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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Latest Airtel Unlimited Reversal Data Cheat 2019

Now you can reverse your triple data offer or daily data based on your actual membership to enjoy more than 3GB daily.

Now, get your Airtel SIM and follow me in the activation of this trick, which I call "Airtel Reversal" ...

How To Enjoy This Airtel Reversal Data Cheat

STEP 1: First of all, get a new or an old Airtel SIM  to activate it. Once done, send GET to 141 as message until you get congratulations for 100% data bonus message.

STEP 2: Now, after you receive the message, send MIFI to 141 and proceed to the next step without waiting for any message.

Note:- this is actually a way to activate triple data offers and the next step is the way to reverse the data to enjoy more free data.

Step 3: Now, dial *141# and buy a data plan from Airtel, I recommend the data plan for N 1,000 and above. Please, buy a plan of a no-night plan.

Step 4: Then, use the data bonus given to you for triple or double data within 24 hours and do not touch the main data that you have purchased.

Step 5: Within 24 hours or after you exhausted the double data bonus given to you, then reverse the data by dialing *121*6#, select the amount of data you previously bought that you want to reverse and then, your money will be back to you again.

Step 6: Re-subscribe with that inverted money and use the data bonus within 24 hours and reverse it again. Repeat this method.

Note:- Always use the double data bonus given to you and don't touch the main Data. If you touched the main Data, your money will not be reversed.

I hope you understand that how to reverse your Airtel data bundle to enjoy more exclusive free bonus data on the network? You are free to ask me anything you don't understand!

Enjoy while it last.


  1. Pls hell US with the latest glo trick that give 25k and 6GB for 7 days in New 4G sim.. Bcos we dont have airtel network in our area... Tanks once again

  2. Not working. They started deducting data from my main data instead of bonus data.

    1. You didn't follow the process correctly. You are not late. Come again

    2. Did you activate the 3ple data bonus?

  3. I did d whole process. But they always start deducting from my main data

  4. Hello admin. Do I need to rebuy the data after using the bonus within or after 24 hours. Please help

    1. Just dial *121*6# to reverse the data. Then subcribe again.

  5. Replies
    1. Nice one bro, enjoy it while it last. Don't forget to always visit our site for more free stuff like this

  6. Does it work for all sin.... Cos mine is saying something else o

  7. Dear Customer, This offer is not available for you anymore. Dial *141# to buy a data bundle. Thank you... . That was the reply I got

    1. Eyya it's not availabe on your sim. Get another one and try again