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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year And Airtime Giveaway to the Top Commentators of RealityTech Blog 2019

Hello friends. Happy New Year all, this blog is going to give airtime at As we all know, I do not only give airtime to random users on this blog, because I only give to the top commentators of this blog.

Finally, we all made it to 2019, though it's coming quite late from me. I've been busy lately with other things but now i am back and active.

2018 was a year filled with disappointments to me, ups as well as down. I still thank God that it didn't weigh me down. I conquered every obstacles and never allowed it to discourage me.

Here again, I am giving free airtime to top commentators for the top 5 commentors. I decided to hurry up because I thought it was the right time to give my readers and enthusiastic followers on this blog here

Comments are the joy of every blogger. When you share your thoughts on any post published on this blog, I like it. It tells me that there are people behind me, and it gives me the courage to write more posts. Without comments, a blog is similar to a shop, without any customer goods.

Therefore, I am rewarding the top 5 commentators of this blog for the month of December 2018. I'm giving a little back to what I've earned from this blog - The big things on this blog are waiting for all of us here.


If you want to be one of the top 5 winners of Realitytech Blog Gateway, please start commenting on this post with your name or Google profile (Google+, Blogger), and seeing your name on our next gift Surprised.

This blog has a page that automatically displays the top 5 commentators of the month, i will update the page here.

The best is yet to come. Stay tuned on this blog for more juicy updates and free browsing cheats.

I promise to continue keeping you updated on latest happenings in the Technology world, latest free browsing cheats, phone tweaking and tricks. Don't forget to drop comments on posts and also share them with friends in order to win free airtime.

 I'll be giving out free airtime to only first 5 people to comment for now. Kindly drop your phone number, the network and also don't comment using Anonymous profile. Use Google account profile when leaving a comment.

Comment and Share to see others.


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  7. Airtime giveaway finished, all the top 5 commentors has received their Airtime. If you didn't receive yours that means you drop your number below the first 5 people. Keep commenting on this blog and get Airtime reward. Sorry with what you get from me, this is the first time of giveaway in this blog. But i will add more value to the reward by next time. Thank you all.

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