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» » How to activate the Glo 7GB for 1500 naira, valid for 7 days

Thursday, 30 January 2020

How to activate the Glo 7GB for 1500 naira, valid for 7 days

Glo is still proving why it's called the "Grand Master of Data" by providing us with delicious data plans at an affordable price. If you have good Glo network coverage on your site, this plan is best for you especially if you have huge files to download.

Glo has just added a new data plan in its data bundles, which provides 7 GB for the N1500 Naira. This data plan is publicly available and can be used on any internet-enabled device, be it Android, iOS, Tablet, PC, etc.

Before now, Glo's data package has some exciting data plans to choose from, which are 1GB N300 and 2GB N500 valid for one day and two days, respectively.

How to activate the Glo 7GB for 1500 naira

This plan is available within Glo's data plans. Simply call * 777 # and reply with 1> 1> 5> 1.

The data is valid for 7 days. To check data balance, just call * 127 * 0 #.

It is also worth noting that Airtel and MTN provide you with 6GB for N1500, and you can get the code here.

Let me know if you will choose for this plan.

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