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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Mtn 0.00k And Mpulse Data Cheat 2 in 1 configuration file For Http injector And KPN tunnel Revelation

Http injector and Kpn tunnel Rev mtn 2in1 config

Hello friends, recently it's been really fun because we can all browse again on an MTN SIM network without paying money. I'm really happy because it is working for everyone without any issues.

We should also not forget that MTN mpulse data cheat is still hot flashes, and now, we have MTN 0.0k free browsing cheat. This is actually a coincidence. MTN-2 in1-config-file -0.0k- and mpulse-cheat

We have shared different configuration files for different VPNs for MTN MPL Cheat and MTN 0.0k cheat. but guess what? We have created a new 2-in-1 configuration file that works for both MTN 0.0k cheat and MTN MPLS data. Exactly the right?

We will only update this post with the new 2-in-1 configuration files which works for both MTN 0.0k and mPulse Data Deception. I will stop updating the old post with the new configuration files.

I believe we are not new to MTN 0.0k cheat and mPulse data cheat. If you are a new comer for this blog, please join our telegram group chat completely - here.

HTTP Injector and KPN Tunnel Rev 2in1 Configuration Files

For HTTP Injector VPN

  1. 2in1 Config File - Download Here (Does not work for Rooted Android phones. Configure 5-September-2018 will expire)
  2. If you do not know about importing a configuration file on an HTTP Injector vpn, click here to read the post - (just scroll on "How to configure")

KPN Tunnel for Rev VPN

  1. 2in1 Config File - Download Here (Works for all Android phones. Configure 5-October-2018 will expire)
  2. If you do not know how to import a configuration file on KPN Rev, click here to read the post - (just scroll on "How to configure")

I will keep this post updated with new configuration files before the expiration date. Do not forget to join our telegram group for hot cheats and discussions - join here.
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Thursday, 13 September 2018

How To Grow Your Blog And Get More Readers - Blogging Part 9

What can you do to increase your blog? As your blog grows, it helps you make more money.
Millions of page views and visitors do not need a big blog to earn money. Unless you are adding value to your visitors, you can earn good income with a small, specific site.
My adoption website is a very small place. It does not get much traffic, but it still removes a good profit every month.

Yes, the more visitors you can, the more you can do. You definitely want to do more to drive more traffic to your site and create your email list. Following are some of the top tips to increase your blog traffic. When you continue your blogging journey, you can find each of these tips.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the practice of writing your blog post so that they can rank higher in search engines. It is quite enough to enter science and pathway.

There are all types of books, courses and websites dedicated to search engine optimization. You can just spend hours learning the basics.

Install Yoest SEO WordPress Plugin

Yoest SEO plugin is a free WordPress add-on that helps you write blog posts that are search engine optimized. It's installed on more than 1 million blogs - because it's good.

This is an easy way to start learning SEO. The plugin shows the correct in WordPress below your post editor. What you have to decide for better suggestions, this will give you suggestions. Apart from this, it gives you suggestions for improving the readability of your posts.

Make a note that as soon as you move in your writing - maybe a few months from now - you go back to this topic again.

Guest post

Guest posting is where you write a blog article for someone else's website. There are two very important reasons for guest posting:

1. You can drive a ton of traffic on your website

The guest posted an article on Penny Hurder and found 155 email subscribers and 2,500 new pageviews in 48 hours.
I was also posted on guest guitar and got an email client.
You never know what results you will get. But sometimes you have to try to find out.

2. To get links to your website

One of the reasons why you rank higher in Google and other search engines is that how high quality websites link to your website. This is part of secret sauce, and Google does not tell us how important it is, but it is important.
For example, Forbes is a very prestigious website. The article published on is more likely to rank higher than the published articles on (or whatever). Due to Forbes' reputation, Forbes puts articles on high positions in Google search results (usually).

If I can be quoted in Forbes or become a contributing writer on and includes a link to in the quote / article, then Google will look at that link. My website post gets high position in Google because it is related to

The word fancy for this strategy is called backlinking. The more links you have from other reputable websites on your website, the more you will appear in search results.
The easiest way to get those backlinks is to guest post.

Make it easy to share your content

All your blog posts should have buttons that your readers can share with their posts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.)
And it's easy to be!

Here are two tools I've used and recommended.


Another feature of the free Sumomi Tool mentioned in the Email List Building Lesson is that it includes free sharing tools. It's free!

social wars

The social warfare sharing plugin that I currently use on my website. I used Sumomi at one time and then I switched to the social warfare. For my life, I do not remember why I do not remember why. I think Social Warfare had an email button and at that time there was no Sumomi.
You have to decide what features you want and then choose the software that meets your goals.

Share other Blogger content

If I re-tweet or republish the material from Money Magazine then I have zero profits because Money Magazine is a big company who does not care who I am. If the article was good then it benefits my followers.
If I repost or republish the content from a popular blogger - (for example Stephanie O'Connell) - My readers and followers benefit because I am sharing valuable content with other people.

Note: I will be joining this section to assist other bloggers, but I will be honest in your help. If you only try to get something from someone else, then you will not make a connection with that person. I liked Stephanie's blog and the content because I had seen it before. New York City has a wonderful story to break, and it has built this wonderful personal finance business in a few years. I help Stephanie because I like Stephanie because I do not want to or expect to get anything from the relationship.

It is not possible for you to cover every aspect of your subject. At some point, you have to share the content of other people. You are going to get sick or go on vacation and will not be able to write. Where else would you change the content of others?

Link your posts together

If you write ten different blog posts about different ways to create sandwiches, try linking between your posts when it's relevant.

for example:

• You have a blog post on making sours bread
• Then you write another blog post on making a wonderful grilled cheese sandwich

If your grilled cheese sandwich uses sourdough bread, then link it to your sourdough bread recipe.

There are two important reasons to add your posts together:

1. It keeps the reader on your site and makes it more likely that they will read more of your posts. The more they read, the more page views you get, the more your blog traffic increases.

2. Search engines look at the posts that link to each other that are better than a post which does not have internal linking. Your post will rank highly in search engines. Ten posts about bread consonants that do not connect with each other are not as good in the eyes of search engines as ten terms about bread recipes that connect with each other. Do not Be Crazy - When Only Links to Other Articles

Pin to Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top traffic sources for many blogs. When I sat through a Pinterest session in a recent conference, I was blown away.
Bob Over in SeedTime Personal Finance showed us how he was using Pinterest to generate more than 1,000,000 page views on his website in a year. Vishal!

I'm not an expert on Pinterest, nor do I want to be. I bought my wife Katie for a course on Pinterest, and she set everything on my blog. Now I get 1,500 visits from Pinterest on my blog in a month.

While Bob is less than 80,000 / month, it still has 1,500 people in a month which I can never reach I could do a lot better, but Pinterest is not a high priority for me.

The Pinterest course I have bought for Melissa on blog clarity is that. Once you become a Pinterest expert, it will take a lot of time for you to find a bunch of free information, which is very cheap.

Help other bloggers

Do you look forward to helping me because I am giving you all this wonderful information for free?
You got this right - you are more likely to help me. That help can come in this form:

• Tell people that you know about my website
• Promote me on my social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
• Share my content with others
• Linking to your blog from your blog
• giving me a testimonial
• Referring to a person who you can meet in the future, even if it is one year from now

A rising tide lifts all the boats.

Other bloggers - even if they blog about the same topic - there are no competition.
You will not believe how big the pie is, and there is so much for everyone.

You can try to go it alone and can not help anyone. The result will be that it will take you 2-3 times more time to increase your blog. But if you are sincerely ready to help others, they will help you in return.

Warning: When I say honest, I mean. People can smell a mile away a mile away. When I first started blogging, I was guilty of it. If you start to be friends with other bloggers before, sometimes in the future they will help you in launching your eBook, promote your blog, your course, introduce you to anyone - whatever - because you Have friends

A few months after I started blogging, I went to the Podcasting Conference and ran to Philip Taylor of (PT). PT is a great boy. They presented me with a group of people in personal finance, which had been blogging and podcasting over the years. He and I have become friends - I have taken him and his family for dinner too.

If PT has ever asked me for help, then you can bet I would say yes. Because the friends do this for each other.
Always give you more than you get.

Action items
A big bunch of ideas, right? Let's keep it simple.
1. Add social sharing buttons to your website
Hopefully, you've already added SumoMe on your website to start collecting email addresses. If you have not - go ahead and install it.

Add free SumoMe share tools so that your visitors can share your content with your friends, family and others. The more people share your site and content, the more viral traffic goes back to your site.

2. Identify a blog with which you want to create a relationship
Follow them on social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and post them again a piece of their content 1-2 times per week.
If you want to mess up, leave an email to say hello to them and tell them why you like them. Honesty wins.

3. Install Yoest SEO Plugin in WordPress
Once you have installed this free plugin, it will help guide you in the writing of search engine friendly blog posts.

Stay connected to  for more updates. We have a lot to offer to you friends.
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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Http Injector Configration For Mtn 0.00k Free Browsing Cheat

Hello friends, this is the latest MTN NG 0.0k free browsing cheat which is currently working on HTTP Injector VPN. This cheat is not unlimited but some sims have been installed on 1 GB while some sims are capsized at 2 GB-3GB per day.


 So far there has been an interesting year for free browsing cheats, because we are still enjoying MTN MPulse cheat data browsing. If you are indeed a loyal reader on Blog, then you will agree with whatever i have said to me.

I will drop a new HTTP Injector configuration file for this MTN 0.0k free browsing cheat. It works on both MTN 4G and 3G SIM. Without wasting more time, let's get off on the settings.

HTTP Injector Settings for MTN NG 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat


  • An android phone
  • MTN NG 3G or 4G SIM without active data
  • Use Default MTN API Settings
  • HTTP Injector VPN - Download Here
  • Config file for http injector vpn Download it Here [You must join our Telegram Group for it, it's pinned there]. Or >> Here

How to Import Configured on HTTP Injector VPN

> First, download the HTTP Injector VPN and MTN 0.0k from the above link

> After installing the HTTP Injector, launch the VPN app

> Tap on the paper icon located in the top-right corner

Tap on import configuration and locate the MTN 0.0k configured file in download folder and tap to import.

> Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it is connected, launch your browser and start browsing at full speed.

Note that this configuration file will end (20-October-2018). But do not worry, I'll provide another configuration file and update this post.

This cheat doesn't work unlimitedly on all MTN sims. It's capped on some sims. If yours stopped connecting, kindly force stop HTTP Injector and connect again.
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Latest Hot Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Blazing With Tweakware Vpn This September 2018

Mtn Tweakware free browsing cheat

Tweakware vpn make you able to browse and download for free on MTN Sims. This is the latest MTN free browsing for September 2018.

I will show you how to set up this MTN free internet and you can browse with N0.00's SIM, there is no data or airtime.

Last month, MTN Nigeria released a new data plan called MTN MPL. Since then, I am providing different methods for myself to browse at full speed. Now, we have done it again and on your MTN SIM, you can browse, download and stream for free without paying.

If you are new to this blog, then I can really say, you are on the right website for free browsing cheats. This is the main source of free internet tricks in Nigeria and formerly used tunneling on all methods Different methods are provided on free browing  and downloading methods.

If we are starting to mention some free internet tricks then this top tech has been provided in the website, I am not sure that we will go to the main topic today. That way, if you have not Join our active telegram group, now join us here. majority of Your Free Internet Moves On All Countries


  • MTN Sim with Zero Airtime
  • Tweakware VPN Latest Version
  • An Android device


1. Join Our Telegram group to download the Config file to import[ It has
been pinned there].
2. Now Download and Install  Tweakware VPN
3. Click on " Settings "
>> You will see 5 options
4. Click on " Import Tweak ".
5. Now head to the folder where you downloaded the Tweakware Config for MTN Free browsing.
6. Tap on it and it will import.
7. Now click on the Settings icon on Tweakware and choose " IMPORT" tweak.

>> Finally activate your MTN Data and Click on CONNECT
on Tweakware.

Tweakware VPN will connect and inform you that you have 350MB daily limit, but don't mind them, just continue blazing it. It is actually unlimited.
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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

How To Get Back All Your Data From Google Account

When a company is interested in getting as much of your personal information as much as possible, the most important thing is that you need to see how you can get it back.

According to Android Central, Google is one of those companies who use data and analytics to make profits, and since almost every Android user is a Google customer, it's something to take back our data that we all know.

I am not suggesting that Google is out to get you in any way because it is not a good way to keep customers. Google stores securely by wrapping some of the money that is generated from our data. But if you decide to go to other services for any reason, then this is what you need to know.

Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a service launched by the Google Data Liberation Front, which gives users of Google's products a way to download all the data submitted by Google. You can download data from almost all Google services and it has been made so that it can be imported elsewhere using normal data formats. If you choose, you can import it back to Google as well. It's a good way to see that Google does not have any desire to start fresh, even if Google collects it

If you are asked to go to 'Download Your Data' page and sign in to your account.
You will see a list of Google's services that you used or used in the past, and there is a switch next to each. Turn on the switch for services that you want to export from your data.
Click the Next button.
Choose what type of file Google will use when it all packs.
Decide where to store it. You can download it directly to your computer, on your Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

Then Google will remove your data and package it in many archives. Once you do this, (and it may take some time if you have a lot of data stored) If you want to download it directly or choose a link for online storage, It will be done if you have chosen it to save it.

The download option is only good for seven days before the link option ends and you can download it only five times. But you can create as many archives as you want so that there is no real time or download limit. Once you get your data, be sure to keep it safe. You would like to use it somewhere and you do not want anyone else to use it.

Atomic Options: Deleting Your Google Account

By downloading your data it is not removed, it only gives you a copy of everything for your records. To clear everything, you have to tell Google to remove it. That's easy.

Go to 'Delete your Google Account' page and sign in if you are asked.
Read through it so that you can understand what you are removing and what it means and proceed to click on the delete link.
Since Google will tell you, this means that you can not use that account again. This means that you will lose any purchases made through Google Play or Chrome Web Store, you will not be able to sign in to your Android phone or Chromebook, and if you have not returned or downloaded them , Your contacts and calendars may have been lost.

It takes about two weeks for your request to do your work through the system, so continue using the account after starting the process. If you change your mind before the data is deleted, you can contact Google and they may be able to stop the process but they do not make any guarantees. I think the process is automatically automated and is done as part of the night or weekly maintenance script for each service. Google is not reporting details and I do not want them to provide details about those processes which include all our user data.

Once the account deletion is complete, you lose access to the stored data so that you want to ensure that you have cleared your Drive account and stored your personal data elsewhere.
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Monday, 10 September 2018

How To Write Great Content That Gets Shared - Blogging Part 8

In this section, I will give you many writing tips which I learned in a difficult way (by writing horrible blog posts when I started).

Writing killer headlines

What is the reason for you reading a blog post?
The Post Title!
This is the most important thing. Without a good blog title, your post will never be read. A great title will cause people to click and read on your blog.
Contrary to a bad title.
There is an art and science to write great headlines. Let's keep it simple, so you do not get very upset. See if this book is in your library:

Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich (

I like the book - it's expensive. This is a swipe file for titles that you can copy and change according to your subject. This is the reason why I say check it out with the library if you can.

Here is a freebie headline swipe file ( Hold and copy link.
I've just drawn on Google.
There is no need to re-invent the wheel - Find a good swipe of the headlines and just fill in the empty space.

Here is a practice that you can try:

1. Write ten titles (yes, 10) for each blog post in five minutes.
2. Use a Title Analyzer

Title analysts

Use a Title Analyzer to check your ideas for creating a better title. These two are free:

• The title analyzer of CoSchedule checks out how good your title is.

• Emotional Marketing Value Title Analyst

You will get different results from each because they measure things differently. Someone can give you a high score and the other less score for the same title.
Do not try to get down to make the right heading. A good title is better than not publishing your post.

What have you done with all those extra headings that you wrote? When you're sharing your post on social media, try different editions. When you share your content, you do not need to use the same title on your blog.
Avoid using all the caps in your blog title!

It seems that you are screaming at the reader. It is OK to emphasize one or two words to emphasize!

In fact actually writing really long posts

If you want to rank higher in search engine results, write longer posts. A blog post that is 1000 words long is considered more value than a blog post, which is 300 words long on the same topic.
Studies have proven this.
At least, your blog post must be 500 words long. If you have to choose to write three blog posts that are 500 words or write a long 1,500-word article on the same topic - write a long article.
I know what you're thinking -
But I will have three articles instead of three!

The more time a reader spends better on one page. Search engine time readers spend on one page. My best blog posts are those that take more than 5 minutes to read, and give them a lot of room in Google search results.

Prufrad, Prufrade, Prufrade

Grammar police will arrest you.

• They send email

• They write dirty comments

• If you write bad, they will never return to your blog

If English is your second language and you are writing for an English audience, then it is even more important to correct it.
But there is a simple fix. Here's a precise process I've used to become a better writer.

1. Write first. When you go along, forget about spelling, proofreading and grammar. Just write Dang Post and get it 95% out of the way.

2. Proofread Copy / paste your post in Gramrali Grammar is a free online proofreading tool. It captures most grammar and spelling errors.

3. Read your blog post aloud with yourself. You will catch any remaining errors, including the things you wrote, if you read whatever you read, then there is no understanding. Believe me, it works.

Note: I do not write in WordPress. I lost a really long article once because auto-service was not started. I have never written my post in WordPress. I write in Evernote (it's free) because it helps me keep my content organized.

This is my process for every blog post. It's simple, fast and free. I do not rent professional proofreaders, and rarely grammar police contact me.

Create a schedule (and paste it)

To blog blogs you have to do blog. It may seem silly, but if you do not look at work you can earn money.

At least, you should blog at least once a week. If you often reduce the chances of earning less money dramatically To attract readers, you need content on your blog.
If you do not blog regularly, your readers can not come back or go to another blog.

Secret for better writing

The best way to get better in writing (actually the only way) is to write more and more.

Here's a tidbit that every blogger will tell you - the stuff you write earlier will be awesome. I know because my first blog post was also. When you look back in your last post 2-3 years from now, you will say whatever we all say:
I can not believe how bad it is!
it's common. A child does not wake up one day and starts running 5k race. They fall frequently on their faces and butt Then they start doing a little less. Then they fall down. In a few weeks, they begin to walk. And so on.

I encourage you to write. Your writing will be better. Since its inception, my blog writing has improved 10x. That's because I made my content great for reading and reading other blogs.

Action items
1. Create a content calendar - keep it simple. Enter the subject of each blog post that you will be writing in the next 30 days. For the next four weeks in a week every week.
2. Create ten titles - Try to create ten titles for your next blog post using headline tools.
3. How to Write a Great Blog Post - Read in a way to start my blog guide, I go a long way in the structure and content of good writing.

Stay connected to for more updates.
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Get 2Gb For N100 And 10Gb For 500 On Airtel Data Plan

New Airtel Data Plan gives you 2 GB for N100 and 10Gb for N500. This is the first Airtel move of this year which I will post and it is quite heavy, because you will be able to get 10 GB with only 2 Gb for N100 and N500 of Airtel data. The new Airtel data plan works on 2G / 3G and 4G networks, it can be used both in day and night, and can be browsed and downloaded on all websites without the VPN app.

This glow is bigger than an unfair advantage, which provides 2 GB for the N500 - you can see the difference! I do not like to betray it, there is something like a data bonus. But as I said earlier, it works like a normal membership. So, let's call it "Airtel Port Data", why?

To get 2GB for N100 and 10GB for N500, you need to port from MTN to Airtel. Porting is absolutely free, and you will maintain your MTN number while using the Airtel Network. I will still be able to call you with your current MTN number, but you will load the Airtel recharge card and use the Airtel tariff plans and services. Remember, this port is free!

How to port from MTN to Airtel Network

Get a valid ID card (a student ID card, voter card, etc.)
Now, go to any of the airtel stores near you, tell them that you want to port the sim and fill out the form they will give you.
Once everything is processed, you will receive an SMS on your MTN line which tells you to reboot and input the Airtel SIM that you ported.
Finally, reboot your phone (turn it off and turn on) and you will be welcomed by Airtel NG.

How to activate Cheap Airtel 2 GB for N100 data
You have successfully ported Airtel so far, so proceed with recharging your line through your bank app, zoto, topup Africa or any other online recharging app. Please do not use the recharge card PIN unless it will work.

After recharging N100, you will be credited with 2 GB data immediately, which is valid for 30 days. The interesting thing is that your N100 will not be deducted. To see your data balance, dial * 223 #.

How to activate Airtel N500 for 10 GB data

The same rule applies here! Do not use Recharge / Scratch Card PIN, Only Online Top Up Apps After successfully loading the N500, 10 GB will continue to remain in your account immediately. Your N500 will also be retained, use the same code to check your balance.

It is worth noting that the more you recharge, the more free data will be given to you. However, the more you can deposit up to 50 GB. By the way, the N 200 recharge will give you 4 GB.

Please share this post on the new Airtel data plan, you get 2 GB for 10 GB and N100 for N500, and let us know how it went through comments. let's enjoy!
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How To Build Huge Back-links With Realitytech Blog Back link Builder

Backlink Builder

Please follow strictly for one (1) Golden Rule to get free back links from top blogs.

# Rules - Do not submit your blog by visiting other blogs currently listed in the comments area ... You must go and install a link with at least one site before submitting your link.

                 How to create a back link?

Copy a link to any of your blog posts, paste it here, other bloggers will visit your blog via your comment here and comment on that post with their link, you can comment on your blog Go to the site and then you will comment on any of their posts. is that all. 😄

           How to create a clickable link?

In order to backlink with us, you have to successfully click our link to generate backlinks; To do this, please use the HTML link code below.

<a href="YOURLINK"> Your blog name or any text </a>

Always be happy. 😊

       Please leave your link and invite others to participate in it.

As a bonus to go to this page, we have established a SEO analyst; So go ahead and fix your site.
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Why You MUST Build An Email List And How To Get Started - Blogging Part 7

Here are some of the most important and often overlooked things that new bloggers do not do - your email list is growing now!
I can not tell you how many times I've heard:

I wish I had started making my email list soon.
If you are not creating an email list from Day 1, then you are making a big mistake.

What is an email list?

You are probably on some (or very) email lists. In fact, you are part of my 'Start Blogging' email list where I send you this great blogging information every day.

An email list allows you to collect email addresses of your website visitors so that you can contact them later.

Why would I want to create an email list?

You think that the most important part of blogging is going to your website. Visitors mean more advertising revenue today, right? wrong.

It's important for people to visit your website, it's ten times more important to be able to connect with your visitors in the future.
It's worth ten times more money.

Play for a moment that you are blogging for eight weeks and now you have enough material to keep a great ebook.

Who are you going to sell it?

How would you sell all those people who are going to your blog from the last eight weeks?

How do you get them to come back so that you can tell them about your amazing new ebook?
Unless you have a way to contact them - you can not

Email is the # 1 way to connect with your readers.

I will repeat it because it is very important:

Email is the # 1 way to connect with your readers.

Better than email:

• Send a Tweet
• Posting on Facebook
• Posting on your blog
• Payment Ads where you pay to advertise your product / service

The reason is the king, because everyone reads their email. Compare that Facebook post where someone can get it or not. The last time you did not read the topic of the email at least before it was removed? At least you saw every email you received.
I hope I've convinced you to start collecting email addresses.

Email lists are golden eggs Paste with blogging, and you'll create an email list that has 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or more names.

Let's say you put your eBook together.
Or are you a food blogger, and you have come to this fantastic new kitchen thermometer that you have to tell everyone (like my favorite thermoreks super-fast instant digital thermometer) Or you've got a great $ 100 product recommendation that you get $ 30 in the affiliate commission You put together a newsletter and sent it to your list and ...

Money starts rolling.

You are providing value to your customers by telling something that is going on:

• Resolve their pain

• Give them happiness

In return, you earn money to help them. This is win-win.

When Katie and I ran our Green Building Training Company, we made an email list of customers paying over 100,000. Every time we come up with a new product, we emailed the list to tell them about it. We were helping them learn new things that will improve their career (better jobs, higher income, publicity).
During the launch of new products, we can email our list of product announcements and earn $ 10,000 in 48 hours.

And remember - you do not even have to make products as a collaborator. Some bloggers, such as Pat Flynn on smart passive income, earn more than $ 100,000 in affiliates every month, only by recommending products from other people.

Selecting an Email Service Provider

Email service providers keep your email list for you. For example, when a website visitor wants to sign up for your newsletter to stay in touch. Provider gives you software tools that lets you add newsletter functionality to your website.

Top three email providers for new bloggers




What should you use?


MailChimp is free to begin, and it's free for your first 2,000 customers. that's a deal!

You will advise AWeber for some people. When I first started blogging, I used Eweber as well. So many people said 'Use Eber!'

I have a stupid doubt why - because Eweber has an affiliate program! When you sign up with AWeber, people make affiliate income.

There is no affiliate program in MailChimp. I do not get any payment if you use them.

Remember when I talked about being honest in your product reviews and how does this honesty help you to build a loyal fan base? I have just given you an example. By earning affiliate sales from AWeber, it is more important for me to recommend the best product (MailChimp) for you.

As someone who has used both products, I found it very easy to use mailchamps.

Convert Kit is a product that has a very high price point ($ 79 / month). As I am writing this, I am evaluating the product. As long as you do not start blogging money, you do not need to invest in big and better services.

I've been using MailChimp for more than a year, and I like it. But my fellow bloggers who are blogging for a while (2+ years) are going in the Convert Kit. So I'm going to see what all the promotions are.

Keep it simple and free - go with MailChimp.

How to collect email addresses

If you have ever signed up for a newsletter - why did you do this? To give your email address to the blog visitor, you must come up with a compulsory reason.

The best goal I have heard from professional email marketers is this:

For every 100 website visitors, if you can get two email addresses then you are doing well.

A 2% conversion rate - this is your goal. Nothing more and you are amazing and you are amazing. Nothing is less and the place for improvement.

People to subscribe

You need a mandatory reason for someone to subscribe to your newsletter. Often I have seen that bloggers have such a website:

Subscribe to my newsletter

Ask yourself - what will happen? is not one. Compare this to:

Sign up for my monthly newsletter and I will send you amazing coupons to save your groceries. In addition, if you sign up, I will email you a cookie.

Here's why it works:

The frequency is clear - the newsletter will be sent monthly, so the customer knows that when they can expect to hear from you.

You show the benefits of subscribing - your coupons will save them money. You are helping them solve a problem - everyone wants more money.

You show personality - everyone knows that you can not email a cookie. Instead of a boring company, you feel like a human being, you make a connection with your readers.

your proposal

Come with a proposal to subscribe to the people. It has been proved that if you have a free offer (some of the value) people are more likely to subscribe.

You may have seen too many offers, but here are some ideas:

• Top 10 tips on XYZ
• You have never heard XYZ 5 ways
• How to XYZ in just 10 days
• 49 tips on XYZ

Your proposal is also not required to be unique. You can take a blog post or post that you have already created and can package it again in a free gift.

Here are the offers used on my blog:

• How to save $ 1,000 a week
• The blogging course that shows you how to blog money.

Email Collecting

Here's a great tool I recommend: SumoMe

Benefits of SumoMe:

1.FREE! - You can not free. The original templates are all free. If you want to get a fancy some day you can upgrade to a paid account.

2. Easy - adding to your WordPress blog is easy

3. Connects to your MailChimp account - You have a free email archive tool that connects to your Free MailChimp account. Is not blogging amazing and cheap?

4. Tons of Features - SumoMe comes with 12+ FREE tools to increase your website and collect email addresses. I recommend installing all email archive tools and see what works best.

Do not be mad

While Sumo has all the free tools - some of the tools you add will slow down your website. Only install what you need. I recommend setting up:

•Welcome mat
• List Builder
• Hello Bar (optional)

When I started, I tried all three on my blog. I've since scaled it to a single popup that shows up when someone is leaving my blog. A single popup works well for me based on the results measured over time.

Action items
There was a lot in it! All this boils on:
Creating your email list is very important.

1. Sign up for a free account at MailChimp to store email addresses.
2. Sign up for a free account at SumoMe to collect email addresses.
3. Start collecting email addresses on your blog.

Stay connected to for more updates.
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Sunday, 9 September 2018



1. Airtel India/barthi sim card with zero data
2. Android device
3. Psiphon handler
4. The settings


1. Use the default Access Point Configuration settings

2. Click here to download Psiphon handler app or
any other tunneling app of your choice

3. Install the Psiphon handler and then app it. Now
configure the handler this way:

  • Remove column: Tick it
  • Proxy type: Real host
  • Custom Header: X-Online-Host
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy: No Proxy

4. Now save the settings and then connect.

 Wait for it connect, when it does, open your browser and enjoy free Internet.
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Mtn Mpulse Data Browsing Cheat Blazing Hot With Tweakware Vpn - See Settings

I recognize @Jams and other LTN geeks who are working hard to keep Mpulse drain!

As you all know .. We are also the leading technical platform when many bloggers will not accept!

without us! Nobody has them! Because whatever they do, they come here to eat, which we distribute specially.

As we make and plan for future changes that will be released in the future.

Remember! Tweakware configuration was released earlier! My guess is ... very soon ... the blog will steal the configured and change its name and it will be everywhere soon.

But as LTN members! You'll always enjoy it! Let others follow


-Download Tweakware application
- Download mpulse configuration file

Steps to follow

  • - Download configuration file
  • - Open your tweakware app
  • - Go to Settings and select Import tweak
  • - Go to the folder that contains your downloaded configuration and select it
  • - Go back to your homepage of tweakware and select import tweak as your choice
  • Connect and ignite!

let's enjoy!
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New Hot Spark Vpn Settings For Mtn Mpulse Data Promo Cheat To Power All Apps Faster And More Stable

Mtn Spark vpn cheat for Mpulse Data

Since MTN has introduced the mPulse data plan, which gives you 350 MB for N50 and 1.2 GB for 1.2 GB, we have shared different ways in which you have all the apps with the help of HTTP Injector and KPN Tunnel Rev VPN Can power up.

Today, we are going to share another settings for Spark VPN. This setting will power all apps using MTN mpulse data even if your phone is rooted or not.

Without wasting our most of the time, I will drop the new Spark VPN configuration file for MTN mpulse data. Please read along.

New Spark VPN Settings for MTN NG mpulse data

  1. An android phone
  2. MTN NG 3G or 4G SIM
  3. Use default MTN apn settings.

First, migrate to the MTN Ampless Tariff Plan by dialing * 344 * 1 #.

> Second, subscribe to the MPBS monthly bundle of 1.2 GB for N 150, Dial * 344 * 2 * 1 * 2 #

How to import Configure Spark VPN

> Configure Spark VPN and MTN mPulse with the above link

After installing SPARP VPN, launch VPN app

> Tap the tweaks located in the top right corner

> Locate the MTN mPulse configured file and tap it to import.
MTN-mpulse-spark VPN-settings


> Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it is connected, launch your browser and an app and start browsing at full speed. 
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How To Fix And Add Costom AdSense Ads.Txt File In Blogger

Ads.txt "is only a text file that can be placed on the server of your blog and takes information about the ad network used by the blog owner, and the owner wants to show ads on the network of these advertisements on the website. The main consideration behind using this ads.txt file is to protect publishers from fraud and viruses because you only use those ad networks Will authorize you to display advertisements on your website, which you know and therefore any malware script that shows ads on your blog, your permission from an unknown source, can not do the job that it should do.

Steps to Add Custom Ads.txt file in Blogger?

You just need to follow step by step guide to add a custom ads.txt file in your blogger blog.
  • Login to Blogger Dashboard and Select the Desired blog you want to add an ads.txt file.
  • Click on Settings Tab and then Search Preferences.
  • Under the Monetisation heading, you will see an option to Edit custom ads.txt. (Check screenshot)
  • Click on Edit and then Select Yes to Enable custom ads.txt content.
  • You will shown-up a text box and you have to enter your desired ads.txt file. There are many ads networks and they have a different identity for ads.txt.
  •  If you are using only Google Adsense as your monetising partner, then use the below Ads.txt file., pub-xxxxxxxxxx, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

  • Replace, pub-xxxxxxxxxx with your Adsense publisher ID.
  • Also, if you are selling adsense ads on your blog, then you should use someone else's adsense on your blog, then you will have to rewrite your own reseller with the special AdSense Publisher ID as Direct:, pub-xxxxxxxxxx, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0
  • Once you’re done! Click on Save changes.
  • That’s it your ads.txt file is now live on your blog. You can check your ads.txt file by going to

Note: Do not forget to copy with your domain name.
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