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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Easy method To View a Save Wi-Fi Password On Android Device Without Root

Generally, when we connect our Android device to WiFi to browse with a password, we can not be able to see the password after authentication, since that feature is only available on PC, but now you can You can see your WiFi password whenever you wish to do this, especially if you are on a public network or cyber cafe.

This guide will show you how to view your password on Android device without rooting your phone, for example you are on a public cafe and admin just take your phone and enter the WiFi password and give it back to you, t know what the password is but with this application called router setup page you can easily see the password. This guide is for educational purposes only, not for hacking or for getting the benefit of it, to get a wireless connection.

How to see saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android devices

  1. Connect the device to the router first
  2. Download Router Setup Page Here
  3. The app is detected by the automatically connected router network
  4. After launching the app, select "Open Route page"
  5. After opening only the router login details, which is the "admin" in the form of username and password or use "user" as the user name and password, it will actually work

  • Now it will take you straight to the router dashboard
  • Go to WiFi tab, navigate down and you will see a saved WiFi password
  • If it's hidden then tick the "Show password" box to see it

Enjoy it!!!
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Friday, 21 December 2018

Some Tricks To Help Stimulate Your Creativity And Increase Your Blogging Success

When it comes to achieving success in the Internet or in life for this matter, it is probably not a mystery that having certain capacities of creative sparks or talents can increase your goals.

But makes some people more creative and successful than others? Is creativity something genetic and does it mean that those who are not blessed with this genius are never creative or successful?
The simple answer is that creativity is something that we are most interested in if you play young children, then you will know what I mean when I say that we all have a tendency for any kind of creativity Lets start
Many people lack creative spark because they stop doing simple things
Most people, as they grow up, begin to develop bad habits or limited mindset because they are a job, they do not like or have difficult financial status because time passes, when they were children, then less of curiosity And it creates creativity.

Rather than using your curiosity and creativity to examine ways to improve your life.
Many people also believe that to get the right financial or other success you need a lot of money in the first place or you have to go to the top university.

The reality is that at this time on the evolutionary scale of technology, whatever you need to do is successful in your home. We can also say that the Internet is the new "UniversityofSuccess".
A little over a decade ago, you could be forgiven for believing that you need some type of college or university to learn successful skills, but now it is not true
For a fraction of the cost of a regular university or college course, you can now teach yourself a new skill or get complete guidance and coaching online.

All this is necessary on your part
A list of 6 points given below which I have compiled from various successful people, will help you in creativity and will charge your inspiration again:

1. Try something new for 30 days
This is a good suggestion I've recently heard from a presentation by Matt Curts, who is a search engine optimization engineer on Google. Making a new effort for a great way to recreate your creativity and increase your curiosity. It can also help you find the thing you like.
There are countless free and premium courses and products available in the internet, in which you can learn or discover a new skill that will be used to increase your creativity.

2. Do whatever you like
Those who love instantly, they start head-on on those people who hate or are indifferent to their jobs. Apart from the fact that whatever you love you feel good, you do not have any negative stuff that comes from the tension and displeasure you do not like.
If you do not know what you like to do, then maybe you can apply point 1 above

3. Keep your goals in yourself - at least in the beginning
Sometimes when you decide to become a mystery hero in the beginning, it can feel counter-intuitive because most people think that by knowing their intentions, they can increase their visibility and therefore their chances of success can increase. Because no one can give some help from there. Well this is true to an extent but in many cases with whom you can share your goals, they can not be in the form of enthusiasm and mentality, and often they will be "crazy thoughts" from you and tell you Will try 'is just very difficult
Therefore, unless you are unsure that you are a people like a similar attitude, your goals and plans.

4. Be curious
When you start digging deeper into curiosity, you usually find that not only do you increase your knowledge about that thing, but sometimes you can come up with creative ideas that you have never imagined. Whether you have not taken your inquiries.
So the next time you are reading or watching a tutorial about how to do something for your blog, do not experiment with what you have learned and see what happens.

5. Improving
Correcting both in terms of knowledge and in general can work only to benefit you and those around you. Most of us are becoming aware of the economic changes in the world in terms of employment, and what it means to be financially secure. Until you retire for a regular job of 20, 30 or 50 years, you talk about the past. The new reality is that those who can acquire skills quickly and who regularly add to their existing skills, they will be better in today's economic environment.

6. Focus
The ability to focus determines the outcome of the work you are trying to complete. So whenever you decide to do one thing yourself, then see it through a regular, highly concentrated small part of it at one time. By doing small manageable parts, the highest mountain can look like a mole hill.
Creativity and success are not reserved for just a few people and now it has never been easier to develop your creativity, with information and knowledge that are easily accessible from the Internet. Therefore implementing some of the above material on your life will set a long way to maximizing your chances of reaching your goals.
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