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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Get Free 150Mb on Your Mtn Line From Gidimo

  1. => Install Gidimo App.
  2. => Register an account and verify your MTN mobile number.
  3. => After your successful registration, insert your mobile number to receive free 150MB.
  4. Note: Only for MTN users.

Download Gidimo App Here
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Sunday, 22 December 2019

HOW GET FREE N200 From FLOM Mobile App

  1. - Download FLOM App on Playstore.
  2. - Register on the app.
  3. - Go to MENU and tap on Feedback and fill it and submit.
  4. - You'll be given FREE 200 naira.
  5. -If you didn't get any message, Check your Balance👍
  6. Note: You can keep registering with other Sims to get more.
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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Rackstarly Online Money Making Program, Earn up to N64,000 Monthly 100% Legit

Racksterly claims to be an advertising middle man website that connects the big brand company to valid facebook users in other to advertise there brand and product on the facebook account.
Just like Google Adsense for bloggers with a website, but with backstory style you don’t need anything but just a facebook account. With there flat calculation.
Anybody with a facebook account can make at least $36 per month or $168 per month. Doing nothing but just sharing one brad or company advert per day.
Unlike others they don’t care about you can refer a friend or not you get paid monthly but on the other side, they charge a monthly subscription. Since they pay in dollar to meet the worldwide standard they charge subscriptions too in dollar from $18/ 30days to $75/30 days.
Is Racksterly legit? Yes, Racksterly is a legit money making program for people living only in Nigeria. If you are from Nigeria, you have really hit a jackpot!
Racksterly is owned by Medaecon Limited and was launched in August 2019. It has a physical office in Lagos. This has made it possible for companies to rush the program as a medium to reach more audience as people like you and me keep sharing to earn on the Racksterly program.

About Racksterly

Racksaterly is just exactly like adsense for bloggers but adsense need your blog or website but racksterly its just facebook account.
Racksterly is a money making platform with unique system for users to make money. Companies like Glo, Airtel, Konga and many others have partnered with Racksterly in order for them to reach more audience as users keeps sharing daily advert on their Facebook timeline. Meanwhile, you can also join Racksterly to advertise your growing business if you want people to share your adverts too.
Thats is just the brief about racksterly.They are Nigeria company registered under Medaecon Limited [RC 756703]
They pay in dollar $ just to meet up the international standard because they plan expanding later on worldwide.

      How Does Racksterly Works

Racksterly has four plans which are Drew , Drizzle , Storm And Typhoon has shown below

Racksterly has four plans for users to subscribe on. You have to subscribe to a monthly plan with them before you will gain access to the platform to make money, and Racksterly plans are:
1. DEW Plan: This plan costs $18 (N6,872) and it valid for 30 days. When you share an advert on your Facebook timeline, you earn $1.2 (N432) and note that advert will always be available on a daily basis for you to share. Definitely, you will earn N12,960 in 30 days by just sharing only.
2. DRIZZLE Plan: This plan costs $25 (N9,296) and it valid for 30 days. When you share an advert on your Facebook timeline, you earn $1.8 (N648) and note that advert will always be available on a daily basis for you to share. Definitely, you will earn N19,440 in 30 days by just sharing only.
3. STORM Plan: This plan costs $45 (N16,732) and it valid for 30 days. When you share an advert on your Facebook timeline, you earn $3.5 (N1,260) and note that advert will always be available on a daily basis for you to share. Definitely, you will earn N37,800 in 30 days by just sharing only.
4. TYPHOON Plan: This plan costs $75 (N27,187) and it valid for 30 days. When you share an advert on your Facebook timeline, you earn $5.6 (N2,030) and note that advert will always be available on a daily basis for you to share. Definitely, you will earn N61,000 in 30 days by just sharing only.
They higher the plan you subscribe onto, the higher you earn. Assuming you go for the Typhoon plan, you will earn N61,000 with just N27,000. Isn’t that too awesome? Sure, it is.
No matter plan you subscribe to it worth it with my calculation even without referring. They pay without you refereeing anybody

 Any Other Ways For Me To Earn On Racksterly?

If you register on Racksterly, you already know what you will earn at the end of the month but if you want to earn more to it, you can join Racksterly referral system.
  1. If you refer your first friend to Racksterly, you will be rewarded with $2.5.
  2. If you refer a friend the same day you subscribed to Racksterly, you get $3 instantly.
  3. If you refer 3 friends within one subscription period, you will be rewarded with $10.
  4. 10 friends referred within one subscription period will give you $45 instantly.
  5. While 20 friends gives you $80.
  6. If you refer 50 friends, you get $150.
  7. 100 friends referred by you within one subscription period gives you $350.
  8. And lastly, if you refer 2 friends on the day you make your withdrawals, just before your subscription ends, you will be rewarded with $9.
These are more ways to earn on Racksterly. You can decide to refer or not, it’s all left for you to decide.

   How Can I Join Racksterly

STEP 1: To join Racksterly, visit
(That’s my Racksterly referrals link, use it to register on Racksterly for me to earn too, thanks)
STEP 2: Then, fill in your first name, last name, email, phone number and lastly, password.

STEP 3: Once done, go to your email and enter the verification code they send you to proceed to the next page.
STEP 4: Now, Racksterly will walk you through on how to complete the registration as you will add your Facebook account (make sure you have 200 real friends and don’t use a fake account), add your Nigerian bank account to it for withdrawal, and lastly, choose a subscription plan and make payment using your card or directly from bank.
STEP 5: After you have registered on Racksterly, you can share your first advert to your Facebook timeline to start making money.

Racksterly Checkout Proof

And in 30 days you will withdraw your accumulation earnings instantly.

Special Facts About Racksterly

1. The higher your plan, the higher you make money. All plans have same stress but higher plans attracts higher earnings. For example, you share for $1.2 on the smallest DEW plan but if you share on the Typhoon plan, you get $5.6. I will advise you to go for the higher plan.
2. You need Facebook account with 200 real friends. If Racksterly discovered your Facebook account is fake or with low Facebook friends, they will disable your account for violating their rules.
4. Do not be surprised as a first starter, when Racksterly tells you to get 1 click on your shared Facebook post before you can earn, just REFRESH the page and your earnings will show instantly without any clicks. Awesome, right? Yea!
5. When you refer 6 people to Racksterly and they subscribe to the same plan you activated or higher plans, you will get FREE 1 month subscription. Amazing!
6. You can withdraw your money by tapping on the menu bar and tap on withdraw, you will be paid to your Nigeria bank account within 24 hours. You can only withdraw once. So, accumulate your earnings and withdraw them before your subscription ends.
7. You don’t have to refer to earn. You already know your earnings after the month ends, if only you share all the daily adverts to your Facebook timeline.
8. Racksterly is a registered company with [RC 756703] and they have physical office in Lagos state. Many companies have found the platform as a medium to reach more audience. Is in fact, a unique idea.

Contact Racksterly And Office In Lagos Nigeria

Let quickly answer the question of how to contact racksterly and their office in Lagos , Nigeria.
Very easy to contact them you can use the contact page on there home page or has a member in your dashboard you can either use get in touch or use the faq to look maybe you can fine the answer to what you want to ask.
They reply very fast.


In conclusion Racksterly is just like other side hustle that 100% legit and paying you just to share ads on your Facebook page like celebrities but irrespective who you.
Its not quick rich scheme but you earn side income doing nothing.
If you have any questions about Racksterly, kindly ask in the comment section below for instant answer. Thanks.
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Friday, 8 November 2019

Get MTN 750MB For N300 And 1.5GB For N500 Cheap Data

About to make cheap and affordable data under NCC supervision, MTN reviewed some of its data plans silently. MTN Pulse data plans were also reviewed.

You can now get MTN 1.5GB for 500 Naira and 750 MB for 300 Naira which are only available for the MTN Pulse tariff plan. Go to the MTN Pulse tariff plan to enjoy these amazing data plans.

These are normal data plans. You can use it to browse, download and stream as you like. No VPN needed. It works on any device like Android and iOS and even works on your computer as well.

How to Activate MTN Pulse Data Plans

As I said earlier, you should go to the MTN Pulse tariff plan first.

  1. If you have not yet migrated, please dial * 406 # and answer 1 for migration
  2. Then reply with 2 to subscribe to the 1.5GB pulse for the N500
  3. Or you can reply with 7 to buy 750 MB for the N300
  4. Data is valid for 7 days
  5. To check your data balance, please dial * 131 * 4 #
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Monday, 28 October 2019

Send Free SMS Using My MtnApp on MTN Network

Did you know that you can already send free SMS on MTN without having to broadcast? Of course this is very possible. You can send free text messages on MTN using the MyMTN app.

In this post, I'll teach you how to send free SMS on MTN using the MyMTN app. Before proceeding, let's learn how this works.

How it works

  • You can only send free text messages to MTN numbers alone
  • Works without having to broadcast
  • You can use MyMTN without data or streaming (MTN sims only)
  • You can only send 10 SMS a day
  • MyMTN is available for Android and iOS - download it here.

How to send free SMS on MTN using MyMTN application

> First of all, download the MyMTN app from this link if you don't have it

> Sign in using your MTN number

> After successfully logging in, please click the More button at the bottom right

> Then tap on offers and promotions and finally tap on send free SMS

> From there you can send free text messages to any MTN user.

That's all men. Please leave a comment below and share this post with your friends.
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Monday, 7 October 2019

Get Mtn 1Gb Data as Cheap as N100 Only For 30days

Nigeria's major networks have been provided with cheap data plans. Recently, Airtel offered 6GB for 1500 naira, and all its subscribers are eligible for the offer.

Now, MTN here with another cheaper data plan gives you 1GB for only 100 naira. This data plan is designed for selected customers. This means that everyone is not eligible for this plan.

In this post, I'll show you how to activate MTN 1GB for 100 naira and also how to check if MTN sim is eligible.

How to activate MTN 1GB for 100 Naira

As I said earlier, this plan is not available to all customers.

>Load 100 Naira recharge card

> Dial * 131 * 100 # to subscribe.

> Data is valid for one month

Dial * 131 * 4 # for data balance.

How to Confirm Your MTN SIM Eligibility Status

> Make sure you don't have up to 100 naira on your MTN line

> Dial * 131 * 100 #

> You will be asked to either accept automatic renewal or sign up only once as shown in the image below

> Simply select the option you want.

> If you receive an insufficient balance response, you are eligible for the plan. Go ahead and recharge 100 Naira and then sign up.

> Otherwise you will get an unqualified response like the one below.

We remain unclear about eligibility requirements at this time. When I have more information about it, I will update this post with steps.

That's all friends. Please let us know if you are eligible for this amazing data plan through the comments box below.
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Monday, 26 August 2019

Get Free 2Gb on 9Mobile When You Buy a Tablet

9mobile has merged with Fidelity Bank to provide equipment for NYSC candidates. This offering is exclusively for NYSC members who are currently in service.

Do you want to own a tablet and pay more than 10 months? And enjoy free 2GB instant data, 12 months free data bonus and access to capacity development content.

9mobile took to their social media pages to announce the proposal. Bundled Tablet costs N46,000. The tab is a generic device suitable for all Internet activities.

    Where to buy 9mobile mobile tablet   

Currently this equipment is available at their shop in Abuja, Katsina, Kaduna, Anambra, Enugu, Rivers, Ogun, Edo, Ebony, Ekti, Imo, Abia, Cross River, Niger, Lagos.

To buy a tablet, simply walk to any of the nearest 9mobile experience centers.
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Friday, 16 August 2019

Get Free N100 Airtime on Airtel and 9Mobile Network

Msurvey has partnered with 9mobile and Airtel to collect basic information from users to create a voice of communication between users and businesses.

However, Msurvey is giving N100 airtime to 9mobile and Airtel customers for each completed survey.  Surveys only collect basic information and are not stressful to complete.

Based on my experience, I answered only 10 survey questions and I was immediately credited with N100 airtime.

How do survey questions sound?

Great! Tell a little about yourself. Do you own the phone you are currently using?
1: yes
2: no

Is your phone a Smart Phone?
1: yes
2: no

What is your gender
1: male
2: female
3: prefer not to answer

These questions do not take any important information from you. You can decide to provide an incorrect answer and it does not reach or violate your privacy.

How To Get The Free N100 Airtime

On the Airtel network, send Audience as SMS to 34464. But in 9Mobile, send it to 6030 and immediately or within a day, you will receive a response with survey questions to answer.

Answer 10 survey questions and once you are done, you will get the free N100 airtime immediately.

Enjoy while it last, and don't forget to ask questions using the comment box below!
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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Hauwei Decides to Realised a Smartphone With it's Hongmeng OS Before The End Of 2019

There have been many rumors about Huawei working on its operating system known as Hongmeng OS. According to Huawei executives, HongMeng is an operating system designed for Internet-of-Things products.

It is expected that Huawei OS will be officially released at Huawei's developer conference on August 9 in Dongguan, Guangdong province, South China. The OS is expected to be a long-anticipated alternative to Google's Android operating system.

The report states that the company is currently testing Hongmeng OS on one of its upcoming smartphones. The smartphone is targeted at the low-end market with a starting price of around 2,000 yuan ($ 288.24). It is also expected to attract developers for the new OS.

Huawei is at the end of the trade war between the United States and China. The company was placed on the US "unit list", which prohibits it from purchasing supplies from US companies, including Google. So future Huawei devices will not get Google's Android security patches with regular Google Apps. However, a change in Hongme ng OS is expected.

According to the company, the first set of devices running on the new Hongmeng OS is the Honor Smart TV series followed by autonomous driving, remote medical services and industrial controls. The OS will eventually be available for smartphones, even though a company spokesperson initially denied it.
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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Facebook Make Decision to Rename WhatsApp and Intagram Name

WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook is going to rename Whatsapp and Instagram. They retrieve two of the most popular apps on both the Google Play Store and App Store, but the name of WhatsApp and Instagram is going to change.

Facebook, which owns two platforms, has revealed that it is adding 'Facebook' to their name.

This means Instagram will soon be called 'Instagram' from Facebook, while WhatsApp will be 'Whatsapp' by Facebook. '

The change is confirmed by Facebook itself. According to Facebook, "We want to be clear about the products and services that are part of Facebook."

What are your testimonies about this change? Lets see, Comment below!
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Saturday, 3 August 2019

How To Get Mtn 50Gb and More by Accumulating My MtnApp 500Mb Data

In today's tutorial, I will teach you a new way to accumulate MyMTN App 500Mb bonus. This cheat is now available for a few days, but only a few are aware of how it is known about submitting MyMTN app bonus data.

I will not say much in this post. I will go straight to the point and come very soon. So I urge you to be very attentive and follow all the procedures about which I am going to tell in this post.

  • Note that:- you can only use one MTN SIM which you have not previously used on the MyMTN app. After that, we move forward.

MTN 500Mb bonus accumulation with MyMTN app

Based on my own usage and experience, carefully follow the steps given below;

> Login with new MTN number on the MyMTN app. Will be sent to an OTP number, please input the code and tap on the Verify

> If the number has not been used previously, you will get a pop-up welcome message on the app, otherwise it will not work for cheating numbers.

> Now, on the main page of the app, click on click to activate ... and press the back button immediately. Repeat until you get tired. From here it starts accumulation.

  • (Make sure you set your network mode to 3G only so that loading is not so fast before you press the back button). A slight delay before pressing the back button, the accumulation for that SIM will be stopped.

> Send 2 to 131 as SMS to check data balance.

> Accumulated data is valid for only 24 hours.

Here its all friends. Enjoy the last time. I have accumulated more than 40GB on different MTN SIMs.

Please do not forget to share this post and comment below.
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Friday, 2 August 2019

GBWahatsApp Officially Shut Down on 1st August - Realitytechs

Android users who use the unauthorized Whatsapp version have no reason to rejoice. One of the most popular informal Whatsapp messengers, the creators of GBWhatsApp officially shut down the shop and now they will not make any more updates to the app.

 GBWhatsApp is not an official app that you can find on Google Play Store, and this Android user was loading it from the developer website.

Developers announced that they will no longer support the creation of the future through a message on their Telegram Channel.

  • We regret to announce that we have completely stopped developing the GBWhatsApp. It was a great time with all of you. Sorry for the inconvenience. So we have closed all the sites, social accounts and everything else. Further development will not happen.

It is astonishing, since the beginning of the year, Whatsapp has been trying to dupe on such developers. Whatsapps push ahead to threaten permanent suspension of GBWhatsApp and WhatsAppSpace users in June 2019 The last attempt to restrict all GBWhatsApp users was useless because they responded with a new anti ban GBWhatsApp version.

Some technical scholars suspect that these developers could have been bought by WhatsApp or still had been associated with them and one part of them was to stop development for their Knockoff App. Expect any help from GBWhatsApp developers when the next temporary ban starts.
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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Some Hidden Tricks You Can Do With Your Android Devices

There is a whole host of hidden features in your Android phone, which you will not know about that, it can make your mobile experience even more fun.

There are many types of models in Android, and versions that make it more difficult to find those features that will suit all devices, but you can dig in available settings and twists your Android phone, and you will find a host of smart features and usful tools

Here are five (5) tricks that you can do with your Android phone

1- Find your phone: Usually, you have to ask someone to play your phone or to find another phone to play your phone. But you should not be with your Android. Just search "Find My Phone" on Google and Google will search for it for you. If you have more than one Android device, you will be prompted to select one.

  • Not only can you see its location on Google Maps, but you can also ring it or erase everything on it. The ring works even if the phone is on silent and rings for 5 minutes. So to find your phone, there is a benefit to playing in a conventional way.

2- Seeing double tab on Chrome: So everyone knows how to split the screen on Android and two apps used with each other. However, most people do not know that you can also see two different Chrome tabs side by side. Just make sure you have two tabs open on Chrome and then recently launch the split screen view by pressing on the Overview key for a long time. Tap the three-dot overflow menu button on Chrome and select the other window and move to it.

3- Use a mouse to operate your phone: is your display broken and the touchscreen is not working? Connect the USB mouse. You can connect gamepad, USB stick and more with adapters. Do it and your iPhone friends will change green with heartburn. You only need a USB OTG cable, and then you can start.

4- Automatically unlock your phone: Android has had a feature called Smart Lock for some time since last but not much talk about it. You can set it to automatically unlock when you are in a specific place like your home, office or some other place. You can set it to unlock when you connect to a device such as your smartwatch or your car's Bluetooth system. Smart lock settings can be found in the security and lock screen.

5- Switch Guest mode on: Sometimes you can assign your phone to a person. And then to get a better signal reception, they have to walk a few steps away. You do not know what they are looking for. A better solution would be to use guest mode, which for some time is present on Android again. Just drag your Quick Settings down from the top and tap on your User icon. Select Add Guests and you will switch to Guest Mode.
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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Get Airtel 5GB For 1500, 3GB For 1000, 1.5GB For 500 Naira And More - Realitytechs

So far this year has been a good year for good browsing tricks. If you are the real follower of this blog, then you would agree with me that we have shared many cheap data plans, which include MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and evenly Spectranet 4G networks.

If you are new to Realitytech  blog, you can browse through our cheat category for our latest updates on the latest free and cheap browsing tricks.

In this post, we are going to share a simple move to enjoy double data bonuses on Airtel Nigeria. With it, you get 5GB for the N1500, 3GB for the N1000, 1.5GB and more for the N500.

Actually, this is an official data offer from Airtel. This is no cheat. The data can also be used on all apps, any device and even on PCs. It is also worth knowing that this proposal is not Sim Selective, because everyone is eligible. It's really easy to qualify for this offer.
Come on the main topic, without saying much.

Airtel Double Data Plan List

Before you start, take a look at the data plans available for purchase;
  • 150 MB for N 100 - valid for 1 day
  • 400 MB for N200 - valid for 3 days
  • 1.5 GB for N 500 - valid for 14 days
  • 3GB for N1000 - valid for 1 month
  • 5GB for N1500 - valid for 1 month
  • 7GB for N2000 - valid for 1 month
  • 11GB for N3000 - valid for 1 month.

To check your data balance, dial * 140 #

How to activate Airtel Double Data Bonus

First of all, you have to get a new Airtel 4G SIM, register and activate it.

> Then send GET to 141 in text message (this will activate double data bonus on your line).

How To Activate Airtel 5GB For 1500, 3GB For 1000, 1.5GB For 500 Naira And More

> Then dial * 144 #. A menu will pop up, select the data plan that you want to subscribe.
  • Note: You will get double data bonuses for only next 3 months. After which you will be served with normal data rates.

At this point, you will need to get another Airtel SIM to enjoy Double Data Bonus.
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Friday, 19 July 2019

4 Dangerous Fact you Should Consider Before Using FaceApp

Although FaceApp has been around since 2014, it was a minute of glory in 2017 thanks to a function that allowed users to apply filters to emulate various ethnic groups.

FaceAp users allow the moody face to turn towards Merry, see that they will look like gray-haired and cuddly, and will return the hands of time with other things. It's just an app designed to please those people who really want a new way to play roulette with their face.

However, since its launch, Facepap has not been without controversy and we list the key people below so that they can guide you in using the app.

Your biggest concern should be how you grant an app for your data. Like many other apps on your phone, it is not clear what happens to all data provided by you and it is believed that the company's privacy policy leaves the room in the right amount of wrinkles.

"When you use our Service, our servers automatically record certain log file information, including your web request, Internet Protocol address, browser type, referring / exit pages and URLs, number of clicks and how you interact with links on the Service, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed, and other such information.”

Security experts have warned that those who use FacePack can risk their personal information, including their own photographs. The app uses "Device Identifier", which allows the company to monitor how you browse and use the app to target the "personal content that can contain online advertising or other types of marketing" do to.

Not only this, the world is slowly but continuously tilting towards identification of face, so you have to start treating your face like a password because if you share data with apps like FacePack, it is in the wrong hands If it falls, then it can be used by Cyber ​​Criminals to spoil your spoof.

Another issue that most related users have, that is, the developers of FaceApp, Wireless Labs do not specify what will happen if the company is being dissolved or sold, nor should it be transferred in the same fiscal direction. There is a more permissive regulation with which the collected data is collected.

Transformation Stack
Some people have discovered that changing a previously changed face-up photo more than once can actually create some annoying images.

Face's founder and chief executive, Yaroslav Goncharov, apologized for the app's "hot" filter being racist. Look Hot 'filter has reportedly made it better by whitening the skin of the colors to make you look more attractive. After Backlash, FaceAp said that he temporarily changed the name of the filter "Spark" and the option no longer appears on the Android version of the app.

In a techcrunch statement, Goncharov said that it was "working on a complete fix which should come soon".

"We are deeply sorry for this undisputed serious issue. This training set is an unfortunate side-effect of the underlying neural network due to bias, whose purpose is not behavior. "
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Monday, 15 July 2019

Hot 9Mobile 200MB for N100, 500MB for N250 and 1GB for N500 Valid for 14 Days

Spending less for a person as a person is always a good thing, but you feel that doing this as a student is a great thing to do. As a student you have some disadvantages, do not forget also the benefits. As a 9mobile customer and as a university student, you have to browse with more data for less cost.

9mobile is the right data plan for university students in Nigeria; all 9mobile customers of this plan are students who are looking for cheap data. This plan is called 9mobile campus data offers.

9mobile Campus Data Offer is a scheme that lets you enjoy discounted data rates within the selected premises in Nigeria. With this offer, any student using 9mobile can get 200MB for the N100, 500MB for the N250 and 1GB for the N500. These plans are valid for 3 days, 7 days and 14 days, respectively.

How to activate 9mobile base data offer

To activate the 9mobile base data offer on your SIM card, make sure that your SIM card has at least N100 airtime, then dial any of the following;

  1. Activate 200MB for * 609 * 1 # N100
  2. Activate 500MB for * 609 * 2 # N250
  3. Activate 1GB for * 609 * 3 # N500
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Saturday, 13 July 2019

GET Mtn 4Gb Data as Cheap as N500 - Realitytechs

MTN keeps customers at its best and recently, they have reduced the cost of data plans. After all, we all need and we are happy that the network providers are slowly considering that aspect.

Nevertheless, MTN has just launched a new way to activate the 4GB data plan for the N500. It is not expensive which you know but you have to follow a simple process before activation. Do not worry, easy!

Then, how can I get MTN 4GB for the N500 data bound?

Step 1: Buy and register a new MTN SIM card that you can easily get around your location.

Step 2: You will be given double data offers as a new customer for 4 months.

Step 3: After receiving all the above requirements, just select * 131 * 1 * 1 # to activate 2GB for N500 data plan and dial option 5.

Note that the data will be doubled immediately because you will have 2GB + 2GB data bundle totals, which will have 4GB data bundles.

What is the best plan to get double data?

Double data offers are always activated automatically for new MTN customers, especially on the MTN YafunYafun tariff plan.

Meanwhile, the YafunYafun tariff plan should be selected as your default traffic plan for the new SIM.

What is the validity of the MTN 4GB plan?

4GB is valid for only 2 days. If you really want to travel deeply or want to tap the Internet, then you can choose a 4GB plan because it is cheap and cheap.

The validity of the plan is a deal breaker but if you really have things to download, then it should come in handy.
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Thursday, 11 July 2019

How To Increase Your Smartphone Battery Life - Realitytechs

Imagine that you are on a business call on your Android phone and suddenly your battery signal "low battery, please construct a charger". You ignore such messages and as soon as the call goes forward, your Android phone switches off. Of course, you will feel angry.

In a country like Nigeria where electricity is not stable, anyone does not like to hear the sound of low battery signals on Android phones or tablets, especially when you are on an important call or want to browse the internet for important information.

However, there are power banks that can work as an alternative power source, these power banks have proved that they can not be trusted because they can damage the phone's battery and so far That Android phones / tablets can also spoil the board.

Android phone makers are beginning to understand this trend and that is why they now build Android phones with high capacity batteries which guarantee good battery life, which is less depending on the usage of your phone before recharging you. Can take less than one or two days.

Unlike Java and Symbian phones which can charge once a week, Android devices and BlackBerry phones were made due to the power of hunger due to advanced processor, chip-set, graphics, applications and operating system running it.

However, you can still get it from your device, if you follow these simple tips that will help to extend the battery life of your Android phone / tablet so that you can move your charger or power bank around Not required

Ways to increase battery life of an Android phone

1. Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi if not in use. Do not allow them to run in the background

2. Use auto brightness feature in display settings. Increasing performance is the main culprit which can quickly eliminate the battery of your Android phone.

3. Avoid using your camera often because the camera is another criminal that stops battery life on an Android phone or tablet.

4. Reduce 3G or 4G usage but use dual mode for network selection to switch between 2G / 3G. Although 4G / 3G is fast for internet browsing, but it quickly eliminates the phone's battery. You can use 2G for better battery performance.

5. Stack your Android phone with unnecessary apps that you do not use. People often download unused apps from Google play store. These apps run in background and prevent both your data and battery. Therefore, avoid and delete unwanted applications in your Android phone.

6. Play the music through your headset of the phone. If you are a music freak, then you have to reduce the way your music plays through loudspeakers. However, playing music via loudspeaker (depending on the type of android) does not dry up the battery, the main thing is to get more than a charge.

7. If you prefer to play games, I think that if you want to run your Android phone's battery for a long time, then you can take the time to reduce such a game.

8. Avoid overcharging the battery. It damages the battery. Charge when it is 25% or more.

9. Use the phone for your desired purpose.

10. Recharge and recharge your Android phone's battery twice a month to 100 percent.

11. Restrict background data and prevent automated on your phone for internet hungry applications to save both data and battery life.

12. Update your phone software which can help fix some bugs on Android phones.

13. Avoid using the generator set to charge your phone.
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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

How To Go Invisible On WhatsApp Without Uninstalling it, 6 Steps

Whatsapp has become one of the main messaging apps that we use on a daily basis to stay in touch with people. Although it's all very convenient, it constantly bothers to thank you for alerts and ridiculous front-side.

Now, if you really want to fall off the radar without removing the app, then there are ways to get it. The app itself does not give you the option of 'disappearing' or you do not check your texts like you, there are other ways to hack it for that 'my time'. In addition to removing the completely exterior of what you are doing, it is possible in every way other than leaving the app completely deleted and reinstalling the app as annoying.

To be invisible for some time, there are six easy things that you can do. You can turn them back at any time and start normal activity again. This is going to top up your 'Last Seen' / 'Online' status and your 'Read notification' - with these steps not only will you see offline, you will not get notifications or you do not want to Until then, the app will not be opened.

1. Record a silent clip and set it as your whatsApp notification tone

You do not have a notification tone for WhatsApp and you can not always keep your phone silent, so the next best thing is that you record silence on your phone and use it as a ringtone of WhatsApp. It's easy on Android, it's a bit hard to pull on the iPhone, but if you really want, you'll manage it.

Record pin-drop silence on your phone for a few seconds, save it under a proper filename (maybe silent ringtone, you can always get creative). Open Whatsapp, go to Settings, then go to Notifications and select Silent Ringtone as your notification and call ringtone.

With this, when you receive any information on whatsapp, you still do not listen to it. Therefore, you do not check your phone unless you choose the option to do it manually.

2. Disable WhatsApp Notifications

Go to your phone settings, open the app, open the app list, select Whotswap, tap on notifications and disable all notifications for it. Also disable vibration and pop-ups.

If you now receive a message on WhatsApp, you will not get any information and the message will not come to your screen. The app icon can show an arbitrary message, but it does not matter unless you try to check your phone.

3. Turn off Notification Light for WhatsApp
After you turn off notifications for WhatsApp, if your phone comes with LED notifications, turn off WhatsApp. This will ensure that you are not informed of any message or call on WhatsApp any way.

Open Whatsapp, go to Settings, go to Notifications, choose Lite and then None '.

You can also remove the WhatsApp shortcut from your home screen, as long as you do not open the main app page, you will not see the alert. You will continue to receive your messages but when you choose, you can see them.

4. Turn off mobile data for WhatsApp

Just take that extra step and make sure that you do not get any messages until you can turn off mobile data for WhatsApp.
Go to phone settings, open apps, open list of apps, select whatsapp and click on the Force Stop.

5. Disable background data for WhatsApp

It only works for Android devices. Disable background data, and cancel all application permissions for WhatsApp, under the data option under Phone settings. What it does is it actually kills the app without uninstall or delete. However, the moment you open the app, it will start working again - but we have already told you how to ignore the information ...

6. Do not open whatsapp after hitting the 'Force Stop' button

If you do not want the sender to receive ick double tick 'notification which indicates that the message has been delivered (and it has been received on your device), after you open the WhatsApp, you will not hit the Stop Force Stop button. Please.

When you choose, you can undo all these steps. Happy switching off!
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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

How To Activate Glo 10.4Gb Data as Cheap as N1000 For 30 Days

The offer of Glo Oga sim bonus is still available and quite a lot of people are currently enjoying bonus data. As I always say, Glo Oga sim is not a tariff plan, you do not have to migrate to a tariff plan. This is a proposal from the network.

We all know that presently Glo is the Grandmaster of the Grand Data. But the issue of bad network speed is still untouched. If you have a good glo network at your place, then you will enjoy this offer.

Without wasting your much time, let's come down to the subject.

How To Activate Glo Oga Sim 10.4GB For N1000

It is very simple. Please follow the procedures given below.

  1. Buy and register a new GLO 4G SIM
  2. Recharge SIM with 1000 airtime and you will be given N5000 airtime. Bonus airtime is divided into two, N2000 is for calls to other networks and the remaining N3000 is for Glow calls from Gloss.
  3. Now dial * 127 * 53 # for membership of Glo 3.6GB for 1000 Naira.
  4. After using data for 3 weeks, quickly recharge your globe line with the N1000 and buy another plan with the same USSD code * 127 * 53 #. (In fact, the plan is to renew before the plan ends).
  5. After renewing the plan, you will be given 10.4GB data for only 1000 Naira.
  6. To keep enjoying this cheap Oga SIM data offer, you have to continue renewing the plan before expiry every 3 weeks or before. This is the logic.
  7. The data is valid for 30 days, Enjoy while it last.
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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Get 300% Bonuses And Double Data On 9Mobile Moreflex Package

9mobile has introduced a new package to add to its prepaid plans. The new package is known as Moreflex, which was formerly known as EasyFlex.
This package is for those who love bundle voice, SMS and PayYG services. You get up to 300% bonus on any more bundled purchases.

9mobile With MoreFlex, you enjoy more value to make calls, send SMS to all networks, and simultaneously browse the salary while you go. 9mobile MoreFlex is very easy to activate, by recharging its line.


There are different bundles available for you to activate, which are MoreFlex 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and more. When you buy a more and moreflex bundle within the same validity period, you also get an additional 20% bonus.

9mobile MoreFlex Benefits

Enjoy unbeatable voice, data and SMS offers on any more bundles.
Flexible and different types of bundles to choose from. and also
When you recharge ₦ 5,000 and above within a month, enjoy free incoming calls during roaming on select networks in 10 countries

9Mobile Moreflex Tariff Bundles and Activation Code

Moreflex 500
  • ₦ 1500
  • ₦ 500 bundle cost
  • * 344 * 500 # activation code
  • Validity of 7 days

Moreflex 1000
  • ₦ 3000
  • ₦ 1,000 bundle cost
  • * 344 * 1000 # activation code
  • Validity of 14 days
Moreflex 2000
  • ₦ 5000
  • ₦ 2,000 bundle cost
  • * 344 * 2000 # Activation code
  • Validity of 30 days
To activate even larger packages, then dial the code below;

>For Extra 5000 package, dial * 344 * 5000 # (extra bonus of 12,500).

> Dial * 344 * 10000 # for Extra 10000 Package (an additional bonus of Dial 32,500).

> For package 20000 package, dial * 344 * 20000 # (additional bonus) 62,500) - The validity of all the packages is 30 days.

9Mobile How To Subscribe To Flex Package

Recharge your line with the required amount of your favorite package and dial # 344 * to select it in a bundle.

To exit the bundle and dial * 344 * 0 #.
Meanwhile check your balance dial * 232 #.

Fee / pricing options
  • 40k / sec, on / off-net call
  • SMS @ ₦ 4,
  • MMS @ ₦100 and
  • Make a payment because you go @ 0.002k data per kilobyte.
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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

How To Resolve Network Issue On Smart phones Especially iPhone

If there is no service in your iPhone, either you see an error message or you find that you can not make or receive phone calls, there are many possible issues.

According to lifewire, you may have problems with your cell phone carrier's service plan, problems with your phone such as hardware problems or incorrect settings.

        Why does my iPhone say "no service"   

Since there is no problem, due to which your iPhone can report that it has no service, so we have to troubleshoot the problem while trying out the easiest solutions.

The lack of your service can be due to a simple setting change, such as whether your iPhone is in airplane mode or your cellular settings can be set incorrectly. In less common cases, your iPhone may need to update your cellular settings with a software update from your cellular service provider, or you may need to reset or reset the SIM card. And it is always possible that there is a problem with your cellular service plan, so that you need to call your cell phone carrier to solve the problem.

How to fix your phone when you have no service

Before we try to change any iPhone settings or take more time-consuming troubleshooting tasks, there are some simple things you can do that can solve the problem quickly. If they do not solve your problem, then we will move towards more advanced potential improvements.

Ensure that your phone is not accidentally set airplane mode.

 Airplane mode disables cellular and Wi-Fi services. If you see an airplane icon at the top right of the iPhone screen, then your phone is in airplane mode, where the strength of the signal is repeated.

Turn off airplane mode and turn it back on again.

Sometimes, especially when you are on the edge of a service area or you have lost the service and should return to the service, then stop your cellular service and again it takes time to fix the problem. is.

Make sure you are within your cellular coverage area. If you are outside a building, outside or outside an urban area, then it may be that you do not have any service at that place. Check Signal Strength Bar at the top right of the screen.
Restart your phone. Like toggle airplane mode, restarting your iPhone lets your cellular service "wake up" completely and can return it to the operation.

If you have poor service, turn on Wi-Fi calling if you find that you do not have regular services or services that you spend too much time, such as your home, you can enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone can do. If you go to a new home or apartment and find it in your cellular dead area for your wireless provider, then this is a great solution.
Tip: If you live in a cellular dead area, you may want to consider buying a signal booster for your home, which increases your cellular signal so that you can normally use your iPhone. Signal boosters are available directly from most cellular providers and retail outlets.

Check for career settings updates. 

Carriers occasionally issue updates that affect your ability to connect to cellular networks. It's possible that your service is affected by a new update installed on your iPhone.

Reset your network settings.

 It's possible that your iPhone's settings have been corrupted in such a way that preventing you from receiving cellular service. You can set it back in factory conditions.
Verify your cellular settings. If you still do not have any services, then there is another set of software settings that you can check. Tap
Settings> Cellular and make sure cellular data is turned on. If it's already there, turn it off and turn it back on.

Remove and replace your SIM card

It is possible that your SIM card is not working properly, because it is not sitting properly or it can be damaged. Inspect it for damage and gently whistle on it or wipe the cotton or broom or cloth clean, then change it.

Check with your career.

If you still do not have a service, contact your cellular service provider and ask about any local outage, problems with your service plan, and if your device is blocked.

Your iPhone is served by Apple. If all else fails, contact Apple Support to see if there is a problem with your iPhone. There are many potential problems you can not fix on your own.
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