. Highlight “Restore Factory Defaults” and press the Power button to select it.

Select “Yes, delete all user data.” The device will begin resetting. The reset process may take a while as it deletes your device’s data.

Select “Reboot system.” Once the reset is complete, use the Volume key to scroll to the “Reboot system” option, then press the Power button to reboot your device. Your device should reboot without prompting a pattern/password to unlock it. Now you can go to the device settings to set up a new security password/pattern—just remember your new password/pattern this time.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Easy Way To Download All Paid Pro Premium Apps And Games Direct From Play Store Using GET APK APP 2018 - Realitytech

Hello Guys, Today i have another trick for you on how to download any premium/Paid App and Game directly from Play Store Using GET APK App2018.

What Is Get Apk?

GetAPK market is the best platform for downloading All Paid /Premium android apps and games in APK format for free . Check out the best android market in your Android device: It allows you to download apps from any hoster and install them. When we are talking about android apps and games downloading, Google Play store comes in our mind. Google Play Store is the best hub for downloading all type of android apps and games.

Follow The Tutorial Accordingly
1-Firstly Download And Install Get Apk App:- HERE

2-After that,  go to playstore and search on the app you want and click on it.

3-Scroll down and click on share.

4-You will see pop up click on Getapk and it will load the app.

5-Then click on Get.

6-When you click on Get you will see option asking you to chose a mirror.

7-Click any of the mirror and then immediately click on Open in browser.

8-When you click open in browser, you will see pop up chose ucbrowser and follow the screen process to download and enjoy your app.

That is All. With this guide you will be able to download any premium/paid Apps directly  from playstore for free.

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Monday, 20 August 2018

MTN Social Media Cheat For SA Power All Apps

How to purchase/buy Twitter data on MTN SA

1. Launch Dial/Phone app
2. Dial *141*2# >> Press "1" for menu
3. Choose options "5. Social Bundles"
4. Then options "4. Twitter"

You will see:
       1. 1 day Twitter 20MB (R1.00)
       2. 7 days Twitter 100MB (R5.00)
       3. 30 days Twitter 1GB (R10.00)

AnonyTun VPN Pro Setting For The Cheat

Settings 1:

Settings 2:

I prefer you to buy option 3 so that you can enjoy 1GB for 30 days with Power All Apps

Enjoy guys

Note: the host it refuses to connect sometimes so simply inbox me if it stopped on not working

Guys this Cheat when you are connected

You can get access to Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Internet, Telegram,

Everything guys

Blazing 🔥 Hot

Tested | working | Stable
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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Why Should You Blog - Blogging Part 1

I began my  blogging at the year of 2016. As long as  how blogging has been around – that’s a pretty late Beginning.
Question pls! Why is  anyone want to blog? There are many of reasons for that. And it’s still a great and adept time to get into it.

 See some list and some of the reasons why.
1. It’s jolly and rewarding Blogging is so jolly. I have to write about things. I enjoy it, and i meet so many people online who share the same interests.
I spent most of my career sitting behind a computer. At one of my jobs we worked in a room with no windows that we called the cave. Don’t get me wrong – I love being behind a computer. But there isn’t much social interaction.

When I decided in 2016. I was going to flip my life on its head and do exactly the opposite of everything I’ve ever done:-
•To help people with their problems.
•To go to conferences and meet many people.
•To talk to people (you don’t do that much as a programmer).
my entire outlook on life changed. I get to help people with their finances. I’m making a difference.

2. You’ll make new friends
I have made so many new friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s amazing! Relationships might start out as comments on a post, replying to a Tweet, or an email.
My virtual friends end up becoming people I hang out with who live close by, or people I see at conferences. I have a whole bunch of new people I’ve met that I consider friends.
Often you might feel alone –
Am I the only person out there that likes Tonkinese cats?

But if you start blogging about Tonkinese cats, suddenly other Tonkinese cat lovers find you. And because of your common interest, you quickly form a common bond.
Blogging is a great way to meet like-minded people that share your hobbies, beliefs, values, and goals.

3. You’ll learn new things
I am a life-long learner. When I lived in Atlanta, I would visit the library once a week, check out the new releases, and pick up any book that looked interesting.
The reason I love writing about personal finance is that there is so much to learn. From extreme couponing to 403(b) annuities to tax deductions through conservation easements (haven’t heard of that one, have you?)
No matter what subject you pick to write about – even if it’s you – there are new things to discover. Writing is just putting your thoughts to paper. You can have an opinion, observation, or just ask questions.

There is no need to become a research specialist when it comes to learning. Everything you could want to know is available online.

4. You’ll challenge yourself
I am an introvert. What was surprising to me at the last conference I attended were how many people stood up in front of a room full of people and said:
•I am an introvert.
•I am shy.
Blogging is a way to break through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing your best life.
If you want to remain behind the scenes and write for the pure joy of it – that’s ok too! Nothing says you have to do a road tour and meet all of your readers.
But everyone I’ve heard from and talk to say the same thing:
Getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there was the best decision I ever made.

5. You can grow a business
In just 18 months of blogging here is a list of the amazing opportunities I’ve had:
•Speaking at a big financial conference
•Being interviewed on the radio
•Being interviewed on dozens of podcasts with a reach of hundreds of thousands of listeners
•I’ve been quoted countless times in online publications, including Forbes and U.S. News & World Report
All of these help build my brand and grow my business.

6. You can save on taxes
You won’t find this reason mentioned except on a personal finance blog.
Blogging is a business. When you make money from it, you become a business owner.
There is a different tax code for business owners, and the benefits are HUGE.
Now I do not claim to be a tax expert (I am probably compared to you, but I’m not going to do your taxes). I’ve been a small business owner since 2000. The number of deductions you can take if you own a business compared to a non-business owner is incredible.

If I find a relevant business conference in Orlando (Disneyworld!) I can write-off all my travel expenses (not for my kids, but my food, plane ticket, lodging, etc.).
Because I have a home office, I deduct 10% of all my utilities as a business expense (my office makes up 10% of the size of my house).
If you run your business expenses through a credit card, you can accumulate points for free benefits. My wife and I have flown to Hawaii and stayed one week at the Four Seasons – for free. It was paid for with credit card points we accumulated from legitimate business expenses.
You can end up with thousands of dollars in deductions.

I do want to point out there are IRS rules for having a legitimate business. I won’t get into them here. Bottom line – if you start a blog, and your blog starts making money – you have a business.
Seek out a tax expert so you can take advantage of the tax benefits of being a small business owner.

7. You have something to say
That’s right – you have something to say! Everyone does.
Right now you might be wondering – what should I blog about?
Tomorrow I’ll give you a sure-fire way to find the one thing you’ll love to write about.
8. To have financial freedom
While this guide is about how to make money blogging, money is just a tool to achieve your goals in life.

People can tell in your writing if you are passionate about something. You could make a lot of money blogging about fashion for example. But if you aren’t fashionable or don’t care much for fashion, you’re much less likely to succeed. And you want to succeed, right?
There are dozens of things I could have blogged about and made a lot more money, but I like helping people with their money. One guy put it appropriately –
You’re going to start a business that helps broke people who don’t have any money to pay you?
Yes. Because for me, the opportunities to build a profitable business extend beyond helping those who may be broke.

Blogging is a path to financial freedom. Like any other job, it will take time and effort. However being a blogger, you’re in the driver’s seat. You’re the boss. You work as much or as little as you want.

Action items
Every part in this series includes one small, manageable step. So are you ready to get started?
All I want you to do is write down the reasons you want to blog. You can certainly pick more than one!
Writing for writing’s sake (journaling) is great to record your life and events. But if you want to be a successful blogger and achieve some of those things in the list I mentioned, you need to know your Big Why.
Knowing your Big Why is what’s going to motivate you to follow through and take each daily action.
Stay Tuned For more Updates. 
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